Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Brad Kugler Photographs Haiti Sam Tour 2008
    Global Pioneer Scammer's Cary Goulston Mike Campbell & Claude Reginald Jean
    they were busy pimpin Kanef and Dianetics way back in 08
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    Translation: ho hum.... I'm back in Florida selling Real Estate again....there Isn't enough money coming in from those 25,000 cheapskate Scientologist...Miscavige has it all.

    and that WWP thread Is stealing our MoJo..
    .and its making it hard to lie to and sucker WoGs into funding our Restavek scam operation

    is there a way to eliminate those evil WoG scum from the planet...em er Internetz

    so we can continues ripping people off for the greatest good of teh name of GRODYSH
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    no shoes or decent beds for teh Kids...
    but we have this new theta mural here @GRODYSH
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    request pic of Mike Campbell please?
  9. Triumph Member

    Mike Campbell,Claude Reginald Jean,Cary Goulston..trolling Haitians with the Way to Happiness 2008
    bonus pix

    Mike was the senior VP of the Wireless Web Connect scam in the 90's

    service completions

    Claude Reginald Jeans 10 year old daughter Fell to her DEATH
    off of Mike Campbells roof cleaning his gutters

    Grodysh Bump
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    typical shape shifters....
    change the shirt according to the scam they be sellin..
    Mike and Cary Goulston pimpin Dianetics on Haitian Radio
    Volunteer Ministers selling beads Kenaf to the locals in exchange for their first born
    also an excuse to render touch assist......

    Scietology Targets Haiti for Recruitment. Why? You'll Be Horrified to Learn.
    by Lilly von Marcab
    Tuesday Mar 24th, 2009 10:16 PM

    these clowns used a front group called Global Pioneers

    Grodysh Is Claude Reginald Jeans project..

    Global Pioneers has hit up those 20 or more 3rd world countries listed in the Loftus dox
  11. Triumph Member

    strategic plan....for world domination....
    one Scientology style Sea Org Lebensborn kiddie coral and amusement park at a time
    Loftus dox

    Global Pioneers have been busy in their spare time the past couple of years... ...slumming it and slinging their plan in alot of these countries listed.....
    note: Haiti is #1 on the list..Claude Jean is their man on the ground with Grodysh

    They have tried various shady ways of raising funds ..
    heres a front group
    the Louis F Moore Foundation
    dead link...went all Streisand
    disguised as a financial investment consultancy firm... retirement fund .tax dodge
    to finance Scientology front groups like Global Pioneers...
    Hanan Islam Greg Moore,and Tony Melvin were involved in....

    more on Louis F Moore here

    they were trying to funnel monies to Cary Goulston and Friends @Global Pioneers
    Goulston and Campbell are in alot of pix at the Clam Link

    sun biz lists it as inactive...
    the players have scattered Hanan Islam bailed back to Cali after the Life Force charter school scam...Tony Melvin (Carly Crutchfields former partner in crime) and Greg Moore (is shady too google it)high tailed it back to Australia

    thats the airplane that bounced off a Clearwater roof ..that was headed to Haiti....

    everybody and their brother Is in on this scam
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  13. Triumph Member

    Cary Goulston Is still pushing the program
    links to RPG Media
    Scilon freelance propaganda filmmaker
    Randall C. Gillion - Scientology Service Completions
    KENAF: How to grow and use.

    Kenaf ...mmmmmm lets give it to the fat kid to eat.

    they also feed it to the kids @GRODYSH
  14. Triumph Member

    Were Coming ..time to trade in your stray chillin for some Dianetics books and kenaf seedz
    lots of pictures of these clowns trolling kids.... on Cary's Global Pioneers link
    wonderin how "Run away fast, its a Mutherfookin Brainwashing Mind Control Cult" translates in Haitian Creole

  15. Triumph Member

    Loftus video

    its so easy Kids can build it....

    nothin like a demonstration using cheap unskilled labor
    now with 100% more Kenaf... Kenaf is the binding agent ...much like straw in "cob" construction....

    teh kids at Grodysh can handle eet!

    disclaimer: "no chillins fell from the roof in the making of this video"

    from Bill Loftus web site

    titled: Haiti Training Center or Orphanage Plans....PDF


    how Scientology and its Founder L Ron Hubbard view Child just a quick google away. child Labor&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:eek:fficial&client=firefox-a
  16. Triumph Member

    titled ...Welcoming Pierre from Haiti
    looks like they snagged themselves another Haitian ....
    Global Pioneer Vultures circling
    don't know much about these photos... its at the Ft Harrison....
    the young man in the white shirt is Pierre... hes wearing a Clearwater Academy T-Shirt..
    can guesstimate hes from Haiti....especially since Dianetics Man and his merry bunch of hoo-hahs Is looking to pick at the carcass
    Involves magic bag of Kenaf seeds?
    Pierre! don't take or sign anything these jackals wave in front of you.
  17. Triumph Member
    those Scientologist and their silly postulates...its just a matter of applying the tech and people will come running to your door.. looking for the solution to all Mankind's problems...

    they are trapped in the delusion that there are millions of Scientologist out there willing to "make it go right"...(yet they follow policy to Lie to wogs-to pull off their scam)

    its those damn postulates that get them into trouble... march through the streets of Haiti Snatching up stray earthquake..Just follow Ronnies failproof plan and all will be hunky dory

    implement the uber-theta plan for 3rd world domination ...created by theta Homo-novis Beings....

    and Salvage all of Haiti..then the globe...

    reality bites...

    Hundreds of thousands...when they can't really care for 72....without the help of wogs...
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  18. Triumph Member

    using photo-ops & scriptures from the bible.. to lure suckers

    Sand Das aka Somnath Das...Is the Grodysh web designer/video producer aka GoSand
    He is a raging RonRoid from India...he produced the videos with the Christian angle featured on the grodysh web site...

    Deceptive ronroids are deceptive...lying liars that lie

    ideal village=loftus lebensbourn=Miscavige's play pen for future Sea Org recruits=Ronnies 3rd world Cadet Org for Restaveks
  19. Triumph Member

    Even the guy who drafted the drawings for the Kanef Kiddie Konzentrationslager is Klammy

    David Jefferson Potter
    Haiti Training Center or Orphanage PDF

    Loftus and a few Scientology pals selling a group of Haitians on His Mirical Magik Bean Stalk Kenaf scam

    it teh Scientology GRODYSH stupid
  20. Anonymous Member

    This makes me puke. Stupid clams, scamming people using needy children. Should be a law.
  21. Triumph Member

    its a free for all in 3rd world countries....

    Loftus and pals
    make a profit from the seeds
    make a profit from the harvesting equipment
    make a profit from the kenaf burning stoves and charcoal
    raise money for a multi-million dollar training center

    and exploit children ...due to the restevek laws in Haiti

    and they get to pimp Scientology- that is their motivation -- its not to save the planet...

    all while pretending to be a Non Profit Organization NPO

    got all the classic Hot Button Issues teh claims like to hide behind and exploit....Orphans,the Environment,3rd world poverty,human rights....

    they are tripping over each other to push this scam wide...

    I'm looking at a couple of others involved in this there will be more info coming.

    The Community Learning Center is training The teachers GRODYSH

    as well as Having and "International Pioneer" convention at Flag sometime in Feb 2012
    for Cary Goulston's leg of the scam....

    thats where they show their goofy propaganda videos,slide shows,crappy power point presentations..and regg the suckers hard....

    now go out and swindle some wogs
  22. Triumph Member

  23. Triumph Member

    Ideal Village= 3rd world Scientology Ideal Borg for the indentured servitude of children

    Claude Reginald Jean's Linkedin page
    micro credit-collection for the kenaf stoves

    Orphanages... "we are working to get them producing sell-able items" AKA Kenaf stoves using crude hand tools and a Scientology flavored sweatshop

    his gang is also active in trolling other Orphanages for restaveks to put to work in his labor camp for kiddies..and raw meat for Miscavige

    Harry Jean (Claudes Brother)
    Jean Ralph Ovide (drinks teh kool-Aid)
    are in on it...
    Tines Salvant
    Pierre Peguy
    Eder Brizard
    Bruce Osier (financier for GRODYSH)

    also a Greek Clam-claims to work for Grodysh
    Andres Fexis (also shills for Applied Scholastics)

    they are marketing the scam to Wogs... theres a huge footprint on the web... where they are shilling their program covertly (selling LIES to WoGs) hide the Scientology flavored stinky cheese.
  24. DeathHamster Member

    Another past-life alien racer, just like Hubbard. Coincidence or infectious delusion?
  25. Anonymous Member

    So, what are we going to do about it?
  26. Triumph Member

    you watch them like a hawk

    first you set up Google alert to your e-mail.... something Like "Grodysh+Claude Reginald Jean"
    when something Is posted on the'll get an e-mail alert... the day its posted...

    harpoon whoever they are contacting...

    you can also search google ...for daily activity..."day-past 24 hours-week-month"

    watch and pounce...

    harpoons work and they help people.
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  27. Triumph Member

    Claude Reginald Jean was the posterboy for the Scientology VM ISA fundraising....
    the Volunteer Ministers set up shop on his property next to the Haitian Airport...
    Orphan Holding Pen,.... they later moved the kids into Claude Jeans House.... and called it the Future of Haiti orphanage.

    quid pro quo

    for his generosity and his willingness to help Scientology wrangle stray children for their Ideal Lebensbourn
    Claude Jeans 4 biological children were flown out of Haiti on John Travoltas jet....
    and given full scholarships to Scientology's Clearwater Academy.

    some trade huh..Scientology gets free land..and a Clear Haiti....

    Claude Jean and family get smuggled into the USA on Johnnys jet

    Claude Jean was in the USA when the earthquake happened... setting up His GRODYSH..funding...

    he returned to retrieve his kids...and enroll his kids into the Clearwater Academy...
    and so the scilons could have some publicity...for teh good deeds...

    and then went back as a Volunteer Minister...
    the scilons used Claude Jean heavily in their PR....and the Orphanage.
  28. Mr. Magoo Member

    It infuriates me that the scilons are being so deceptive by wearing those shirts with the big crosses on them, then asking Christian relief groups for money. If those Christian groups only knew who is really behind the GRODYSH Haiti scam, and how they are going to use the money to exploit children so that sceintology gets more money! I imagine it is a very easy and lucrative scam when they have those big crosses on their T-shirts. Like taking candy from a baby.

    Thanks for your work on this, Triumph.
  29. Triumph Member

    they Hosed a ton of NGO's and other Organizations Hard ...since the earthquake...
    Unicef..Red Cross..World Health Organization...etc.

    even weaseled their way into the Haitian Embassy ...Sylvia Standard and crew...
    they took credit for the medical personnel and supplies collected through the Embassy in their internal PR
    for the *Lolz*
    recent twits
    Leslie Hobbs grifting and skinnin for Celebutard suckers on Twitter
    theres about 20 more... poor deluded woman, shes tryin...

    I hope the Dali Lama told her to GTFO!

    "lookin for a Godfather?"...Justin Timberlake.. *LOL* wtf
  30. Anonymous Member

    Need to get back on twitter so we can expose this. Now if I can only remember that damn sock account name...
  31. Triumph Member

    Claude Reginald Jean and Leslie Person Hobbs
    Pat Clouden's 'Using the TECH to Make Millions" seminar
    Using teh Tech to exploit restavek labor in Haiti
    hosted by Ever so slimy Pat Clouden and and ex GO un-indited co-conspirator Arte Maren

    Claude spends alot of time attending Pats Clammy how to rip off wogs seminars at his EMT clam washing station

    Pats listed as a Patron on the Grodysh web site....what'd that tightwad kick in , 5% voucher off his clammy seminar
  32. Triumph Member

    heres a simple solution...try spending the money on shoes..and fresh food..and bunk beds for the kids...
    and stop spending the dough on L Ron Hubbard mkay....
    Success Is Garonteeed!

    WTF and drop the LIE TECH

    Grodysh..Grodysh ..Schmodish
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  33. Triumph Member

    Because the Way to Happiness-Study Tech-GRODYSH and Conning WoGs out of their cash Is the only true salvation of Haiti

    ripping up the railroad tracks... Kinda like Miscaviges Mission purge....
    taking away the electricity....Kinda like Hubbards tech..."the lights aren't on and everybody's home"...bumpin around in teh dark...who needs electricity when you have teh tech...
  34. Triumph Member

    Claude Reginald Jean of GRODYSH...da kids can eat Kenaf for a week...I'm gettin ma Hubbard On!
  35. DeathHamster Member

    Some of those groups aren't much better. After every natural disaster, Haiti suffers plagues of crappy "relief" groups. (The Pharaoh actually let the Jews go when Moses threatened Egypt with a plague of yellow shirts.)

    Hm. On the other hand, the crappy groups aren't going to be giving money to someone else. So some education might do some good.
  36. Triumph Member

    Leslie Person Hobbs Wuz VP of Grodysh

    I luv it when they get spooked by the Entheta ..and start doing a Streisand on their profiles
  37. DeathHamster Member redirects to Yeah, that'll fool people.
  38. Triumph Member

    you already know this.. but others might not...

    Foho..(The Future of Haiti Orphanage)was the name of the kiddie gulag when the 4 Schneider sisters were running the operation.....with the Help of the Volunteer Ministers

    they had a web site...(still can be found on the wayback )and facebook pages...

    hes referring to the 4 Schneider sisters here
    a couple of those Schneider women are OT 8's..starving those kids according to Reggie....

    made the man low toned..
    theres no crying in Scientology
  39. Triumph Member

    always scamming Sarah Ehrlich pretending to "give a flock"....
    July 9th 2012@ GRODYSH.... they had those chickens long before Scammer Sarah Ehrlich dreamed up her latest scam
    filing date: 5/11/2012

    Goldilocks holding the FOWL is starving Scilon actress Nicole Greenwood... she was in alot of the Volunteer Ministers PR... in Haiti...

    Sarah been doing a barrage of Scientology supported fake PR to promote her latest scam


    Sarah and Nicole just had to show up for the PR stunt....

    see post #25-2011....they had plenty of Chickens a YEAR before Sarah showed up for her PR stunt...or started her latest scam
  40. Triumph Member

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