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  1. Triumph Member

    Sarah produced a few video

    the teen boy with the Berber moptop gone wrong Is her son

    Haiti Press Release...

    Sarah WAS TOLD to stop Promoting the Kisumu Kenyan Orphanage by the owners...
    and to stop using the images... of the Orphanage in her "fraudulent campaign"
    by Mr Charles Aboge
    shes still milking it...

    Sarah and Her Scientology pals never produced anything they promised for those orphans...

    they didn't build a well
    they didn't install solar panels
    they did not provide new uniforms or shoes
    that was done by another relief organization unrelated to Help for Orphans

    they didn't produce any beds
    they did not cultivate a farm
    or a dairy farm
    or provide medicine

    they did supply 2 cows...
    and slapped some pain on a wall...
    they spent a whopping $500

    and gave Mr Aboge a Large Bill for Scientology Books...

    there never was a NEW SCHOOL...

    the orphanage later sold the old milk-less cows to pay its Bills

    it was a Scientology photo-op

    Sarah later alleged in a letter that mr Charles Aboge sexual advances to a woman in Sarah's entourage (would likely be Peggy Crawford CEO of Organic Liaisons)
    after he pleaded with her to stop using his Orphanage for promotion
  2. Anonymous Member

    And on the way to the market, the young boy sold the cows for a handful of magic beans kenaf seeds?
  3. Triumph Member

    I don't know but if Cary Goulston was involved...then yes.....

    goin wayback

    better linx^

    google groups!topic/alt.religion.scientology/3GFt7ABYxMI

    theres more elsewhere but this will suffice

    donors with many fake schools which are
    unregistered schools and trying to introduce a new education
    syllabus in Kenya secretly without the Government knowledge and
    approval in Parliament :translation: take your Hubbard shit and GTFO!
  4. Triumph Member

    Sarah Ehrlich claims Charles Aboge was an extortionist
    and stopped giving him any money because he had shady credentials
    and that Charles is CRAZY and an untrustworthy man
    and tossed in sexual assault for good measure...
    so Sarah Ehrlich watcha doin in Kenya these dayz....(she Lies her ass off in recent interviews about it)

    bitch still used the phony was her only hook before GRODYSH fell in her lap...

    he never picked up the books because the school couldn't afford them.... and they were just plain weird creepy Sci-books scribed by Hell Ron..
  5. Triumph Member

    the other Orphanage in Kenya Sarah Ehrlich was involved in was also a Scientology clusterfuck...
    it was run by a guy named Peter Mageri who owned the Scientology Missions in Kisii Kenya
    Peter was the guy Sarah paraded around on the show Real Housewives of New York...
    Peter Got some useless award ..from Scientology at an International 2003

    Peter was begging for help in 2011..after Sarah bailed...


    she was claiming to build a vocational school there-that never materialized....

    one peek at her 990 tax forms from 2005 t0 2009....shows Sarah never raised enough to accomplish squat.

    contaminated water... what about that Well for clean drinking water... Sarah?
  6. Triumph Member

    its expensive running an Orphanage

    Rebuilding the walls of the compound after Hurricane Isaac
    New Steel Gates for the compound...
    Buying up adjacent land next to the orphanage... for security...and EXPANSION!
    they also bought over 300 acres to Build their kiddie sweatshop.... out in the country...

    and also burn through the money
    like spending
    $4000 on a Human Rights march as an excuse to purchase and hand out TWTH crappy booklets..
    blowing money on Murals for advertising their quackery....
    Claude jean Having offices in Clearwater & Miami
    paying for steady stream Scientologist... to come down...(they don't do it for free!)
    paying for Community Learning Center to train their teachers
    Paying Airfair for SciBot Permaculturist Cory Brennan and crew to come down and teach the chillin how to work da kanef fields...
    (so much for shoes and fresh food or beds!)

    theres money in it for just about the expense of the little thetans..

    theres also a steady stream of NGO's coming in dropping off donations and foodstuffs.. and medical care.......

    one of the latest pleas..and theres always the need for more regging!
    Is replacing the remnants of the Yellow VM Tents they carved up for shelter from the sun...
    this Is a use of those stupid Yellow Tents I approve of!
    constant regging...wont you please give more!
    they need new tents... Davey..ya tightwad. GRODYSH needs some more NEW useless yellow Volunteer Minister Tents
  7. Triumph Member

    Sarah Is pathological in her PR

    Here she claims to have Founded/Implemented an Orphanage ..
    ( she repeated this Lie over and over)
    and was setting up a school (didn't happen)
    beds not so much...most still sleep on the floor... Sarah...
    its a Scientology Applied Scholastics...and Sarah had no part in it this time....

    This Is GRODYSH....^ the Scientology Kiddie coral ...

    Sarah didn't provide shit....
    and didn't provide any more that she could pack into the trunk of a sedan...
    she did manage to flirtyfish a few NGOs into handing over supplies...

    fake assed Ron-Bot Humanitarian.. using Lie your Ass off tech....

    More Pathological PR from Sarah Aug 2012

    SOS Children’s Villages..they have been doing the poultry thing with Geese for a well as other types of live stock/...

    without Sarahs help.or involvement.....parasite Sarah just pirated the Idea ...
    and Name drops SOS Children's Village in Her PR...Grodysh mooching NGO..for teh greatest good of Hubbard

    Laguerre Reynald who works for SOS is a trained way in Hell, Sarah is gonna ever play nice.... with and ebil psych...

    just milk the PR

    creates alot of jobs=keeping the restaveks busy..turnin a buck for Hell Ron

    regg some more for Slappy's GRODYSH "Ideal Borg" Kibbutz

    Sarah Ehrlichs "give a flock" looks more like "mooch a flock" for slappy
  8. Triumph Member

    Claude Reginald Jeans property next to the Haitian International Airport

    she mentions the VM's but not Scientology
    Scientology exploited this convenient location ...and Sarah did too....
    besides the Orphans they wrangled and housed there in tents....the Scientologist used Compound to house the overflow of good and trucks...the airport couldn't handle.....
    they were sitting on top of the supply chain...

    they exploited it while it lasted....once the WoGs got things under control..adios parasitic yellow shirted amigos...

    Sarah slapped a banner on a truck ... She didn't supply those goods...
    just like Scientology took credit for other relief supplies... Sarah did too...

    exploiting convenient location... for Pathological PR....
    2 of the Schneider Sisters "Future of Haiti" another Scientology Gang (white shirts) using the kids....on Scientology's behalf
    here in a Sarah Ehrlich photo Op...with the Scientology Yellow VM Tents

    Sarah used Sci-Bot professional photographer Felix Kunze for the PR shots
    there were 4 Scientology Groups exploiting the same children for PR.. they would just dress them up in T-Shirts...
    it was done in typical Scientology fahion ...smoke an mirrors and glossy PR at the cost of a few T-Shirts

    Scientology Volunteer Ministers disguised as Help for Orphans toadie...Sarah wasn't even in country...on the date these were taken...
    Sarah has dozens of these staged photos....

    How many Scientologist does it take to exploit 72 GRODYSH Haitian Children.....obviously more than 72
  9. Triumph Member

    more staged photos... kool-Aid drinker Isabella Garcia Help for Orphans assistant the GRODYSH compound...with one of Claudes employees...
    Isabella inside Claude Jeans former House .. Future of Haiti Aka GRODYSH

    hardcore Sci-Bot...Denise Duff ...takin one for the team at Claude Jeans..GrODYSH..
    for her scheming Scientology Pal Sarah Ehrlich
    lots of creepy Yellow Tents and Vulture Ministers lurking in Sarah's and Felix Kunze pix...

    the Volunteer Ministers mooched a bunch of "Shelters in a Box" tents for teh GRODYSH
  10. Triumph Member

    The Schneider Sisters... ran the Scientology operation as the "Future of Haiti" orphanage...
    first at the lot next to the airport...then later moved into Claude Jeans former house...
    they were also hatted to reg donations using the kids...
    CLAUDE JEAN said in a PR piece.. that he took his orphanage back.. from these 4 OT babes... because the kids were starving....(which I think Is BS.. I have seen plenty of the dated photos... they had plenty of food stockpiled when the Schneider sisters ran the place...
    Scamming the NPO's for Ronnie FOHO & GRODYSH
    more food not provided by Scientologists^ at Claude Reginald Jeans GRODYSH Compound...
  11. Triumph Member

    one big photo-op
    Johnny T-and Stepford Kelly wif da Grodysh Orphan snatched from the streets...
    His name Is Wilson..
    Johnny talked about him on David Letterman...and used a picture like this on the show
    with an Offical deceleration by Cult Spokesperson Part Harney days after JTs appearance

    they wheeled out a token GRODYSH Orphan for the rich white people....

    gotta get it all on film...
    Pat Harney Trying way to Hard to look important...and avoid actually "doing something about it"
    capturing OT apostle John...descent from the heavens....

    Claude Jean and Family the Haitian airport...waiting on Johnny to fly him and his family..the hell out of Dodge...eager to cash in on his quid pro-quo

    Scam-Bot OT Brad Kugler pix
    they should name it
    The John Travolta Idea Lebensbourn Project
  12. DeathHamster Member

    World Food Programme = United Nations.
    How long after the earthquake was that photo taken? I guess they didn't have any working kenaf stoves yet.
  13. Triumph Member

    May 2010
    uploaded Nov..2011
    tons of pictures of food stacked to the ceiling in that House... and stuffed in ever vacant orifice ...dated right up to the time GRODYSH took the place back...

    Change Scam

    third rate actress and Sci-Bot Casandra Hepburn was also one of the many Scilons used to scam Wog Dough
    slip out of those Yellow VM shirts...and into some fresh new shirts...

    Same GRODYSH Kiddie Captives...with Casandra and one of the Schneider toddler handlers...

    everybody smile and say.."Hide the Scentology CHEESEEE"....

    Josh,, the doufus VM who cut his finger handing out surgical the Miami Hospital...
    Casandra Hepburn , propaganda photographer Felix Kunze, Sci-Bot Kerri Kasem ....and Jack Jack run...
  14. DeathHamster Member

    So. For more than five months after the earthquake they were still feeding the kids emergency biscuits that they scammed from the UN and horded. Better than nothing for the kids, I suppose, but damned boring and those High Energy Biscuits weren't designed for long-term nutritional needs, just to tide people over for a week or two at most.

    Edit: Damn those things have a lot of sugars! "Sugar, Invert Syrup, High fructose, Corn Syrup" Good for energy in an emergency, real bad over five months!
  15. Triumph Member

    GRODYSH Orphans Gettin their daily brain-scrubbing Training
  16. Triumph Member

    supplies piled half way to the ceiling..see some red cross stuff....
    Scientology Volunteer Ministers with Cameras... one big Scientology Photo OP
    Grodysh its teh Scientology ...

    theres one pic I need to locate... 2 dozen 100lb bags of rice...
    hope they aren't making em watch Battle Field Earth....
  17. Triumph Member

    ever present Vulture Ministers lurking with Cameras....everywhere
    Hey lets get Mikey to eat the GRODYSH...he likes everything!
  18. Triumph Member

    Red Cross April 2010
    MRE's at the Beach with the Scientology Vulture Ministers
    plenty of GRODYSH RPF rations
  19. Triumph Member

    running a Gat Damn supermarket and GRODYSH Restavek farm...
  20. RightOn Member

    this sickens me to the core
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  21. Triumph Member

    Operation snatch kids from the streets of Haiti for Idea Lebensbourn Project

    OT8 Barbara Schneider AKA Barb Santos...
    link now re-directs to GRODYSH
    heres the old wayback link

    theres more of Barbara notes on other threads... this one gives a glimpse at what the Vulture Ministers were up to....
    VMs running around loose in Haiti ...rounding up strays for David Miscaviges Sea Org Restavek project....

    Papi Reggie Jean lead the search...
  22. RightOn Member

    true evil
  23. Triumph Member

    Vulture Ministers were busy rounding up strays
    Barbara was sending out daily Notes like these to her OT pals...
    OT shakedown
    Barbara was claiming they had 170 Orphans... for regging purposes....
    was hitting up opinion leaders and OTs tagged in her notes

    Claude and Leslie from GRODYSH now claim 72 kids ...down-stat....

    Babbles the OT 8 be fibbin a little....

    her sisters Michela Schneider & Elena Chandianesi were in Haiti...running the sideshow
    her younger sister Doria Kinzel was also involved.....
  24. Anonymous Member

    Orphanage Network-Trolling for Raw Meat in Haiti

    Give more so we can build an Idea Sea Borg Slave Sweatshop
  25. Triumph Member

    First International Haitian Bank of Hell Con Hubbard

    having trouble saving pennies for the "Bridge to total Freedom?"

    no worries out OTs have a solution! we can do something about it!
    GRODYSH can help....
    this Is the MERCI micro-credit crap in the Loftus Dox...except they have expanded upon it....
    those Pat Clouden "how to lie to and rip off WoGs " seminars is bout to pay off!

    give money to the Scientologist to hold....when you have enough saved ... you can trade it for some majik Hubbard beads......

    would you trust these parasites ...with your money....

    Save now...Pay Miscavige later.

    from the grodysh web site
    financial agents...
    regular seminars...
    they will supervise you to ensure your success!

    flourish and prosper=grab money and give it to Scientology

    nothing like conning a bunch of Haitians into believing they are setting up a savings account.... only to be coerced in spending the cash on Hubbard's psychological mind manipulation...
  26. Triumph Member

    come on down for the free Clinic

    sign up for the FREE STRESS TEST...and stay for the TOUCH ASSIST
    now with 100% more multi-vitamins...
    give more so we can haz a SAUNA..4 teh Purification Rundown

    send more Scientological Spinal cracker Chiropractors ...plox...

    no medical license needed ....paging Dr Hanan Islam...

    Like the pyramid isn't a dead giveaway for Scientology ...its GRODYSH/Scientology stoopid
  27. DeathHamster Member

  28. DeathHamster Member

    I love the prop stethoscope: "Look at me! I is The Doctor!"

    Just what kind of "doctor" is Maurice anyway? Chiropractor, Naturopath, Homeopathic? (Magic water is cheap and it doesn't hurt people. Usually.)
  29. Triumph Member

    they always resort to this when someone is raining on their Scientology Parade
    we are and Independent Organization ....*LOL*

    we do not discriminate on who we rip off and con
    their focus is on Pimping Hubbard...and nothing else

    they will fair game anyone who questions their motives

    "we are not working for any other group" *LOL*

    will hide the Scientology Stinky Cheese... till the bitter end..AOL

    sound like a few have got a whiff of the Hubbard stank..and decided to GTFO

    GRODYSH...lubs dem sum monies from jebus
  30. Triumph Member

    Heres the full poster
    because exploiting Orphans :finances the bridge to total freedom for Claude and Leslie...first

    So many of these People that are behind these Scientology Front groups..
    used the cash to feed their Auditing addiction....and Scientology absolutely encourages this.

    peel their cut off the top....the rest goes to finance Ronnies Ideal Haitian Lebensborn

    the kids are at the bottom of this pyramid... they are the means to make it happen....

    now get up there and clean my Gutters!..and after your done WasH my GrODySH
  31. Triumph Member

    Claude Jeans Kids at a Scientology sponsored Human Rights walk......
    one of Claude Jeans children, 10 year old twin Anais Jean fell to her death while cleaning
    Scientologist Mike Campbell's gutters a few short weeks later

    here the Scientologist were using his 4 kids for PR....

    and Scientology was in Haiti...using the Orphanage for positive PR..and feverishly combing the streets for strays....

    Alfreddie Johnson-Jim Mathers and washed up Celebutard Michael Roberts "love them sum"
  32. Anonymous Member

    ^ Not that it would work however have you ever considered contacting Sean Penn's people he does have somewhat of a legacy down there. Also as he has gotten older and wiser he does not back away from bullies or those that will take advantage of others. If you got some contact info you might possibly put together a packet explaining what is going on to see if you can spark some interest from that angle.
  33. Triumph Member

    Besides a handful of doctors on Travoltas flight... Like Dr Alim Muhammad..executive council of the Nation of Islam...
    Nappies,Baby Formula,and clothes for infants... mild over the counter medicines.... all the stuff you need for setting up an Orphanage.....

    a week Later Johnny went on the Late Show w/David Letterman to blab about the Scientology mission to save the Orphans....

    'I was like a commander:' John Travolta on leading Scientology aid mission to Haiti

    and displayed a picture of Himself with Wilson of the Orphans Scientology snagged...for their little "snatch and grab" project to save Haiti from Xenu

    the Scientology PR machine in kicked into Overdrive

    Telegraph UK
    Scientology 'to stay' in Haiti
    Feb 3 2010
    they went in looking to scoop up children.

    Claude Jean and his 4 to ride on the Travolta Happy Fun Jet back to Ocala Florida

    Mission:Johnny "GRODYSH" Travolta
  34. Triumph Member

    Dr Alim Muhammad Health Director for the Nation of Islam was there
    while the Volunteer Ministers were busy chasing down Children for Publicity and Fund-raising purposes
    this Is Claude Reginald Jean junkyard....he signed it away to Scientology
    its next to the airport.
    they also used it house the overflow of relief supplies coming from the airport

    these are the GRODYSH kids...mmmmmm...Sea Org diet of beans and rice.....
  35. Triumph Member

    Alim Muhammad Jan 31 2010....

    makin captive Scientologist wif teh help of GRODYSH
    started indoctrinating and inoculating those little buggers immediately.....

    the Nation of Islam is against these kinds of toxoid shots....

    I guess when you house them on a field of broken glass and rusty metal....these things would be necessary....
  36. Triumph Member

    they are advertising 2 Orphanages......FOHO#2 in blockhaus

    and eventually other countries... uh huh..we know we have seen da plans

    back when the Schneider sisters were regging donations... they purchased 340 acres with the donated cash...
    rural property out in the sticks....

    Blockhaus is very close on the map to where they bought the land......

    they have new pix where they put new gates on the GRODYSH compound
    these look like the old gates from GRODYSH ..

    just a small portion Is visible
    ...and the crappy yellow remnants of a tent....
    theres a bunch of pix... and this looks like the area...

    I think I might have found FOHO#2

    looks like a RPF to me...
  37. Triumph Member

    Michela Schneider looking at land near Blockhaus Nov 26th 2010
    for their "Ideal Village Idiot" hotel and band camp
    future Site of the Idea GRODYSH Scientology Haiti Borg
    no one around to hear the screams...
  38. Triumph Member

    future Home of the GRODYSH RPF
  39. Triumph Member

    see the Scientologist were making donations....they didn't mooch everything
    funneling the cash into the Scientology Front Group Youth Four Human Rights bank account....

    done the easy way so Miscavige can claim his 10% off the top..without the hassle

    da moneyz Is off da beweks

    always nice when they attach a pix of Johnny!

    the John Travolta Humanitarian Future of Haiti GRODYSH Restavek Lebensbourn...brought to you by Scientology ,John Travolta and Youth for Human Rights...of tampa.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Scientologist send vitamins
    WoGs donate food

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