Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. DeathHamster Member
    This seems a lot healthier than those sugar bomb energy bars or the buckets of rice. I guess if you leach from enough aid agencies, you might be able to work out a balanced diet.

    With the money they raise, it's odd that there are only pictures of food donated from real aid agencies...
  2. Triumph Member

    La misssion de l'église baptiste d'expression française à FOHO

    Baptist Missionaries bring in the real food to GRODYSH
    these kids are used to the cameras by now...two girls on the left... Knock it off with the cameras already!
    and stuff
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  3. Triumph Member

  4. Triumph Member

    tons of pictures of NGO's bringing a steady stream of stuff....posted over the last 4 months
  5. Triumph Member

    they are starving at GRODYSH

    knew there was a reason he cut Leslie Hobbs loose.... haz no monies to play on the Hubbard bridge to nowhere

    ya had to go blow $4000 on The Way to Happiness Books...didn't ya.
    between 240 to 340 acres..and two lots... and expansion projects..
  6. DeathHamster Member

    Looks tasty! Between the rice and pasta, heavy on starch, and light on veggies. It looks like they've added some kind of berry to the rice, which is good. Juice from lemon/lime/oranges, if they can get them, would be good too. I don't see anything on the pasta, but cheese/dairy sauces would probably cause lactose-intolerance reactions in non-Caucasians. Messy.

    So what does GRODYSH feed these kids when not using aid ration packs or hand-outs from other groups?
  7. Triumph Member

    can haz juice ...baptist bringin it
    they have had Eggs from Chickens ...they have raised since last year...and Kenaf

    they are feeding a few extra kids... in their school... offering a meal a day..and some Scientology to all who walk through the gates of hell....

    slipping the neighborhood kids Hubbard with their rubber ration biscuits
  8. Triumph Member

    on a mission from God... its for the orphans

    now pass me a Wish Sandwich & Rubber Biscuit....aka a GRODYSH

    Claude call Wally Hanks hes looking for a jerb
  9. Triumph Member

    For all the NGO's doing a google search for GRODYSH

    when Claude Reginald Jean Blows smoke up your ass.. pretending its not a Scientology Orphanage
    Grodysh is Scientology

    7 Sept 2008
    oh Look its teh Grodysh...
    go sell some damn books.....and go buy some damn food...whats the big problem
  10. Triumph Member

    24 Sept 2008
    its about Bill Loftus
    Carys always lying his ass off and begging for cash... you'd think someone would catch on to the scam....
    wake up they closed the stupid Dianetics center ..and snatched up some orphans...

    This is very exciting and part of our two-prong handling. *LOL*
    Theres that damn Kenaf King.... with his plans for a kiddie gulag

    Like people don't know how to plant and harvest food crops before Scientologist showed up *LOL*

    19 Jan 2009
    Power FSM=bigger Commissions! woot!
    huger and bigger
    If you can help, either sponsor or flow to our trip, it would make a huge difference......damn scilon speak, he said FLOW hehe
  11. Triumph Member

    yea Cary Goulston yer GRODYSH sucks too!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    The information about the people involved in this orphanage project is appreciated. I think some of them might be working together on other projects also.
  13. Triumph Member

    Scientologist Cory Brennan who's into Permaculture was busy trying to recruit wogs to travel to Haiti
    and push her projects..
    Cory was all over the boards and forums looking to steer people into her Scientology project!topic/washsanitation/2uk7zkGD20Y

    Shes tied in with GRODYSH
    Cory Brennan Service Completions

    Lost of Post By Cory on Google Groups Alt Religion Scientology...
    back when Scientologist were a running non-stop spamming shitstorm operations on ARS
  14. Triumph Member

    a recent GRODYSH fund raiser....

    .... they fixed the walls and put up a new rear gate, that was knocked down by Hurricane Isaac

    they are trying to purchase the property surrounding the compound... eliminate undesirables..heh.
    word is its a night club.....

    the were trying to raise $20k for this project
    Nouvelles constructions et travaux des enfants de FOHO

    another New Construction project started Oct 21 2012.. please send $10K
    to replace the battle worn Yellow tents @GRODYSH
    I don't know if I would want to be anywhere near that..during an earthquake or storm..

    btw..your building it wrong!....flimsy and extremely dangerous... 2x4s have no strength on the flat
  15. Triumph Member

    another Christian Missionary group bringing supplies to GRODYSH Aug 2012
    can Haz Mangos too--more food not supplied by Scientologist
  16. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ Group: Feed My Starving Children
    I notice that they have a nice tile floor in that room, but in the bedroom with those rickety bunkbeds, the floor looked rather nasty.
  17. Triumph Member

    Plenty of money for Expansion and New Construction....while they mooch off of NGOs
    Just like Scientology/Scientologists having their priorities out of whack

    they bought up that vacant lot next door to the GRODYSH kiddie compound out from under the undesirables

    kinda makes that Urgent Message on the GRODYSH blog about the kids not having Leslie Hobbs....
    the plea for feed the kids

    and their out of pocket expenses... a big con.....

    Expansion and Dianetics books...before food...
  18. Mr. Magoo Member

    Funny that although the GRODYSH scientology scammers are collecting thousands of dollars in funds, legitimate relief groups keep having to come in and feed the hungry GRODYSH orphans.
  19. Triumph Member

    Claude Jean recently brought in a new player@Grodysh
    a Baptist Pastor Josias Jocelyn...and made him treasurer @GRODYSH
    the Compassion Network does seem semi-legit... launched Post Earthquake

    Compassion Network International Ministries
    status Is still active Sun-Biz

    so Josias was briefly associated with CNI...
    the CNI web sites no longer exist..and wasn't up long..
    there Is a little used dead facebook page
    He's based out of Tampa/St Pete....part of the Haitian community there...

    Scientology Is doing alot of this type recruitment to give the front groups the appearance that they are multi-denominational

    Josias Jocelyn needed a job...Claude Jean will gladly use the connection.....

    they will punk him into doing a Hubbard Finance Course ...and reel him in.

    Beacuse GRODYSH is all about teh jebus
  20. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ Interesting. What's the "Southern Baptist Mission"? I mean, there's the Southern Baptist Convention, the Southern Baptist Missions Network, etc, but all I can find is the Wikipedia article on a 19th century effort in China.

    The only references to "haitian pastors of tampa bay" are the grodysh pages.
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  21. Triumph Member

  22. Triumph Member

    part of FOHO #2 Cazale-Blockhaus
    Les enfants de FOHO visitant Cazale

    Updated OCT 25th 2012
    build an RPF there and no one can hear the screams
    start a plantation in a 3rd world country + exploit child labor =Profit for Davies Minions
    Future Home of GRODYSH/Scientology Blockhaus Lebensbourn Child Slave Labor Kenaf Reforestation Project & house of wax....featuring the soothing sounds of Chill E B in the theta lounge
  23. Triumph Member

    its about teh Cary Goulston Memorial Kenaf Plantation
  24. Triumph Member

    Ideal Villages for world domination....
    Launder Money In Panamanian Banks ....
    set up an innocuous sounding plan...based around exploiting the Labor of Children in Orphanages in 3rd world countries
  25. Triumph Member

    powerful people..*LOL so theta
    see Loftus plan for Scientology's Ideal Lebensbourn for 3rd world domination...reverse the dwindling spiral... because gosh darn it only Tom Cruise and his merry minions can really save da planet wif Hubbards brainwashing Life Improvement Seminars...
  26. Triumph Member

    the Grodysh website ..had direct links to Bill Loftus Environmental House web address
    Bill Loftus Is very much involved in the project
    and Phil Craycroft mentioned
    hes a clammy LRonHubbardite too.

    Heres Phil Craycroft pimping Bill Loftus plan in a press Release write up
    Now Anyone Can Construct Their Own Building
    its so easy even kids can build it! you can bet those Haitian Restaveks are gonna too
    Carlton Burgess Is a Christian Minister with Blog talk show....
    with Claude and Leslie from Grodysh playing like they lub jebus
  27. Anonymous Member

    who is going to go after these thiefs?
    these vultures who prey on children
    the evil that steels the youth of children
    the cancer that ruins lives
  28. Triumph Member

    Another of Miscavige's deluded Minions pimping the Loftus plan for 3rd world Scientology dissemination

    Ramming L Ron Hubbard down the throats of Haitian Orphans, its for their own good...and its mankind's only salvation sayest Carl Watts and his bud Bill Loftus

    moonbat link..I warned ya..
    and GRODYSH...
  29. Anonymous Member

    Bill Loftus ^

    Bill Loftus STAFF STATUS II Source 58 1987-07-01
    Bill Loftus L 11 RUNDOWN Source 65 1989-02-01
    Bill Loftus L 11 RUNDOWN EXPANDED Source 65 1989-02-01
    Bill Loftus L 10 RUNDOWN Source 72 1990-09-01
    Bill Loftus INT BY DYNAMICS RUNDOWN Source 80 1992-05-01
    Billy Loftus PROSPERITY RUNDOWN Source 83 1992-10-01
  30. Triumph Member

    kiddie enslavement in the name of Stop Global Warming inc

    Steve Littler
    June Littler
  31. Triumph Member

    same plan ... the deluded fucks even wrote to the president
    courtesy of wayback hate machine

    Stop Global
    Kenaf Czar *LOL*
    Dear Mr Bush..were so theta!

    Trying to schmoose Tax dollars in the Name of Hubbard....
  32. Triumph Member

    L Ron Hubbards The Way to GRODYSH
  33. Triumph Member

    the Global Pioneer
    AKA Slave Traders
    Cary Goulston & Mike Campbell ...
    due to unfortunate circumstances the GRODYSH RESTAVEK band had to cancel
  34. Anonymous Member

    Grody-ish, lol.
    Weren't these people around in the '80s?
  35. Triumph Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    This flyer says Christian "World Vision" lets Haitian kids starve when school isn't on. I find that difficult to believe. Also, why would WV be delivering food to a Grody school? And yeah, pretty ironic th cult is making people waste $$ on scilon books if Grody needs it more. Wtf?
  37. Triumph Member

    Claude Jean 2009 Haitian Dianetics Center looking low toned.and definably a little GRODYSH
    Claude's has been a Ron-Bot sine 1987

    before he went all Grodysh and started snatchin children in the name of Hubbard
  38. Triumph Member

    Dianetics Man Cary Goulston showing Haitians he knows how to beat off..on the way to Happiness
    play me GRODYSH drummer boy
  39. Triumph Member

    The Gangs all here!
    Mike Campbell & Cary Goulston..and Claude
    Susan Robillard is in black....
    some might remember Susan from Haiti Charity Scam thread

    Susan Robillard Is still scamming for Hubbard & Martin Luther King College in Haiti
    (its considered a high school)
    Susan Is an OSA terminal for the Montreal Org...

    shes was also tied into GRODYSH and Claude Jean
    the bald guy kneeling Is Augie Pinto Global Pioneers Shill

    the rabbit hole is deep on this one...

    when Carys traipsing around the globe pimping the kenaf plan
    he also enjoys passing out teh kool-aid to children
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  40. Triumph Member

    Claude Reginald Jean GRODYSH-Mike Campbell Global Pioneers shilling Hubbard
    Haiti Kenaf Tour 2008

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