Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    so this is blatant fraud
    who will stop them?
  2. Triumph Member
    lists other NGO's its mooching from under References
    World Vision, PADF, ADRA, Fondation Espoire (Hope Foundation)

    Foho #2 Blockhauss
    ..also claim they have a health clinic... haz photos...

    Claude's brother Harry Jean is in charge of the Kenaf plantation....
    they give him the fancy title of agronomist

    also has a brother a Dr Lyonel Jean involved... hes been drinking the Scientology Kool-Aid since 87 too

    Bainet,Cazale-Blockhass are all in the same area

    -Code of Ethics for a 15 Orphanage network...gotta be pimping Hubbards Ethics in the form of TWTH

    coming soon:GRoDysh University David Miscavige Haitian Delphian Academy and house of pancakes
    internationally accredited... LOL* not if its a clam shop!
  3. Triumph Member

    Claude & Brother Dr Lyonel Jean little free run-down clinic in the hills of cazale Haiti

    and Claude & Lionel's house of Hubbard Vitamin bombs and touch assist
    bet there a sauna in da place....
    the gate is padlocked... ..booming stats there Claude....

    Helping The Under-served Children Of Haiti - Grodysh Int

    written by Leslie "those SP's are hurting our Flow" Hobbs
  4. Triumph Member

    Pushing the Loftus Plan like a Dog in Heat
    this was a few short days after Travolta Landed.....

    this Is Cory Brennan hardcore OSA bot/ARS spammer and Ron-Bot pushing the Loftus plan hard on an Australian Permaculture web site....
    this was Cory's first of many posts...She choose to pimp the Mr Bill Loftus... plan

    it was in response to this article
    Permaculture Relief Corps Forming For Haiti Earthquake Response?

    Aid Projects, Community Projects — by Evan Schoepke January 14, 2010

    Cory then shifts into high gear.....trolling for raw meat...
    and having the "only" solution for mankind's problems in Haiti...
    blah blah...

    further down she lets the words "Volunteer Minister" slip ..oopsie!

    before long people there catch on.... Volunteer Ministers? LOL* WUT! count me out!
    this was Claude Jeans junkyard at the airport....
    Cory continued by tossing out teh bigot card .in her next few posts

    reading her babble again... boy Is she Full of shit.....

    Shes was tryin like heck to recruit Raw Meat.....for their little GRODYSH Permaculture Restavek Project and slave camp....

    spoiler alert:Cory Acted like she was the second coming of Field-marshal Erwin Rommels arsehole

  5. skeptic2girl Member

    It's sick -- seeing them posing with those little kids while wearing Dianetics shirts. (If they wore regular clothing by accident for the photo, would they have to take the picture again?)
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  6. Triumph Member

    those pictures of children are taken for pure PR..
    Cary Goulston.. hits people up for a few thousand dollars for each of his trips.....
    then he makes more pennies as super FSM pimping the garbage.....

    then he sends out Glowing Reports of expansion....
    real BS...thousands are picking up LRH!... expansion through the ying yang! Woosh ...
    Need more Money!

    I'll bet....the overwhelming majority of the people in his staged pix never buy the book.....

    its a "shore story" to sell the Big Lie
    Cary Goulston Is FoS!

    in the end you couldn't even keep your crappy Haitian Dianetics Centers afloat
    (one was Claude's Reginald Jeans house)

    plan B open an orphanage holding pen the Former Haitian Dianetics Center..
    (also Claude Reginald Jeans House).


    Scientologists Profiteering in Haiti - Scientology - Gawker
    Hey Cary I'm the person that copied the above message from your Global Pioneers site and passed it along to Ravi @ Gawker

    you know,...the one you did a Streisand on immediately afterwards ^^^^^
    your little missive was a crock of horse pucky

    ya phony schmuck ....
  7. Triumph Member

    The Orphans never had a chance.....

    Sick fucks Cary Goulston,Mike Campbell,child catcher Reginald Claude Jean,Brad Kugler
    with the financial backing of NARCONON!

    these clowns were implementing their sick plan to exploit the vulnerable Children of Haiti
    in 2009
    long before Commander John Travolta touched down on his mission...s

    "Operation Save the HAITIAN RESTAVEK CHILDREN in the name of Hell Ron"
    just a step away from their Loftus Lebensbourn project.

    and turn it into profiteering money making venture...

    Claude Jean and his GRODYSH restavek hunters..combing the orphanages... looking for raw meat to exploit....long before the earthquake...

    paging David for the scrapbook....child trafficking with Narconon bucks

    Hey MISCAVIGE yer GRODYSH is showing! its yer dingle on the line....
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  8. Triumph Member

    looking for Free Clams
    Grodysh-it don't pay to be a Ron-Bot
  9. Anonymous Member

    The Scientologist were quick to use Claude Reginald Jeans Kids as a means for Public Relations

    Community Helps 4 Haitian Children Survive in the USA

    Local Dentist, Jonathan J. Bromboz, in Clearwater donated his time to see 4 Haitian children on the weekend, understanding the horrendous experiences they have been through.
    Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) April 9, 2010
    Cary Goulston-Claude Reginald Jean and Florence Vanleuven and other Scientologist we actively trolling the Haitian orphanages...long before the earthquake
    they earthquaked opened the door.... for the he plan already on the table
    Forence Vanleuven e-mail that went out immediately after the quake...
  10. Anonymous Member

    and Claude Reginald Jeans kids as part of the story for Fund Raising
  11. Anonymous Member

    selling more polished turds
    nice VM lady arranged for Reggie's huge reward for wrangling the orphans
  12. Triumph Member

    Florence Vanleuven with Cary Goulston

    was part of the 2009 Global Pioneer team in the top and bottom picture actively trolling the schools and orphanages around Haiti.
  13. Triumph Member

    Global Pioneer and another scumbag in on the plan
    Florence Vanleuven
    at the airport with Claude Jean and kids

    Flo arranged for his kids exchange for his property....while Claude Jean and His Grodysh crew of Translators were leading the Italian Volunteer Ministers to the stray kids....(the Schneider Sisters were part of that Italian VM team of Child hunters.)
  14. Triumph Member

    2009 Cary Goulston Global Pioneers Haitian kiddie troll tour
    what are yer crimez!
    Uncle Cary haz candy in the back of teh yellow van
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  15. skeptic2girl Member

    ^Thx for posting all of this info, Triumph!
    Super-informative, and enlightening...
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  16. Triumph Member

    Restavek or Restavec wikipedia

    alot of orphanages have Restavek children or Operate as Restavek Orphanages...... the Government estimates some 400,000 children are Restaveks

    Some Restaveks get an education/training in these orphanages..(maybe 60%) food (at least 1 meal) and a place to sleep..(usually the floor) and sometimes basic medical care

    ultimately the Restavek orphanage will try and place a child with a Host family in exchange for a fee..
    (they are sold off for cheap labor...most times its domestic help...thats provides income for the orphanage)

    some times the child will be allowed to continue their education...if the Host family agrees to pay for higher fees....(Restavek Orphanages also make money through education)
    theres no guarantee a child continues their education once they are placed with a HOST family...

    theres a high turnover rate in these places... these Restavek Orphanages are not a permanent home...
    the Restavek Orphanages survive off the income of these children placed with host families.....

    very few children Return to their Families... unless their family can afford to pay the orphanage back ..for the care the child received from the Restavek Orphanage....usually they are being dumped off because they can't afford another mouth to this dosen't happen often...

    there are no standards..and very few regulations... and practically no over-site...
    little or no governmental agencies involvement..

    Global Pioneers saw $$$$$$$$ and as an easy way to pull in raw meat....
    raise money on the home front through sponsorships.... and potentially adoption...
    and raise a small army of children to help clear Haiti.....on the cheap
    it an almost completely unregulated environment....

    Restaveks are one of the biggest and one of the few commodities Haiti has....
    thats where the money Is in Haiti....Scientologist are like a moth to a flame ..when money is involved....
  17. Anonymous Member

    Is this like the water thing? Are the scilons stealing again?
  18. Triumph Member

  19. Triumph Member

    the OT's stayed at home....

    they really didn't have a group of VM's that amounted to over 150 people at any one given time there...
    most times it was less....

    outside of their little Wally World compound.. they went unnoticed....
    most of it consisted of staged photo-ops... to reg donations...

    so much for the claim of 200,000 Volunteer Ministers .....

    Future of Haiti Orphanage (originally run by the Schneider Sisters)..wasn't a registered Charity... so they brought in "Bless the Children" to get around that problem ...
    at first they were advertising adoptions on their cobbled together website ...that wasn't possible

    especially since a group of Baptist Ministers got caught smuggling children out of Haiti and got arrested
    and made Headlines..

    the Italian OT's went to plan B ..selling sponsorships

    the Schenider Sisters and other Ron-Bots involved turned those donations into 240 acres of land for their Ideal Loftus Lebensbourn & Sea Org Kibbutz project

    and mooched supplies from relief organizations....
  20. Triumph Member

    They put the spin on Barbs story in their Meet a Scientologist propaganda campaign..
    2 years later
    look at us's for teh Orphans....

    Claude Jeans holding pen for Restaveks...formerly the Haitian Dianetics Center....

    children used... and money raised for the Expansion of real estate holdings for the Cult....

    official cult photo by Felix Kunze
  21. Triumph Member

    Sarah Ehrlich /..Help for Orphans ...lying her ass off

    Help For Orphans Founder Sarah Ehrlich Launches Haitian Orphanage
    Sarah used the Scientology Restaveks ... in her pathological Ripoff PR..
    there Is NO Help For Orphans Haiti Orphanage...she glommed off of the Scientology captives
  22. Triumph Member

    Sarah Ehrlich Pulls a GRODYSH
    team of 117 emts,doctors and others ...*LOL* them is Scientology Vulture Ministers Sarah!
    Field Hospital=Claude Reginald Jeans Junkyard....
    shelter for children=Restaveks snatch from the streets in the Name of Scientology..and housed in tents Scientologists mooched off "Shelters in a Box"
    Planes from NY and LA... Scientology.Flights.. arranged through the Haitian embassy...Scientology donations did pay some of the fuel costs..

    Florence the contact@ 727-776-0733 (Clearwater/Tampa/St Pete Cellphone #)Is Florence Vanleuven
    Global Pioneers-Scilon scammer Vulture Minister and Claude Jeans nanny
    see post:205

    sell that lie Sarah...
  23. Triumph Member

    Sarah Ehrlich also deceived some other NGO into contributing to the GRODYSH/FUTURE OF HAITI/SCIENTOLOGY scam

    In The Loving, Inc. Unites with Help for Orphans International to Build Orphanages in Haiti

    There Is No Shortage of Love for the People of Haiti When In the Loving, Inc. and Help for Orphans International Serve Together
    they ended up at Claude Reggie Jeans?Schneider Sisters Scientology compound...with Sarah

    just switch from Volunteer minister T-Shirts to Help for Orphans T-Shirts...bada fresh propaganda...
    financially partners with Help For Orphans International to build an orphanage
    got taken for a bunch of cash by Scientology

    Sarah uses a bunch of staged photo Ops with the people from In the Loving the Scientology Restavek Hotel and mango juice bar
  24. Anonymous Member

    Sarah has been making my sckin crawl for years
    I wish the authorities would catch up to her already
  25. Triumph Member

    mooched a ride off of "Wings over Haiti"
    and relief supplies from the World Health Organization and Gave them to Hell Rons Restavek Sea Org Goonies... how do you think the Scientology Vulture Ministers swarming around teh children ate!
    need to tell those Vulture Ministers to stay out of those staged shots Sarah..they are hurting your flow!
  26. Anonymous Member

    maybe contact these places that actually have good intentions and give them a heads up about all this fraud that is going on
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  27. Triumph Member

    Can Never Have enough Indoctrination....
    this time Casandra Is hitting up Scientologist....
    Future of Haiti=GRODYSH
    Most of these children are still without beds....but they have plenty of Hubbard!

    200 Orphans..*LOL* Scientology Math...take a damn head count!
  28. Triumph Member

    Gullible Celebutards and their moniez being used as a Tool for Scientology courtesy of Sarah Ehrlich
    Sarah duped a gaggle of D-List Celebutards... for an Orphanage that she never funded..
    the entertainment was Ron-Bot Dee Dee "Doo Doo" O'Malley
    Smile and say: enslaving Restaveks for L Ron is for fun and profit
    My Hollywood Agent said I should do this event...
    they said I'd get to read for a part in Mission Impossible...
  29. Triumph Member

    Jan 14th ..2010...on target to scam fun money for Rons Ideal Lebensbourn in Haiti
    Sarah..spends cash on reeling in Suckers....Scientology defiantly gets its cut off the top
    Joan Collins....wheres the Russian caviar
    yeah Joan your donations went for buying Real Estate in Haiti for Scientology...thanks!
  30. Triumph Member

    Sarah Ehrlich @ the Scientology Junk Yard Restavek compound

    Yellow Tent Isee youz thar..with Claude Jeans Scientology Restaveks

    the supplies you see Sarah mooching here are from the World Food Program....they went to the Schneider OTees sisters.....those pix of the boxes of "Rubber Biscuits" are where the Schenieder sisters ..and Sci-Bot Isabella Garcia HfO are unloading from the pickup...

    Isabella Garcias Blog

    Sarah used the talent of Scilon Masterson Boyz for her "Hell" Ron Hubbard "Restavek Camp for Haitian Children" Scam

    Sarah Ehrlich was "Hatted" by corporate Scientology to covertly raise funds for GRODYSH Restavek Sea Org Child Slavery Scientology Lebensbourn.....this thread is hurting her FLOW....

    your GRODYSH is showing Sarah
  31. Triumph Member

    Isabella Garcia works for Sarah Ehrlich HfO
    Is also "Hatted" with Selling the Scientology the shore story....covertly disguised as a desert topping
    tents uniforms,,clothes school...murals planting trees...
    its BS ... its teh GRODYSH

    also show more on how and where they Mooch supplies ..from NGO's in teh name of Scientology
    The Orphanage... why its GRODISH.... imagine dat....
    thats Roosevelt with Isabella...hes Haitian Translator and Volunteer Minister who worked for Claude Jean
    Sarah's good at Mooching off NGOs... and then trading the food for photo-ops....
  32. Triumph Member

  33. Mr. Magoo Member

    Whatcha wanna bet they come up with some reason to change their name right about now after Triumph's massive exposé here. I think they're feelin' like they gotta get rid of the GRODYSH. Maybe next it'll be FRAUDISH or XENUISH.
  34. Triumph Member

    Isabella Garcia and Scientology Volunteer Ministers..traveling compadres...
    what are the odds of this...with less than 100 VM in country... and these two thetan souls just bump int each other
    where are the moochers taking these
    ah its teh GRODYSH @GRODYSH Int'l Inc.
  35. Triumph Member

    Michela Is also a Volunteer Minister
    OT 5 Michela Schneider - Scientology Service Completions[IMG]
    ok so...hide the Volunteer Ministers and extra supplies... when the NGO's get here...and this Is Sarah Ehrlich Orphanage for today, mmmkay..

    Felix.. is the lighting ok for the shot.... was that pose ok?

    .Sarah Ehrlich Is working on scamming Joan Collins out of some cash!...
    lets give Joans moniez to GRODYSH Int'l Inc.AKA Scientology Cadet Org
  36. Triumph Member

    Scilon Celebuturd Chris Masterson playing DJ his Bro Danny MommyJeans Masterson..

    Chris wuz a NO-SHOW.... they had no Celubtards...
    unless you count....... Felix Kunze
    Sarah scamming money for Scientology and GRODYSH Int'l Inc.
  37. Triumph Member

    Claude Jean has picked that organization the bone..
    was Called the Compassion Network Int. Ministries...
    its web gone....
    picked up a couple more... useful suckers
    one of the Co-Founders of CNIM a Pastor Diems Duverlus..has also been gobbled up by Reggie
    GRODYSH is lookin tap into that Tampa Bay area Baptist Money for Scientology

    also hooked Randy Mortensen from CNIM
    who also has his own Haitian Charity World Wide Village

    looks like Susan Robillard also has tried to get her grubby Scilon meat hooks into him

    employing the Scientology tactic of using WOGS as human shields for GRODYSH Int'l Inc.
  38. Triumph Member

    Celebrity Event to Help Haitian Orphans Devastated by Earthquake

    Josie Dobin of Help for Orphans International (HFOI) will be leaving for her second Haiti trip since the earthquake. She will be continuing HFOI’s work of helping out Haitian orphans and orphanages devastated by the recent earthquake.

    another of Sarah Ehrlichs PR lackeys Josie Romero Dobin also drinks teh Hubbard Kool-Aid
    clammy Celebutard Guests taking one for Rons Restaveks

    Josie Romero & Scibot Denise Duff hatted ,,and yes Scilon VM can hold babiez without droppin em
    Josie and Dwnese were down there as part of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers....
    only the shirts have changed... @GRODYSH Int'l Inc.
  39. Triumph Member

    Sarah faking a photo OP..Sarah had noting to do with the Walls being rebuilt....@Grodysh
    Nicole Greenwood and Chad Adams on their way to GRODYSH, hes also a Volunteer Minister! imagine that!
    chad was there to take pictures....
    same bike in other Grodysh pix...
    GRODYSH Int'l Inc.
  40. Triumph Member

    Chad was already down in Haiti ..Helping super VM Ayal Lindeman..with Scientology's useless touch assist ..and has camera
    better to haz 2 Scientology Volunteer Ministers armed with Cameras for GRODYSH photo-shoot
    sarah Ehrlich and Volunteer Minister friends@
    GRODYSH Int'l Inc.

    Nicole Greenwood w/Sarah was a Volunteer Minister poster girl for the Scientology operation in Haiti
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