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Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    when Chad's not operating a camera for the Faked Sarah Ehrlich GRODYSH Charity Scam

    Chad leading Claude Jeans Restavek Volunteer Minister fire brigade puttin out fiRE!@USAid
    June 27th 2012
    June 2011
    ok they are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this guy
    only a VMs can prevent car fires...Chad your working way to hard there pal...with your hands on your hips
    useless ....theres no need for any one of those VM's to stand there holding up the tail end of a hose....
    what a bunch of retards runnin that outfit...
  2. Triumph Member

    Using the Chicken Production to Finance Institution Humanitarian Theta School

    the school got their first batch of chickens and coop in June 2011
    long before Sarah Ehrlich ever cooked up her "Give a Flock" Scam in may of 2012
    $2000 each for a Chicken Coop like that ? get real ...your scamming people pal....
    word clear transparency

    alot of that Cash would go directly to the cult in teachers training fees....
    the cults very own "Community Learning Center" in Clearwater Is doing the training....
    those hell Ron course fees are bloated and expensive....and useless...

    Scientology Study Tech is not an educational tool ... its a brainwashing tool

    Eggs For Hell Ron's Idle Haitian Theta-School Borg

    Sarah Ehrlich's "Give a Flock" = Scientology Indoctrination in lieu of a Real Education

    The Way to Happiness stash!......@GRODYSH Int'l Inc.
  3. Triumph Member

    Theres a reason GRODYSH has a stockpile of NGO/GO relief supplies....
    they weaseled their asses into the middle of the food supply chain..

    their are licensed to run a
    United Nations/Haitian Government Sanctioned Food Pantry Management/3W_140211Draft.pdf
    they are one of the few sanctioned relief supply food distributor/pantries in southern region SUD-EST "FOOD"

    cult Is hording food out of this location FOHO#2
    Carrefour Blockhauss 3eme Section La vallee de Bainet, Departement du Sud Est Haiti'haiti
    GRODYSH Int'l Inc.

    starving captive audience=people willing to sit through any kind of psycho-babble to eat.

    Henry Kissinger:
    "Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world."
  4. Triumph Member

    GRODYSH has a big Bargaining chip...and they are willing to use it to pull others into the rabbit hole @GRODYSH Int'l Inc.
    in some of Claude Jeans PR... he talks about working with an Orphanage network..(he said 20 Orphanages)
    and instilling a code of Ethics ..for the group of 20....(bet "Ethics" means-Scientology flavored ethics)
    he also say he supplies food to many groups...and many references to food distribution in his write ups

    you know what Hubbard says about"out exchange"....
    giving food away would be "out exchange"....they aren't gonna give it away ..ain't happening...

    they will use the pimp and leverage the Orphanages...looking for food...
    it was what Goulston and Gang...and Global Pioneers was trying to do....pre-earthquake...

    but now it looks as if they have a free and somewhat abundant Supply of Food provided by NGO's and GO's to use as a bargaining chip...
  5. RightOn Member

  6. Triumph Member

    their Crappy Brochure Is courtesy Postcardmania
    propaganda approved by David Miscavige & Scientology

    Joy Gendusa & her companyPostcardmania Is another Scilon owned company that forces its employees to use Scientology training

    GRODYSH is dripping in Scientology...
  7. Triumph Member

    clammy brochure says JUICER... listed under agriculture ...
    those wacky scilons and their money making schemes *LOL*
    should have gotten a Bass-O-Matic.....makes the best clam juice!
    with a Bass-O-Matic ..your days of scaling cutting and gutting are over!

    mmm Grodysh kenaf Smoothies.. from a Free Stress test "Tap Tap" mobile Kiosk
  8. Triumph Member

    those wacky Scientologist Always Looking to Get Rich...pimping Kenaf

    some of Bill Loftus's PR

    Super Clam & Tea Party Totalitarian Bruce Wiseman and his wife ..haz the solution to Oil spillz....wif Kanef

    Get rick quick with Kenaf..... and take over da world

    Bill Loftus sez: its the kind of plant that does everything...including enslaving children to high profile Scientologist.. Using Orphan Kanef TECH to solve the gulf oil spill

    Bill Loftus's Kenaf "TECH" web site
  9. Triumph Member

    now showing @GRODYSH Int'l Inc.
  10. Triumph Member

    lots of solid reason why Scientology should absolutely NOT be in the Orphanage Business

    #1 EX Scientology Kids- filled with horror stories on children raised within in Scientology
    lots of testimonials of abuse Google Scientology + Child Abuse
    children get a lousy education..etc etc etc


    GRODYSH should not hire this guy....

    Haiti has little industry....
    Food Production and Restaveks are the big money makers...
    GRODYSH is looking to corner both those the market....
    modern colonialism in the name of self-help Science Fiction religion

    the poorest of the poor In Haiti sometimes survive on a Diet of Dirt Cookies....
    Kenaf isn't much better....
  11. Triumph Member

  12. Triumph Member

    Cant forget about those Vagabond Ministers role in Haiti

    treated the mission as a photo opportunity & vacation summer camp
    mooched relief supplies from legitimate relief organizations to set up and run their operations
    mainly handed out supplies provided by legitimate relief organizations
    used it mainly an opportunity to proselytize and treated people as statistics
    used it as an opportunity to wrangle a few restaveks


    Corporate Scientology bought Real Estate with the money they raised....
    buying a swanky 3 story 4,000 sq ft Vulture Minister "Good Ole Boy Country Club" headquarters in Pétionville, of the few places not considered a slum in Haiti..away from those wretched poor people

    all so uber theta Scientologist Like Claude Reginald Jean can profiteer and exploit children in Haiti ..uninterrupted

    set up Org Board...check

    reverse the dwindling spiral of Haiti ...check

    gather intel on the movers and shakers of Haiti
    for blackmail material safe-pointing Scientology ..check

    establish Scientology rule over Haitian Govt....FAIL
  13. Triumph Member

    what Is is...
    needs more rum
    GRODYSH Int'l Inc.
  14. Triumph Member

    Claude Regged $10,000 for the 2 roofs... this Is one in progress
    shoddy construction using child labor.... in earthquake territory...
    its the new roof going over this outdoor kitchen
  15. Triumph Member

    this is so..WRONG..slapping more lumber on rotting timbers...on a structure that was poorly built to begin Give Grodysh $1oK plox...some high winds and this thing is coming down....
    paging Disaster Gurl
    thats some messed up construction
    those were some of the same block walls were knocked down during the last Hurricane Isaac....

    no gutters to clean....
  16. Triumph Member

    MOre stuff For Reggie
    loadin er up and takin er 'ome
    come on down to the Orphanage and I'll give you a good deal....
    I'll toss in a good book called "The Way to Happiness" for an extra $2
    (TWTH sells for $1.67 cheap!)
  17. Triumph Member

    Hot digity...these are gonna pay for my trip back to Flag.. and pay for my PTS/SP course
    and teh new sports car
    think they'll do the right thing and sells these ..and buy fresh Fruit and Veggies for teh kids...
    or purchase some educational books..not written by L Ron Hubbard
    the spoils of clearin da planet...this shirt will get me some nookie
  18. Triumph Member

    see what the guy in the red shirt is carrying ....above^^^^^
    by Order of Slappy Miscavige.... GRODYSH Restavek Hole....

    nice stash of "old people" walkers.....>>>>
    @GRODYSH Int'l Inc.
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Triumph Member

    Front Gates 2010^^^^^

    Sept 2012 Playing Hide the Hubbard......painted right over it to hide the stink

    they covered Hubbards Name ...don't want spook those NGO's
    GRODYSH deceptive SCIENTOLOGY con-artist ...and Lying Liars that Lie....

    this NGO visiting Is CONVOY of HOPE

    infinity symbol (figure 8 on its side) and especially the Pyramid scream Scientology....better hide that too...
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    This web of deceit is so vast with so many people involved.
    Changing "charity" names left and right.
    Thank to Triumph for sorting it all out and keeping track of these thieves.
    All this info needs to be put in one package and sent to the authorities.
    but who?
    if they are collecting money here and committing fraud then they should be held accountable.
    Much tougher to go after them in another country where people who run the country are on the take.
    I hope to see all these people in jail some day
  23. Anonymous Member

    one more thing... there needs to be a chart made to show how it all connects (people and name of outfit) and where it goes , to make it easier
  24. Triumph Member

    VM Chad Adams ..supplying the Schneider Sisters FOHO operation back in 2010
    just after the move from the junkyard to Claudes 6 bedroom Casa del GRODYSH....
    More relief supplies Scientology took from others....Scientology sends smiling glassy eyed scavengers and disasters

    Volunteer Minister Chad Adams and friends visiting GRODYSH July 24 2012
    hes wearing a Help for Orphans T-shirt...this was 9 days after Sarah Ehrlichs last Photo Op scam....

    scamming monies perhaps... For Sarah Ehrlich .........where do I sign?....
    Scientology haz yor tax free donation Nao....its teh Risky Bidness dealing wif GRODYSH...^^^^^Tom Clone...
  25. Triumph Member

    this guys name Is Wilson Pierre Louis..he worked for Claude pre-earthquake..also a Vulture Minister..and fun camp director for the Future of Haiti Orphanage.Helping set up Scientology's child slave camp ring
    He was down on the Haitian Airport tarmac when Apostle & Commander John Travolta Arrived on his mission for Hell Ron
    Wilson took a couple of Orphans they snatched from the streets down to pose with Apostle Johnny....
    Future Grodysh Scientology Cadet Org Orphans^^^ brought down to sooth the Celebutards ego
    Claude Reggie Jean Had a team of Haitians wrangle kiddies for John Travoltas Photo-Op
    thats Wilson Pierre Louis in the Scientology Vulture Moochers jacket
  26. Triumph Member

    Wilson Pierre Louis helped the Schneider Sisters run the Orphanage..when they moved into Claude Jeans pad..
    da Yellow Tents.... Wilson worked as a translator for the kids..
    Wilson..out looking for stuff... to take back to the FOHO orphanage may 12 2010
  27. Triumph Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    From the blur of his hand, it looks like he wants to use his "hose" to give the fire a money shot.
  29. Triumph Member

    Claude Reginald Jean was trolling the orphanages on the ground in Haiti long before John Travolta left Florida and long before he arrived in Haiti
    one of Scientologys earliest VM PR pictures out of Haiti ..its Reggie Jean and his gang of merry child snatchers..picture Is part of the first official VM press release

    back in 2009 "Papi Reggie" was going around to Orphanages .. for the Haiti Dianetics Center...
    Reggie had been trolling Orphanages on behalf of Scientology for about a year prior to the earthquake
    some of this activity was funded by Narconon in Florida
    they were also hitting up schools.....

    when the Earth quake happened .... Papi Reggie knew where to look for the strays....
    it gave Scientology the excuse to get into the Orphanage business....

    Reggie didn't own orphanages... that Is a shore story.. that originated with VM Barbara Schneider...
  30. Triumph Member

    the Schneider Sisters ..FOHO ran things.. they bought the large piece of property for their Loftus Lebensbourn project...
    IN Nov 2010 they were hitting the RED CROSS up with their New Scientology Orphanage RPF

    Presentation of the "new orphanage" all Red Cross Nov 23rd 2010
    Susan Robillard ^^^^ OSATard Montreal gives it a thumbs up
    Susan Roballard was part of the Global Pioneer Team trolling orphanages and schools in 2009 alongside Claude Reginald Jean
    Susan also got caught up scamming money for Reggies Restavek project....

    Michela sells real estate .... She ran the daily operations @FOHO until claude took it back
    looking for help from the Red Cross for the "Tom Cruise Is an awesome guy Restavek Ranch"
    the Schneider Sisters did have a 3-D model video rendering of the Loftus Lebensbourn plan.. before they Did a Streisand on the You Tube channel
  31. Triumph Member

    Oct 10 2010 @ FOHO....more Scientology schmoosing the Red Cross
    Wilson Pierre Louis ...and Papi Reggies grodysh gang..

    they bought the land in Nov 2012 from this group
    "Jean Jo" has mostly Scientology friends on that facebook page....

    land to build the New Orphanage
    Haiti Global Pioneer Scammer Susan Robillard Is in on the "com" cycle
    guy in the white shirt in the background is from the Red Cross....
    future home of GRODYSH University...Sea Org processing station
    Jean Jo is also in the Global Pioneers pictures.....with Susan Robillard...

    buying Real Estate..MOOCHING SUPPLIES..and lying to wogs to take their money
  32. Triumph Member

    some lovely PR shots by Felix Kunze...
    lots of staged photos to "regg" donations...these two Barbara and Doria spent little time in Haiti....
    Shelter-in-a-Box...more stuff the VM's NGO's
    they did wrangle some attention from Sky News...
    Cult Photographer Felix Kunze ..trying to turn a buck off some of those photos at an exhibition in Brighton
  33. RightOn Member

  34. Triumph Member

    the truth Is both Elena and Michela got seriously Ill ...because of the squalid living conditions...
    OT powerz are no match for Haiti
    Can I haz passport back plox....
    their 16 yr old Niece Daisy Schneider barley avoided serious injury when a small plane bounced off a roof after takeoff ( the OTs overloaded the little plane with supplys)
    Happy Clams Pilar Gonzales and Charles Uslander (they were owners the plane)
    Pilar's brother Ernesto was the faulty knucklehead pilot....

    OT's PTS to Gravity..overloaded plane was the official cause... stupidity was the reason
    damaged roof..and a totaled plane.. were the why

    last I heard these two were dodging the insurance claim
    and Ernesto Is back in Mexico...
    Charles was a little more seriously Hurt.... OT can haz walker
  35. Triumph Member

    some of Claude Reggie Jeans deleted notes...
    Flourishing and Prospering *LOL your Scientology is showing...
  36. Anonymous Member

    Volunteer Ministers
    you better not try and touch my breasts.
  37. Triumph Member

    201o Petitionville Haiti ...Vulture Ministers Lair grand opening.....
    nobody's watchin the film of Hell Ron
    poor Haiti its open season on Scientology looting

    cult compound Petitionville Haiti 2011
    I generally don't bag on people based on their appearance...
    but......they emptied out Fugly Town with this bunch
  38. Triumph Member

    Petitionville 2011 pools open
    2011 Cults open an no one Is home
    who needs voodoo
  39. Anonymous Member

    Is that Sarah in the middle?
    Sarah, who is sucking in Ontario public school students to now donate to an orphanage in Latin America, using Mrs Immanuel as her stooge?
  40. Triumph Member

    on the the white shirt...Yes that Sarah Ehrlich ... this year Shes partnered up with "Bless the Children"...another Scientology cult front group ... exploiting the same school for PR...

    Sarah pirated the Kardashian brand....was named in a Law its all going to send Honduran children to cosmetology school....

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