Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    may 2011 looking more like a cult every day...
    nao...get out there hunting Orphans..and planting kenaf..
  2. DeathHamster Member

    Antibiotics can cure viruses? Who knew!
  3. Triumph Member

    172=shore story....I guess when your lying to people to hose them out of their money ...all is fair in love and Hubbard
  4. Triumph Member

    Nov 2011

    in those cult pix of the land being purchased with Michela Schneider Nov post#271

    Nicole Greenwood was with the party....purchasing future the Sea Org plantation
    Here shes Is schmoozing with Claude Jeans Scientology pal "Jean Jo"
    Nicole was also busy on that trip greasing the wheels with time for flirty fishing & lovebombing
    so Sarah Ehrlich could get her PR on with "Wings over Haiti" (where Sarah also mooched a ride & supplies...for the cult)
    Goldilocks changes into a Vulture Minister at a minutes notice...
    work that cleavage Nicole
    Dec 2 2012 :your cult is showing Nicole
  5. Triumph Member

    Dec 2 2012
    remember the Restavek they paraded in front of Travolta for his Scientology photo-shoot
    John flashed this kids picture on the Late show With David Letterman
    like most Haitian Restaveks they get sold off into the work force....he works at a restaurant as a waiter....

    Johnny Boy told David Letterman "the boy asked if he could stay on the plane and return to the US with him"
    John and Kelly gave him some treats..shuttled him off their plane and handed him over to those nice Volunteer Ministers

    Nicole has lots of photos of this young guy....
    Nicole having a "comm cycle" with his "boss"
    she took a little time in Dec 2 2010 to catch up....
  6. Triumph Member

    just a friendly dinner date Nov 28th 2010
    3 guys from the United Nations and 2 "hot to trot" Clams...
    Is this thing like an I-phone?
    She let her friend do the heavy lifting
    Nicole does work that cleavage .

    Nicole.. if your successful on this mission and you'll get a role in Toms next big film!!!
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  7. Triumph Member

    Yes Daddy!
    hes hoping his wife won't come across these photos
    they can all squeeze into the UN truck
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  8. Triumph Member

  9. Triumph Member

    New Age NGO group looking to help Orphans , taken to the cleaners by Sarah Ehrlich & Scientology

    In the Loving Inc...Ragan O'Rilley heiress to O'Rilley Auto Parts snookered hard by Sarah Ehrlich...
    with the promise of a Partnership formed for the purpose of Building Orphanage's

    In The Loving, Inc. Unites with Help for Orphans International to Build Orphanages in Haiti
    Sarah put Help for Orphans name on the back of their T-shirts and sent them out on photo shoots
    The Group visited FOHO/GRODYSH
    the back gates@ FOHO/GRODYSH
    established previous contact=Scinotards
    assessing land possibilities=David Miscavige Memorial Restavek RPF
    Scientology Study Tech superior....NOT*
    lots of pictures of Sarah's Logo...In the Loving Inc..not so much

    the did get to tour the property for the Future Home of GRODYSH Restavek Sea Org country bunkhouse...I doubt In the Loving Inc will get their name on it....

    the Mural @FOHO/GRODYSH

    bet Sarah and Gang didn't mention it was for Scientology
    Scientology sez thanks suckers
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  10. Triumph Member

    In the Loving inc Murals
    the Murals remain ...but the money Is long gone....
    those MRE's came in handy for a day at the beach....(courtesy of US Military)
    Scientologist counting their Bounty ...while Haitians stand in line looking for relief.
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  11. Triumph Member

    Always a looming crisis...@ GRODYSH
    $5000..seems a bit steep... GRODYSH seems to haz its thumb on the scale when its looking for donations

    part of that large property @Junkyard by the airport...housed a Auto Repair shop owned by Reggie...surly he can find another running vehicle...
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  12. AuntAnonymous Member

    Triumph, you are an info collecting machine! Thanks for your hard work in exposing the $cilons and their money-sucking, cult-indoctrination ways.
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  13. Triumph Member

    while Scientology Volunteer Moochers were out combing the Relief network in an effort to beg,borrow and mooch supplies....
    and generally being a nuisance..delivering touch assist and The Way to Happiness books....

    Corporate Scientology was busy polishing a big shiny yellow turd
    April 4 2010
    instead of funding their mission....providing and a fair share of relief supplies..
    they were gobbling up real estate....
    Haz official VM Yellow Motor bike will travel....
    with the exception of the ambulance ..the failboat Hornbeam brought supplies for the yellow VM roach arrived in Haiti 4 weeks prior to the Grand opening ....
    lots of LRH materials for dissemination

    the good news is most of the small group of Scientologist VM's left in Haiti..were busy for months polishing this turd.....and too busy to pester Haitians
  14. Triumph Member

    Just the thing to bring Scientology Books..when your feeding a starving nation
    VM's from Mexico providing "Scrounge Tech" for FOHO march 23 2010
    Beats wiping your arse with Dianetics.... Restavek boy from Travolta PR back giving thumbs up
    see post #285
    exploiting bambino's for fun and profit
    translation: Marketing to get more food for these children in an orphanage
    Boy Scout Bandito is a VM
    Scientology Marketing Campaign.....will haz Restavek hold sign for food....
  15. Triumph Member

    VM's from Mexico exploited children for PR
  16. Anonymous Member

    Too bad we don't have any anons in the area. I'd love to drop by and visit.
  17. Triumph Member

    Claude Jean's Junkyard compound..near airport....its where the VM's held the Restavek Children ... in the first months post earthquake
    the building Is Claude Jeans auto repair shop...
    VM's with kids in Claude Reginald Jeans Truck @ junkyard
    the VM Restavek Roundup
    the camp where the kids lived... camping tents were provided by "Shelters in a Box"
  18. DeathHamster Member

    Holy fuck! Those Shelters in a Box aren't just a tent!

    There's a whole fuckton of stuff in those boxes, that varies depending on to locale they're sent to. I bet Grodysh got good prices on the black market for a lot of it.

    That stove/heater, so beautiful! With one of those, you could make a go at surviving in a Canadian wilderness winter.
  19. Triumph Member

    La salle de bain FOHO en construction

    $5000 for the new bathrooms @ Grodysh...
  20. Triumph Member

    Cuisne et salle à manger de FOHO en construction

    this construction project has fail written all over it
    Get on the goddamn phone over to the Haiti VM Hospice..and get some Volunteer ministers over on the project!....what a hack job
    wiring jerb looks solid to me
  21. Triumph Member

    still no gutters to clean
  22. Triumph Member

    fixed..sort of..
  23. Triumph Member

    Miscaviges new plan for keeping stats in Haiti "straight up and vertical"
    not surprised their shit falls down when the ground shakes...
    Scientology called ...they want their $10,000 back

    Good thing Claude is supervising this lot....
  24. Triumph Member

    More Convoy of Hope pix up..see post #257

    the kids have good clean safe drinking water Yea! WIN!
    All Claude's Scientology sinz haz been washed away in the name of Jebus Christ
    Fuck that Crowley loving Satanist Hubbard..Jebus Is Ur Savior Nao....
    nothing more pathetic than a Scientologist ....playin along...
    pretty sure your gonna get a Knowledge Report write up for that Claude
  25. Triumph Member

    Good thing he scrubbed Hell Rons name off the "gates of hell" before da generous jebus men arrived
    GRODYSH nao wif 100% more Bars for da windows....................................................^^^^^^^^
  26. Triumph Member

    their Giant Yellow Turd Compound in the middle of the swanky Petitionville
    is staffed by young ...Haitians
    alot them have facebook pages
    the males are living in the compound..

    theres a pool there...
    and they have access to yellowtard motor bikes (if stats are up)
    and access to Internet...
    It looks if they are paid employees rather than volunteers...
    and can haz brain-scrubbing... they have them on course ...

    these Haitian guys and gals look as if they are livin it up....

    theres a few Scinotards running the place...

    Ingo Lehmann CoS Int mgt. is in some of the pix....
  27. Triumph Member

    Sarah Ehrlich – “Give a Flock” and help feed orphans

    November 5, 2012 By Elaine Masters
    blog clip..

    she dosen't mention Scientlology....

    Sarah mentions how she works with Nicole "Goldie Locks" Greenwood ...

    claims she has people in Haiti now...working on things...(those would be scionatards)
    VM firetard Chad Adams tagged along the last time...

    how her organization has translators (Haitians employed by Scinotards)

    Metellus Jean Aveder works for Scientology....out of the VM roach motel in petitionville
    the yellow bike Belongs to VM Haiti outpost

    talks about Sarah & Nicole randomly came across a "conference" in Haiti, yea right!
    She talks about a Haitian the conference.. send her to a chicken farm...
    same place Claude Reginald Jean bought his chickens and coop from last summer..imagine that! random!

    claims to be working with 4 orphanages...
    this it @ SOS villages.. Scientology VM Chad Adams ..was there to help take pictures for photo OP ... but the chicken coop wasn't financed or provided by Sarah Ehrlich...
    you won't find any reference to Sarah working with SOS villages ..other than her own Press Release....

    they did have some builders slap this together for a photoshoot @ Grodysh
  28. Mr. Magoo Member

    ^^^^^ That is a $2000 chicken coop if I ever saw one. What scammers.
  29. Triumph Member

    Sarah blabs about having Volunteers around the globe...
    and Talks about Having Volunteers in Haiti after the earthquake....

    they were all down there as Volunteer Ministers..
    and just swapped out T-Shirts ...when Sarah needed a favor....

    She mentions glomming off the WHO .for supplies that went directly Grodysh btw....
    also talks about hitting up Catholic Charities..for goodies (Scientology VM's did that often)

    Sarah Ehrlich pool of scavenging Volunteers...
    All of the 4,260 Scientology Volunteer Ministers in this pix

    also double as Help for Orphans Volunteers... heh.
    Denise Duff flashing the peace sign....

    also Sarah don't know shit bout haiti... those Kids are Restaveks.. not orphans...

    at the end of the Interview Sarah says she trademarked "Help for Orphans"...blah blah Sarah

    you don't own a trademark on that shit brand ...

  30. Triumph Member

    photo de sarah et nicole (1ère visite)

    one of them $2000 chicken coops^^^ its a Claude Reggie Jean special

    @GRODYSH..Super VM Chad Adams wuz thar...and haz Yellow Bike
    all Scino tards@ GRODYSH
    GRODYSH director Ralph Ovide center
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Triumph Member

    when the chips are down ..Call on Scientologist Internet marketing scammers for help

    starving tent dwellers are just so low toned.....

    $500 for teh Mayor... damn ,,,bribes are... expensive in Haiti
    $200 payment to calm people...*LOL* 130 copies of TWTH

    Toms causes...

    times are Tough Toms back @work for the CoS
    Internet Marketing Scams aren't as lucrative these days....
  33. Triumph Member

    We liberated your shit in Honor of Pancho Villa and L Ron Hubbtard

    Getting the Hubbard Hose of Restaveks up to snuff... they mooched just about everything...from Generators, to tools and ladders, lumber to build picnic tables...
    Scientologist turned suck up-asskissing-moochers to an art-form in Haiti
    I found out why Michela and her sister Elena Left Haiti... they both had Cholera ...according to Barbara

    OT can't audit away Cholera ..who knew!
  34. Triumph Member

    Denise Duff..when shes not pretending to play for Sarah Ehrlich's Help For Orphans team
    alot of the older kids are gone from FOHO pix.. it isn't because they graduated... they are Restaveks shipped out and sold off to generate revenue for Pappi Reggie ...

    you'll notice alot pre-teen and younger kids in the pix...

    the older kids...usually get bounced into servitude about the time they hit 12....
    top left.... Is JT photoshoot poster boy ...
    Pederson Wilson..he is a Restavek -indentured as a waiter...

    its how GRODYSH makes some of its money.
    Nov 2010 Pederson with With Scientology Vulture Minister Nicole Greenwood.....@work and no play

    Feb 2010
    alot of NGO's are bucking the Restavek tradition in Haiti...Scientology Is NOT one of them

    Haiti "restavek" tradition called child slavery
  35. Triumph Member

    10 days later they were asking for $10K to repair their walls.. and buy up the lot next door to remove the undesirables...
    17 picture slide show..
    one of those "undesirable" tent dwellers .. GRODYSH says:GTFO..heres a Way to Happiness Book
    very hungry and desperate people: heres $200 Calm the fuck down and GTFO!
    $500 bribe to da Mayor.... will do da trick

    Scientologists shows lubs to some homeless Haitians
  36. Triumph Member

    moving into FOHO 2010
    cheap Haitian contract labor...the Schneider sisters were financing this
  37. Triumph Member

  38. Triumph Member

    Jean Paul Sanfcon Is the ED of the Petitionville Volunteer Minister Mission
    loftus dox pg 26
    Celina Person is also a clamtard

    Jean Paul Safacon returns to Haiti yellowtard base after banana run
    bigboss man of the Vulture Ministers in Haiti ...Pimp for da Ideal Lebensbourn
    Jean Paul Is still there..hes the ED ...for the cult Haiti Restavek mission....
    Scientology Lying Liars that Lie.. in a game of enslave the children
  39. Triumph Member

    pg 27 Loftus dox
    Head Volunteer Minister Is in charge ...of the Loftus Team .. in-charge Kiddie slave ranch and sweatshop


    Claude Jean Handles the moniez ..Micro-credit... Lead Yellow Vulture implements it...

    all clams happy they are involved...hip hip hooray! L Ron da bomb
    ...exploiting slave labor.. in the name of clearing Haiti.....
    now cut the fucking caek..and let them eat fucking Kenaf!
    Good thing Sarah Ehrlich is in on da enslaving Restavek scam.....
  40. Triumph Member

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