FSM E-mail leak

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  1. anonyleaks Member

    FSM E-mail leak

    Your partner in moving your selectees up The Bridge at Flag

    “As a team, working towards expansion of Scientology,
    you can’t help but prosper.” -L. Ron Hubbard
    What is an FSC?

    A Flag Service Consultant is Flag’s representative with an office right in your geographic zone. LRH created FSCs to assist you in getting arrived to Flag the people you want to help move up The Bridge at the Mecca of Technical Perfection.

    Your FSC helps you enlighten your selectees, donate for the correct service and make all arrangements for their arrival.

    How do you work with the FSC?

    1. Contact your FSC and set up a meeting with your selectee, either at the FSC Office or over the phone.

    2. Introduce your selectee to the FSC who then answers any questions about The Bridge and Flag services.

    3. Select your prospect for the correct service for him. Once your selectee arrives at Flag to start, you receive your commission.

    Your FSC is there to service you and help your selectees arrive to Flag and move up The Bridge® grade chart.
    Your FSC is the stable terminal there in your field who will make sure you are successful as an FSM.

    Think of the FSC as your partner-you work together as a team to make sure those you want to go to Flag move smoothly through all the steps they need to take to actually arrive onto service at Flag.

    An FSC is a highly-trained staff member, a specialist in working with the public, expert in all aspects of enlightenment and registration. Even if you have never FSMed before, the FSC will help get you going and keep you getting products and winning.
  2. Re: FSM E-mail leak

    And here I was hoping to be touched by His Noodly Appendage.
  3. Anonyneko Member

    Re: FSM E-mail leak

    I thought it was Flags Sucking Cack. :D
  4. AnonMSW Member

    Re: FSM E-mail leak

    You've got to LOVE the balls it takes to write something about a "religion" that includes the word "COMMISSION!!!!!"

    WTF, c'mon now... I mean srsly... WTF!
  5. AnonyWolf Member

    Re: FSM E-mail leak

    Sounds more than a little like a pyramid scheme to to me.
  6. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: FSM E-mail leak

    F***ing S*** Cult
    F***ing Stupid Member
  7. Macroballs Member

    Re: FSM E-mail leak


    did someone call?
  8. SmellDriver Member

    Re: FSM E-mail leak





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