FSM Super Power and his Marvelous Lifestyle

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ivandenisovich, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. I've been inspired recently by the story of Fabian Padro. He was a talented kid who grew up in Puerto Rico, joined the USNavy, went to college in Tampa and got sucked into Flag by talented recruiters. Now he is a rising star in the WISE matrix of companies that inhabit Los Angeles, selling, selling, selling. Currently he has attracted a couple of family run companies to the Scientology orbit, wooing the principals at the Celebrity Center, and typically hooking up the siphon hoses to their business revenue streams.

    Is this your life so far Fabian? Is this what you were meant to do? This poem is just for you.

    Please have your OSA monitor forward it to you so you can confront and respond.

    I live with a headset
    Surrounding my brain

    At all hours I ring
    I never refrain.

    If you want to say no,
    It’s never a fact

    It’s just an illusion,
    I always tack back.

    Look at that closely
    At what I just said.

    You ‘wanted’ a “no”
    But that’s not what you said.

    You tongue-tied follower
    What have you learned?

    I’m the master at you
    And all that you’ve earned.


    At the end of the day
    In the circle of life

    We bunk in our quarters
    No sorrow. No wife.

    Leaving behind an actual self
    Repeating the lies

    Ignoring my health

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  2. Did you ever imagine
    You could ever be charged
    In a RICO indictment
    That's always enlarged

    By regs like you
    Who lie on the phone
    "Be cause over matter"
    As if no one is home?

    Where did you learn
    That people don't matter
    As long as you pile
    more cash on the platter?

    It's probably not you
    You're thinking about
    Committing plain fraud
    For another's account.

    Wake up this time
    And please take a look
    At just what you're getting
    from the public you took.

    Look what you lost!
    Keep your eyes focused right now:

    Your Honor.
    Your Family.
    Your place among friends.
    Your shipmate buddies.
    Man, it never ends.

    And what about oaths
    you swore in the service?
    To serve country and flag
    Instead of these perverts?

    Did it ever occur to you in your sleep
    That mental reform is the real creep?
    Give it some time and don't be a fool
    Plan your escape and fashion a tool.

    By carefully noting who did what when
    And help the police put 'em all in a pen.

    It's not for yourself,
    or for your kin
    It's for your country you mook!

    …and for all of your sin.

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