Fuck CNN.

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Tehran is burning and they have the complete lack of sense to run fucking Jonas Brothers plugs on Larry King and missing child stories??????

    I think it's internet hate machine time for these fucks.
  2. IranPetition Member

    save it till after this is all over.
  3. CNN is now part of the problem and deserves to be treated as such for sheer laziness and incompetence.
  4. This is why user driven media outlets are taking away CNN viewers. They just don't get it.
  5. The missing children I don't mind--it's when they feel inconsequential crap like the Jonas Brothers is more important than international crises that makes me fed up with American news.

    CNN's been getting its fair share of e-hate on Twitter over this--a few days ago #cnnfail was the big topic. That's how I first learned that anything was even happening--via the #cnnfail tag.

    I think IranPetition has a good point, though: now, it's best to stay focused on the real bad guys. Not the merely lame guys.
  6. why bother...

    CNN will go down because of their own incompetence. No need to spend time on them. They will just get sympathy votes/funding/viewers.

    Focus on the real battle, always; not just today.
  7. Traditional media: obsolete, disconnected, and with enough money in the bank to hang on a while longer... but not forever. They're dying.
  8. hendakmoon Member

    Agreed, it's ridiculous how "censored" and biased American media really is anyway. Don't waste time on it, many Americans see through it to begin with. What we need is more real information and those worth having on your team will rise up.
  9. AnythingICan Member

    agreed. it will take a while but they will not be able to compete in the long run.
  10. It pains me

    You should take a look at the MSN messenger headlines, they will make you sick. These are the sorts of major issues that the youth in the western world are fed.

    Fuck me, Ronaldo has escaped a fine for crashing his ferrari and Susan Boyle got cheered at in her last performance.

    Kids are being dumbed down by the media, they haven't got a clue about the reality of our world, they will grow up to be brainwashed consumers, I see it in my little sister and brother and it hurts.

    Feeding the fat cats their cream every morning, or should it be blood?

    The sad fact is that media has a firm controlled grip over our children, awareness of what's going on over in Iran is not going to make anybody any money and the kids would rather shoot Iraqis on their Xbox 360's.
  11. No news

    When the irani government stops all news there's not much to send. Right now Iran is like North Korea or Burma; "Sorry, we're closed right now, please be back later".
    At the same time, the Ayatollah is probably sitting in his tower right now thinking: "Are they carzy? It does not matter since I rule everything anyway...."

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