Fukushima disaster. In depth look at the evidence hidden by authorities and media.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by exOT8Michael, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Asexi Member

    hmm well I'm not going to buy into the whole thing but my friends japanese estranged wife recently just fled Tokyo to live with him after seeing a doctor, and had some alarmingly high readings in her bloods.
  2. Anonymous Member

    This is just so absurd, it's giving me a migraine.
    Japan is Earthquake country, and there are several active fault lines.
    I watched a show about it on PBS like a year before this awful event happened, and scientists were predicting that a major earthquake could happen there in the future.
    Like California, in some ways, in terms of seismic activity.

    to the conspiracy people, why make the world more fearful instead of trying to fully research and understand?
    why take your own uncertainty and fears and make others fearful?
  3. Anonymous Member

    FFS. Have it both ways: 1> there wasn't an earthquake; 2> HAARP caused the (non-existent) earthquake.

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  4. lulzgasm Member

    Mexico City's building codes fucking suck dude....
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  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Are the same people saying both? If not, perhaps one faction are squid ink squirters.
  6. Anonymous Member

    What would Hubbard, the Nuclear Scientist, have to say about this?
  7. Anonymous Member

    A lot of ex-scientologists are still firmly engaged in conspiracy theory, FYI. (of a really negative nature)

    To be open to all sorts of possiblilities in the range of human endeavour is one thing, but they take it to a whole other level.
    I see this all over You Tube with people who call themselves "spiritual", but who operate to induce fear into others like the Christian Fundamentalists used to scare people that the world was ending and they were going to hell. It's the same type of vibe, and it's unfortunate.
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  8. lulzgasm Member

    What the fuck is there to fear? It's only speculation.

    Self-projecting much?
  9. lulzgasm Member

    Hubbard can kiss my hairy white asscrack.
  10. Herro Member

    Michael is stupid. Very stupid.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    He got huge into ATS . com and Jeff Rense... I support much of what anon does, as well as each step LuLz has taken thus far. I'm just a bit confused on the Alex Jones and Ron Paul propaganda. I guess I am fairly new those particular sites, will have to dig a little more to understand why they would choose to back them.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Your hypocrisy is funny in a sad way.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Good questions.
  14. lulzgasm Member

    Don't know what ATS is. I don't pay too much attention to Rense.
    Alex Jones tends to come off as crazy, especially when he goes into his rants, but he's effective in getting people stirred into action. His biggest strength is how often he ends up right--and he manages to find some of the best insiders. His biggest weakness, of course, is he's never willing to admit when he's wrong.
    Ron Paul, well, he's practically the Thomas Jefferson of our day. And, unlike Obama the "constitution scholar," RP actually does follow the Constitution.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    ATS is Above Top , conspiracy website. Alex Jones is a flunky, reason why he shared a show with Rense... lol... and Ron Paul believes the constitution was religiously influenced... that's enough to lose my vote.
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  16. PresidentShaw Member

    Yes, yes he is
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Try to learn from what happened with your "intrigue" with Scientology. If you have the capacity for it be skeptical and use the scientific method when you analyse things like this.
  18. exOT8Michael Member

    Cool, so show me the scientific method in action please.... :)
    I could get intrigued by that.
  19. Herro Member

    You sure? It's really pretty damn boring.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Exactly! And Japan is at the other end of the spectrum with extremely high building codes designed specifically for minimising earthquake damage as they knew they are in a bad faultline zone! Most every major new design for combating earthquake damge to buildings has come out of Japan and copied everywhere else including the U.S.!

    No conspiracy, just REAL science & tectonics!
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  21. Anonymous Member

    If you use objectivity YOU WOULD be seeing a large part of the scientific method in action.
  22. Herro Member

    Shut up you shill of the powers that be. Michael has no training in any field related to earthquakes and he was in Mexico during an earthquake. You won't find any higher qualifications than those for commenting on earthquake damage.
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. lulzgasm Member

    Ummmm.....considering that some of the Founders were Christian, and many were Masons, how could it not have been religiously influenced to some extent?
  25. lulzgasm Member

    So... are you suggesting that anyone from the media can show up at any time, ask questions, and film inside?
    If that's not what you're suggesting then it's not open to the public. It only pretends to be open.
  26. Anonymous Member

    You could say the same about many National Parks. I guess those are a conspiracy too.

    Did you ever think that they might want to limit access by random people wandering around a precisely calibrated antenna farm, especially if they planned to do any transmitting because that amount of RF is no joke?
  27. Anonymous Member

    this thread needs more lulz
  28. Anonymous Member

    Are you sure?
  29. Anonymous Member

    I have experienced several earthquakes, and none of them did any damage.

    This is solid anecdotal proof that that any damage is actually being caused by something else!
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  30. Anonymous Member

    See this above exOT8Michael, the scientific method in action.
  31. lulzgasm Member

    National Parks aren't owned by the military nor come with documents involving possible military applications. Also, the analogy you present is ridiculous in several other ways as well.

    When the son of the very man who invented HAARP tells a completely different story than the official version we get from the gov., what the hell do you expect people to think?
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I expect them to critically examine what is presented and weigh the likelihood that this really is a weather-controlling, earthquake-causing, mind-controlling weapon of mass destruction.

    Yeah, I'm a dreamer.
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Jippo Member

  36. Love this thread, the conspiracy theory is awesome, small nukes disguised as cameras, funky radio waves causing tec plate movements, israel, Iran, how long before it all links up to the grassy knoll in 63 via the non moon landings, fucking awesome!
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  37. Anonymous Member

    The Moment magnitude scale (which is used to measure earthquakes) is a logarithmic scale.

    Each earthquake size in the scale is 32 times larger than the one below.

    So the 8.1 earthquake that you experienced was about 32 times smaller than the 9.0 earthquake in Japan.

    So it's unsurprising that the effects of the Japanese one were hugely greater in magnitude than you'd be expecting if you think a 9.0 earthquake is only 1/8 bigger than an 8.0 earthquake.

    Try doing some reading:ōhoku_Earthquake_and_tsunami

    And I agree with Herro, you're far too credulous. Learn from the whole 'taken in by Scientology' thing and stop believing in stuff that's obviously bollocks.
  38. Anonymous Member

    That the son is a moonbat idiot or he's getting paid for this gig?
  39. Anonymous Member

    Big Foot vs the Nazi Flying Saucers!

  40. Even better!
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