Fundamentalist Independent Scientology Survey on Study and Word Clearing

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, May 11, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Fundamentalist Independent Scientology on Study and Word Clearing

    Introductory Article: SURVEY: Study and word clearing
  2. Quentinanon Member

    Evidently these "indies" have not made themselves aware of where word clearing came from:
    Elements of Composition and Rhetoric by Virginia Waddy, published in 1889, Chapter 8, Style.
    Hubbard plagiarised it.
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Thx for the info, QA.
    Apparently the Independents don't let the facts cloud their judgment of the amazing LRH 'Tech'.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    You can get the book 'Elements of Composition and Rhetoric' from here:

    When you compare Virginia Waddy's work with Hubbard's you find that the earlier work is much superior in every regard. Virginia encourages readers to understand the context, with the intention of preparing readers for using said words in their own compositions. For example, she specifically cites studying etymology and cautions about word meanings changing over time. She also recommends reading the best books by the best authors in order to broaden skills and learn from them, but also cautions (rather ironically given Hubbard) against imitating "your author in a slavish manner". She also cautions against the use of newly-coined words and the use of technical jargon.

    The comparison between Hubbard and what Virginia recommends highlights some of the greatest weaknesses in Hubbard. Virginia, to cite yet another example, talks about 'propriety' and using words correctly, and that we should "use the words as others understand them". Virginia's work is geared towards equipping readers with the skills and ideas needed to communicate ideas in a manner that will be readily understood by others – and part of her approach is to emphasise context and properly grasping the meanings of words as they relate to each other. The following passage on ‘Clearness’ exemplifies her approach:
    If Hubbard did indeed plagiarise word clearing from Virginia Waddy then he managed to really fuck up what was a really good guide to sensible and effective writing.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Well that survey was fun!
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  7. Quentinanon Member

    He sure did. I read Waddy's book and Chapter 8 alone is far superior to Hubbard's plagiarised, squirreled version.
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. I lurk hear and I have a member of Ron Org by many years and I want make sure something is correct. You know Church of Scientology have being infiltrated and taken overt by USA government on 1980. This why they easy to get agreement with the IRS.

    I invite you read article by Captian Bill Robertson who was a high staff in Sea Org. Article tell you real story what happened insider the Church and the planet and why Bill Robertson created Freezone and Ron Org:

    I think anonymous not attack Freezone because not part of abuses. Also you misunderstood about Freezone. Bill Robertson said Freezone is Ron Org.

    In Freezone we are religion. Ron Org is expanding, on 18 May in Grenchen, Switzerland we open big 4 floors building and conference will be done hundreds peoples will attend from many zones on Europe. You invited and see difference Freezone not Church of Scientology.

  10. Anonymous Member

    Did you diss it? I did. Lol.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I read some of your link.

    Apparently everything is a spiritually dead-end cult except Ron's Org. Fancy that.

    And watch out getting into those permanent buildings for indie training. A lot of organizational hierarchy is generally need to maintain and fund something like that. The abuses tend to lie within that organization and what it takes to perpetuate it. To paraphrase a medieval spiritual teacher: "once you get a psalter, you'll want a breviary, once you get a breviary, you'll be wanting a bible. Then you can sit in your chair like a grand prelate and say, 'brother fetch me my bible'." If Ron's org starts blatantly behaving like scientology, don't expect us to keep ignoring you forever. Especially since you all like to think you are the only valid spiritual path (as if:rolleyes: ...).
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Fucking Freezoners are total moonbats!
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  13. They are more than moonbats, they are dangerous criminals using quackery and practicing medicine without a license. They should be shut down.
  14. Anonymous Member

    All stand to attention . . . aaaaand, SALUTE!!

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  15. Anonymous Member

    ^ I actually like that song. RIP Bill.
  16. Vladimir, go fuck yourself coming here and promoting Ron's Org and other shit like that. DIAF idiot.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Bill was an early pioneer of using the RPF for slave labour . . .

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  18. These Ron Org's people are are insane are any scilon. Freezoners and Independents included. I wonder who this Vladimir guy is. Any dox?
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  19. billybob Member

    No see difference!

    ps. Will you be having balloons?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    *snork* Nice try. Working on an amends project?
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  21. no. fuck L Ron Hubbard, fuck Miscavige, fuck body thetans, fuck auditing, fuck Karen de la Carriere, fuck Marty Rathbun, fuck Mike Rinder, fuck xenu, fuck narconon, fuck the "virgin mary", fuck jesus christ.

    Any questions?
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Is your mom free at 3? The football team was asking.
  23. wow, "yo momma" jokes ... very creative, srsly. Grow up, this is Anonymous, not 3rd Grade.
  24. OTeleventy Member

    Are THIRD graders these days making "yo momma" jokes? What is this world coming to?

    Now as for you, in your "fuck [everyone]" rant (so very, err, college edjumacated BTW, and far above the third grade standards here), you forgot to include yourself. So I will. Fuck YOU.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Take a chill pill, bro. This hobby of yours is getting to an unhealthy level.

    You need a break.
  26. Keep your TRs in, scilon.
  27. OTeleventy Member

    You, too baby.

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  28. CarterUSP Member

    Okay, I'll bite...

    Firstly, let me test just one of the claims of hubbard and captain bill - Scientology is supposed to make people more able and creative, correct? Now listen to the music of lronhubbard and captainbill - this oversimplistic, childish, dull crap is evidence that both of these OT men were musically talentless.

    Secondly, anonymous doesn't care a great deal about rons org because it's so small and insignificant.

    Third, you claim great growth and expansion, but the freezone has been going since 1982 - and in the last 31 years is still so small that very few people have heard of you. This is not 'growth'. This sounds like a small group that has failed to gain anything for three decades and is still a small, failing, non-OT organisation.

    Fourth, captain bill died of cancer. The poor, deluded man fell to a disease that hubbard claimed that scientology could cure. If captain bill, with his telepathic link to elron elray, couldn't be at cause over cancer then the freezone clearly doesn't deliver the spiritual ability and freedom that it promises.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Scientology does not make anyone more creative, unless you think being a robot is being creative. In fact I know some machines with more creative impulses that any scilon (and that includes RCS, Indies and FZ). They are all brainwashed and kool aid drinkers and have less intelligence that a mosquito. Or they have now after the tek was applied to them.

    They are all worthless ronbots and deserve no sympathy. They should have known better, especially after they left and joined another "faction" of the same cult.
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  30. QFT

    Indies included. I cannot stand when someone is running a pretense, especially a pretense of a pretense, Fuck the mind games. The indies are not in for helping anyone, or they would "audit" all of them for free. They are in for the money, from auditing or donation buttons from their site or whathaveyou. Money hungry bastages.
  31. Anonymous Member

    How is inducing hypnotic states to such an extent that people believe in Xenu not abuse? How is lying about the Hubtard not abuse? How is failing to provide sufficient information so as to allow for informed consent not abuse? How is maintaining a complete lack of accountability for any injury not abuse? How is carrying on the cult's dead agenting of OG critics not abuse?

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  32. MOD EDIT: We have a thread already for discussing that. Go play there.
  33. MOD EDIT: We have a thread already for discussing that. Go play there.
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  34. MOD EDIT: We have a thread already for discussing that. Go play there.
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  35. Thank you for removing posts against Hobson and Karen. It is appreciate it as it is on other forums that she censors with a brutal yoke. Agains, thanks.
  36. Michael Hobson attacked Jon Atack on Facebook and has not yet responded on why he said what he said.

    That is all.

    PS: Maybe he is waiting for orders from Mike Rinder, Marty Ratbhun or Karen de la Carriere
  37. The Internet Member

    He's entitled to his opinion, although I don't share it.
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  38. OTeleventy Member

    I agree with you completely.

    However I do find it illuminating that Hobson does a drive by, refusing to engage in a reasonable conversation, or debate, if you will, about his position on Atack.

    Either he cannot because he can't articulate it beyond his simple hatred for anyone who shines the light of the truth on his messiah, or he will not because he knows it's a debate he cannot win.
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