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    The Fundamentalist KSW Independent Scientology blog, iScientology blog, has an interesting post in which Steve "Thoughtful" Hall: (a) attempts to create some "wiggle room" concerning KSW and strict adherence to the written word of LRH as gospel; but also (b) takes some shots at "former members who criticize Scientology for its supposed "flaws."" Gee, I wonder who he could be talking about. fwwhistling.gif

    Oh, and as discussed beneath the cross-post, Steve also
    conviently absolves Scentology of responsibility for all objectionable conduct and behavior done in its name and/or pursuant to its scriptures.
    Note that Steve also absolves Scentology (if not LRH who, after all, may have said or written something in an "emotional outburst") of responsibility for all objectionable conduct and behavior done in its name and/or pursuant to its scriptures. How? Easy. "
    Scientology without A-R-C is not Scientology." Anything objectionable done in the name of Scientology cannot properly be attributed to, or is the result of or caused by, Scientology -- no matter how consistent it is with Scientology scriptures -- because, you guessed it, "Scientology without A-R-C is not Scientology."

    How convenient.

    And who could Steve possibly be talking about when he refers to "a person who—while acting as auditor and case supervisor to a group of people who had left the Church—suddenly began to publicly criticize the members of his very own group?"

    Who could Steve possibly be talking about when he refers to "steadfastly ignore the advice of experienced law enforcement personnel on how to immediately END any harassment since they were themselves using the harassment to establish their cover?"

    Who could Steve possibly be talking about when he refers to "someone attempting to justify their own war crimes by lessening the overt, i.e., wrongly criticizing Scientology tech and/or Scientologists (some of whom may have even helped or steadfastly supported that person) while also refusing to apply any tech remedy for the situation?"

    Who could Steve possibly be taking about when he refers to "a person who refuses to atone for his or her war crimes by coming clean and getting honest and straight, who instead starts to publicly attack his own pcs?"

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    Interesting from ESMB:
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    Interesting analysis from ESMB:
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    Ralph Hilton doesn't see dead people, but he has seen Nazis.... and manages to pile on:
    Bernie Winbush has picked up the new defense of the Tech:
    Chris "Q&A" Mann, the former DSA, may lose his moniker:
    Ingrid Smith still doesn't want to be "a nice little homo sapien":
    Silvia duplicates the latest defense:
    And Dani Lemberger, while conceding that there are those who "fail the test for of taking responsibility for past misconduct," really just wants everyone to get along and fight the "one common enemy":
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    Steve "Thoughtful" Hall, Lana and Ingrid Smith articulate their position. Anything wrong with Scientology was not in any way the fault or attributable to the Tech, but was instead caused by people (clearly including Marty, albeit unnamed) who "justified their actions by claiming suppression was “on Source.”"

    Steve in particular is clearly taking shots at Marty. The schism is widening.

    Also, be sure to watch for the "imminent VERY BIG projects about to surface which you will hear a lot about in the next few weeks."
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  7. Yawn. "VERY BIG projects" coming from the deluded crowd that still buys into the woo is like anticipating Charlie Brown to finally catch the football. It's meaningless.
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    Funadentalist KSW IS not KSW? LRH material can be cut, but nothing new can be added.

    Crap! The "Fundamentalist KSW IS" label may need to be modified, and drop the "KSW," to be simply "Fundamentalist IS." Only time will tell.

    Steve "Thoughtful" Hall now concedes that LRH added, well, additives -- "80-ton boat anchors" -- that are no longer applicable or workable, and should be cut away. So much for KSW as written. He also takes yet another shot at Marty -- again without naming him.

    So it appears current Fundamentalist IS doctrine is that some of even Hubbard's stuff can, and perhaps should and need, be cut away, but nothing new can, should or need be added.

    And Steve again asserts that Scientology can be properly defined, and the appropriate policies retained and the inappropriate policies culled, if everything is filtered through the primary filter of ARC.
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    Wow. Openly trashing Mah Te (the ancient Chinese philospher/Quantum Physicist). The bitterness runs deep, yes? Marty is off in Zenland, whilst Mikey is keeping the home fires burning in trashing DM, and the ISciBlog folks are doing their best to keep "The Tech" alive. They can't keep it together enough to be effective against the CoS proper, busy as they are forming the circular firing squad and doing DMs work for him.

    So... the Indys are neutralizing their own effectiveness and spinning their wheels fighting each other, leaving Anons to focus on the true target.
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    Actually, it is Taoland. He hasn't gotten to Zen yet.
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    The nature of Tao is such that it is so personal that it cannot described in words. Unfortunately, Marty has multitudes (and five years) of posted words which illustrate failure in achieving Tao.
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