Funny $ciShoops

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ElrondHubble, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. ElrondHubble Member

    Funny $ciShoops

    Post your favorite (or your own) Co$ shops here. I'll start things rolling with my own creation.


    My favorite.

  2. Anonyneko Member

  3. brvandal Member

  4. Anon123456 Member

  5. anon11 Member

  6. gas mask girl is hot I can see her becoming an ANON ICON :twisted:
  7. Flame Member

  8. AnonKiwi Member

    My homage to HKGMG. There was another one in Atlanta too I think.


    And I found this on Amazon.


    And here is Ron checking a tomato for engrams.

  9. ElrondHubble Member

    Technically, I did; I posted on the Beat Down Brigade with this picture.


    Another pic of mine; this is actually from the Scientology OT conference video on Pirate Bay. As soon as I noticed Miscavige winking, I realized how creepy it was and decided to GIF it.

  10. Keep on posting!
  11. noman2313 Member

  12. TheFirm Member

  13. brvandal Member

    HAHAHHAHA he found the hidden treasure!

    i want to find it one day
  14. AnonKiwi Member

    I'm pissed the Scilons are stealing my favourite style - steampunk. Damn them, can't they leave steampunk alone in their vids/sets?!
  15. Anonymous128 Member

  16. Body Thetan Member


    Al Run Hobord
  17. bananonymous Member

    I really really hope that the scientologists manages to figure out who Gas Mask Girl is and starts harassing her so I can swoop in and white knight her. On Valentines day. 8)
  18. It figures that she would become some sort of icon out of all of this.

    I wonder if she's on the forums. Or, even better...

    I wonder if he's on the forums.
  19. Uncle Anon Member

  20. Daywatch Member

    made me lulz
  21. saerat Member

    I would love it if a Co$ church came to their senses and wrote something like that on the sign =F
  22. LRonFanAnon Member

    A trap-lover, eh? Keep on keepin' on, /b/rotha.
  23. brvandal Member

  24. Daywatch Member

  25. alsocake Member

    Plox someone post the "affirmations" macro that says "oh shit the internet's here"? In the pic, among the fawkes masks, is a longcat is looooong banner. I'm going crazy trying to find it.

    EDIT: Nevermind, found it :)

  26. Little Sister Member

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  30. Uncle Anon Member

  31. Body Thetan Member

  32. AnonKiwi Member


    85yr old Ida somethingorother has been protesting Scientology for 30 years. Her son is in and disconnected.
  33. Flame Member

    im spreading that one all over my cyberhaunts and anywhere else i can 8)
    so should everyone else!
  34. AnonKiwi Member

    Aww, thanks for the compliment! Hopefully she doesn't mind being tagged "anonymous"
  35. this thread is a hoot!
  36. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Funny $ciShoops


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