Funny $ciShoops

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ElrondHubble, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. anon^3 Member

    Re: Funny $ciShoops

  2. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Funny $ciShoops

    ^^ Brilliant.
  3. ElrondHubble Member

    Re: Funny $ciShoops

    I noticed that someone posted a picture of L. Ron Hubbard chargin' his lazah. Anyone who's done enough research on Scientology will tell you that that is NOT possible with a Scientologist. In fact, it is the very opposite of a lazah...the THETAN CANNON.


    Notice how it's a different form and color than the typical lazah; that's due to the removal of BTs until the subject is no longer able to fire a regular beam. Rather, it takes a red color due to the amount of blood used in its production, and it warps the space around itself, thereby empowering Scientologists to actually understand the crap L. Ron wrote. Its main usage involves exteriorizing the thetans of SPs, in much of the same manner as R2-45[/url:6lbsfjzg].



  4. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    Re: Funny $ciShoops

    I lol'd. Guess I'm oldfag too.
  5. DarkL Member

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  8. Synonymous Member

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    Wow the build up was really worth it in the end on that one, I LOL'd hard.
  9. ElrondHubble Member

    Re: Funny $ciShoops

    Well, that too. Oh, and bad code is bad.
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  11. Slab Bulkhead Member

    Re: Funny $ciShoops

  12. Anonylemmi Member

    Re: Funny $ciShoops

    Shoop fodder for those more talented than I. But it is pretty fukkin funny as is.

  13. Hatonymous Member

    Re: Funny $ciShoops

    What the heck is that blue stuff in the background? Radioactive fallout?
  14. Re: Funny $ciShoops

    Thanks for the LULZ on the Iran thing :mrgreen:

    Here you go

  15. ZOOMzoom Member

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  17. Kaz Member

    Re: Funny $ciShoops

    He looks worrying like Andrew Lloyd-Webber
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    Re: Funny $ciShoops


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