Futurizing Anonymous

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by oooo000, Mar 2, 2021.

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  1. oooo000 Member

    In the thread on The Mont Pelerin Society whose members instigated and still maintain neoliberalism — the economic system behind an enormous amount of suffering worldwide (, I write that only by addressing the source of the problems of society will Anonymous be able to cause lasting change. And that not only by tearing everything down, but by actively replacing it with something much better, like setting our world on a path to a post-scarcity economy (

    In the words of Nick Srnicek in his book "Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work," "Resistance always means resistance against another active force. In other words, it is a defensive and reactive gesture, rather than an active movement. We do not resist a new world into being."

    The future of Anonymous is proactive hacktivism and political social engineering (
  2. oooo000 Member

    Futurizing Anonymous also means Veganizing Anonymous. Cadaverism the huge elephant in the room responsible for a gigantic amount of personal and societal suffering and the destruction of our collective future on earth.
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    What’s cadaverism
  4. Aardwolf Member

    I'm not sure, but in this context it sounds like it refers to eating meat.
  5. oooo000 Member

  6. oooo000 Member

  7. Aardwolf Member

    I mean, XR is decentralized too and there could be Anons in XR as anyone can be Anonymous.
  8. oooo000 Member

  9. oooo000 Member

  10. oooo000 Member

    Interestingly, the Wikipedia article at mentions XR:

    "['How to Blow Up a Pipeline' author Andreas Malm] criticizes what he defines as "moral pacifism" for failing to account for defensive violence and argues that "strategic pacifism" as advocated by Bill McKibben and Extinction Rebellion is ahistorical, discussing the radical flank effect in the context of the civil rights movement and questioning whether there are "convincing reasons" to believe that "the struggle against fossil fuels ... will succeed only on condition of utter peacefulness."

    Nontheless, this is not about blowing anything up. Hackers can simply shut these things down permanently. Viable and sustainable alternatives to the destructive practices of industry will then emerge in a hurry.
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    at DEFCON I think 5 years ago there was a talk on hacking pipelines and what to look for before there was damage, and what the vulnerabilities were. Basically you need a human interface to stop it. This hack was a threat, they could have opened the pipeline and flooded everything.
  12. oooo000 Member

    Very interesting. The challenge is to shut the infrastructure down permanently rather than engaging in an eternal cat and mouse where one exploits and the other one plugs vulnerabilities. Hacktivists will need to blow it up, so to speak, without causing any physical harm to nature the way a major oil spill would.
  13. How, I didn't know this guy, but it seems like a good example on how to change the world to change! I would lobve to see more of this to force our corrupted politicians to take care of this!
  14. oooo000 Member

    Absolutely. If you want something done — do it yourself. Instead of asking for change, we must actively force change to happen. Anonymous is in a great position to do just that.
  15. What do you mean, anonymous hacking group, or a simple individuals making choices?
  16. oooo000 Member

    It needs to be a well coordinated and worldwide effort spanning several years to be effective. In essence, the group will encrypt data essential to infrastructure operation and then destroy the key to ensure the data will never be recovered. Another group can simultaneously help protect sustainable infrastructure such as wind, wave, solar — and soon fusion — from cyberattacks.
  17. Spare me Member

    Man you really ought to get out more can't you see nobody has a fuck to give.
  18. back in the streets ?
  19. oooo000 Member

  20. Aardwolf Member

    Also nuclear fusion isn't clean. It may not have the emissions of coal or gas, but it still poses a risk to the planet and every living thing on it.
  21. oooo000 Member

    It sounds like you may be confounding fusion with fission. While fission (splitting atoms as in a nuclear bomb) indeed is very risky and we need to put an end to its use immediately, fusion (the process that's occurring inside the core of the sun), according to my understanding of it, is not:
  22. oooo000 Member

    Street protests may work in the short term, but usually have little or no lasting effect. Protest are reactive and as such mostly unsuccessful at causing major societal change. I keep referring to Nick Srnicek's "Inventing the Future." Rather than sporadic and emotional protests, what is needed here is proactive and sustained action.
  23. Aardwolf Member

    It's still using nuclear and that's dangerous. Look at what happened with Fukishima and they want to dump that radioactive waste into the Pacific.
  24. oooo000 Member

    Fukushima, and Chernobyl, were fission. Fission is a major risk indeed. A fusion reaction, on the other hand (fusion is exactly the opposite of a fission reaction), can not melt down and does not create long-lived radioactive waste. See
  25. Aardwolf Member

    Still produces radioactive waste and the resource used isn't renewable.
  26. oooo000 Member

    Harmless and very little (; the source of fuel is virtually infinite ("If we consider the potential of seawater, then there is enough lithium, at least theoretically, for the operation of 2 760 power plants for 23 million years." Max Planck Society Nothing is 100% perfect, but this is really close.
  27. Aardwolf Member

    Very little isn't none and we're supposed to be maintaining a balance. More give, less take.
  28. oooo000 Member

  29. oooo000 Member

    How to hack a pipeline: Colonial attack puts energy cybersecurity in spotlight.

    "John Cusimano, vice-president at aeCyberSolutions, a South Carolina-based company that specializes in industrial cybersecurity, noted that pipeline companies typically use a system known as a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) network, in which a central computer system branches out to all other mechanical devices on the network.

    For pipelines, the central computer operates everything from terminals and computers to pumping stations, tank farms and remote valves that isolate sections along the pipeline, providing complete control of flow and pressure across the network.

    Cusimano said that a common gap in the industry is the lack of segmentation of control between the central computer and the other device in the SCADA network. "These are very large networks covering extensive distances, but they are typically 'flat' from a network segmentation standpoint," Cusimano said in an email.

    "This means that once someone gains access to the SCADA network they have access to every device on the network.""
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  30. oooo000 Member

    Another industry behind a tremendous amount of destruction and pain is next.

    JBS Cyberattack
  31. oooo000 Member

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  32. oooo000 Member

    A newly minted protologism — one to replace reactive Anonymous hacktivism with proactive Anonymous direct action now that urgency is imperative to the survival of our collective future: direct hacktion.
  33. Hmmmm .. Interesting
  34. Coofingsock Member

    So ummm what your saying is destroy energy and farming meat to save the planet? Is that right?

    Ok. Cool. So people will freeze to death in the winter and eat bug burgers? And like it?
    Sweet summer child.
    > you must be 18 to post on this site.
  35. oooo000 Member

    Futurizing also is detroglodizing.
  36. Gnome Chomsky Member

    Is detroglodizing when you put your thingums in the compost bin then let 'em sit there for a bit and stew?
  37. oooo000 Member

    Sort of. Successful detroglodizing is, in the spirit of lulz, ludicizing a troglodyte.
  38. Gnome Chomsky Member

    Ah yes I met old Ludic once upon a time he's a third cousin of Lumbago and he has that large place in the Balkans.
    Or maybe he was kicked in the Balkans, it's such a long time ago during the Clash of Civilizations.
    But we don't mention the war you know it's bad form.
    And with all the signing stuff with your right hand and keeping the left in your pocket holding on to your testicles there's just not much time left to spend contextualizing Western civilization or anything else for that matter.
    Said's and Bhabha post colonial discourse alongside Hall's Dichotomic are all that's worth engaging your brain cells with on any given day.
    Best if accompanied with a cool beer and a smoke.

    All in the spirit of lulz obviously.
  39. oooo000 Member

    In the spirit of lulz and in the midst of the contemplation coming to realize that the correct designation of our species isn't what Homo Troglodyte wishfully thought.
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