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    How do we actually change society?

    "Traditionally, the power of the left came from its position within the economy. The fact that workers could shut down a factory that would shut down a national industry that would shut down the national economy.

    This was a tremendous amount of power.

    If we look at lots of the gains of the left during the course of the last century, it's always been from workers who were in key positions in the economy.

    Coal miners, energy workers, automobile workers in the US — these were people who could shut down the entire economy and therefore demand what they wanted from capital.

    We don't have massive factories that we can shut down in order to shut down capital. But we do have other leverage points. I think what the left needs to do is seeking out these leverage points.

    I think that ultimately when we talk about power, we're talking about how do we force somebody else — the ruling classes, the rich, the elite — how do we force them to accept our interests against their interests. This involves an exertion of power.

    I think we can shut down logistics in various ways that do affect national economies.

    The weakness of logistical networks around capitalism are ripe for taking advantage of in some ways. Increasingly, our economy is dependent upon the internet constantly running. Or computer equipment constantly running. People working in IT have a leverage point in the economy.

    I think a lot of people in the tech sector are actually more open to left ideas than they are given credit for. So I think we should be making the case for the left amongst the tech sector and try to convince them to use their position of power in the economy to exert power."

    — Nick Srnicek (
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