FWIW, /b/ is behind this cause. Hook the kid up.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnomAnom, May 25, 2011.

  1. AnomAnom Member

    I wish I had the exact original post from 4chan, but it was kinda like this:

    Here is a kid whose only exposure to the world is YouTube. He can't see (except when something is right next to his eye), smell, or hear. He has had "over 9000" surgeries, and damned near any birth defect imaginable, yet he still ends his profile by saying "things could be worse." All he wants is some people to subscribe to his videos, and if we ever did anything, surely we can do that.

    At the time I saw this post, I "bit." I went and looked. He had 20 subscribers (maybe 30?). This was about 2-3 hours ago. He how has 1,600 subscribers.

    I'd love to see anonymous try to spread the word... let's make this big. We've done it before! Seriously, read his profile and watch a couple of videos, and see if you don't agree that a little spreading of the love on Facebook or wherever is in order. is a video he posted that I think started all this... If you look, he posted 252 vids in, like, 3 weeks. It is all the guy has :(


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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. thefatman Member

    Up to 1900.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Still NYPA.
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  5. veravendetter Member

    Saw this kid last night and already subbed him. It took 2 seconds and made me 'feel good'* when i saw his Thank You vid.
    Although I had to go through the rigorous Personal Army basic training, the uniform was comfortable and the weapons were easy to assemble and rarely jammed. My fitness was a slight issue, but I managed to click the 'Subscribe' button in a time the Sgt. thought acceptable. It was a brutal regime, but ultimately character building.

    *'feel good' - A state of flux located in the chest, comparable to the effect of 'the Lulz'.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    inspiring and humbling
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  7. Anonymous Member

    2.538 bump
  8. Anonymous Member

    You can't make this shit up... can you?
  9. Anonymous Member

    bump @ 3,753
  10. Anonymous Member

    4.028 FTW!
  11. Anonymous Member

    what sorta videos does the kid make?
  12. Anonymous Member

    OH, i see people being kind to him. that's kewl.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I saw this and was suspicious. A blog said about Peter Foster.. "He's had 60 surgeries, is blind, can not smell or taste, cannot breathe without a humidifier, and was born with cleft palate, has to saline wash his sinuses multiple times in order to breath the air that needs to be humidified, and he was diagnosed with autism. GET HIM VIEWS! ♥

    All he wants is some people to view and follow him on youtube! lets make him an extremely excited child, and lets fulfill his wish! His Name is Peter Foster, He is 19 years old!
    The most exciting things are to wake up and see more subscribers. Show some love, view his videos and subscribe! Lets make him the happiest kid in the world!"

    The majority of his videos reflect a desperation that enough people are not watching his videos... and it's become purely a numbers game.."I need more views"..."How come I'm not getting enough views".... "I'm upset because I'm not getting enough views"....and not an attempt to use YouTube to help viewers understand or sympathize with the teen. Something is very fishy here. I also noticed on his channel that he's getting donations.

    How come there's not a single news article to be found on this poor kid to be found anywhere?? Yup.. something's not right..
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  14. AnomAnom Member

    OP here. Look, this is as "legit" as legit can be... Very straightforward thing. When I heard about it the early AM that I posted it here, he had a whopping 500 total views or something. Look at it now, just between Wednesday and now. Watch the videos he has posted. He is over 18,000 subscribers now. ONE of his videos has over 120,000 views. Look at his THANK YOU/WOOOOOOOOWWWWWW/IS THIS A DREAM videos.

    Look, the only thing going on here is some good people, like you and I, saw this kid's plea, and figured, what the hell, let's do a good deed and launch this guy into outerspace. His spirits are in orbit! (compare before and after videos).

    I have not seen one of his older videos where apparently he needs/would like some sort of medical device that is either unaffordable or uncovered by insurance (I have no idea which). Someone has supposedly created a collection for this. I know nothing about it. I don't know if it is on his channel, on Facebook, or what. I'm not suggesting to give money or anything at all -- the kid wanted SUBSCRIBERS and VIEWS. Let's give them to him! He's a sweet kid that goes through more shit in a week than we do in a lifetime (check out the video from when he went out of town last week, and was concerned about getting sick by going out because of his suppressed immune system and not being able to post new vids for his new subscribers.)

    Spread the word, and BUMP FOR GREAT JUSTICE.


    A decent human, spending a tiny bit of my time to brighten the life of another
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. LocalSP Member

    Goddammit now my screen went blurry.
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Breadfish Member

    I just subscribed to him, I wish the little bastard luck.
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  20. Robocat Member

    Very sweet op.
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  21. veravendetter Member

    Are you afraid you'll donate all your monies by mistake?

    I don't watch his videos either, they're all boring, but it's like OP said, it's a token gesture to brighten someone's day. Who gives a fuck if he's asking for more views you sourfaced twat.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    OP needs to go DIAF
  23. veravendetter Member

    Put some verve into it hater. Lacklustre venom is lacklustre.
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  24. Zak McKracken Member


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  25. theLastAnon Member

    Interesting to see /b/ get behind this.
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  26. AnomAnom Member

    As an off and on veteran of /b/, and an old fart at that (well over 40), it is great to see that there are still people using the collective force in a good way. It was GREAT to see Peter's "thank you" post(s). I wonder if there are enough people out there who can be brought together to push his story to the point where it would be newsworthy... the problem is, it'd take a week, not just a few hours. As far as anyone knows, is there any sort of site for "activist soldiers of fortune"? I mean, tens of thousands of people who want nothing more than to be a part of signing a petition, emailing a person of influence, writing a letter to their editor, and that sort of thing... Wouldn't you think there would be a site like that, for people to jump onto something they wanted to help, for as little or as much time as they cared? As crazy as it sounds, /b/ seems to be as close as it gets. Isn't that (and please correct me if I am wrong) what truly launched THIS site (through Proj Chanology)?
  27. Zak McKracken Member

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  28. veravendetter Member

    Scatloaf or Marblecake?
    That's how I was late to the party; wrong channel. Always wondered why everyone was always talking about poo.
  29. Mark Cabian Member

    I am impressed that this was supported so well at /b/ ... and it hits me too, as a parent. I'd want my kid to get a break, especially with such a simple dream in life.
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  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. veravendetter Member

  32. veravendetter Member

    He's got almost 20k subs now. Is this not mission accomplished?

    What do you want to happen; run for president?

    Also OP, if I'm a heavy poster in your thread, it's a bad omen. I usually frequent the unpopular, irrelevant and ultimate fail threads here. I try not to make a mess in the serious Sci-business.

    You've already shot the albatross by interacting with me.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Same thing.
  34. PresidentShaw Member

  35. veravendetter Member

    Ventilator boy mistakes a comment in his defence as an attack directed at him.
  36. Skinnies Member

    So it begins.
  37. Anonymous Member

    This is the creepiest thread I've seen in a long time.
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  38. veravendetter Member

    His obsession with medical equipment keeps me interested.
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  39. veravendetter Member

    . . . consequences will never be the same . . .
  40. veravendetter Member


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