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  1. As maybe some of you know the G7 summit will be held in Schloss Elmau, Germany.
    This is the first time i came across this website, but not the first time i was involved in Anonymous actions (mainly Scientology). I am not a hacker, i dont have the skills to do that. In fact i hate math :D Either way, i will be one of the 10 000 demonstrators in the following event. We already face oppressions. The protest camps, where we should sleep, eat and take rest arent no more. The state threatened the landholders with consequences, so that they are afraid to give us a camp. In another case they gave us the stupid argument that the field has a flood risk, so they could shut us down. We dont know where to sleep, dont know where to stay. It is quite possible that we have to sleep in the nearby forests and mountains, so that the police wont find us, because when they do, well the chance to get locked up in prison is high. Im sure that we will get beaten up badly by the cops, in the worst case of scenario maybe some of us will die like in the G8 summit in Genua, but i and the thousands of protesters will take the risk because it is the right thing do demonstrate and to voice your critsicm. Without protest, there will be no change. History approves.

    But first of all, why do we demonstrate?
    The members of the G7 summit consists of Germany, Canada, USA, Italy, France, Japan and the UK. Mainly all powerfull and wealthy nations. Before the G7 Russia was in this group, but because of the actions which led to the Ukraine crisis, Russia was outcasted.
    The whole summit, which will be held for TWO days will cost 360 MILLION EUROS (405 million dollars)! Imagine this number. Only with 130 million euros you could save all the refugees dying in the mediterranean sea. First fact.
    The second fact is, that all G summits in the past with their promises where empty words. They almost did nothing to stop or reduce the climate change. Or is the world security in the present guaranteed? No, it isnt. These 7 nations are going to talk about world policies without the rest of the world, are going to talk about the ukraine crisis without ukraine and/or russia, are going to talk about climate change without china? Does this make any sense? No, it doesnt. The only thing they really care about is power and economy. They dont care about the people, they care about money and wealth. Be sure of it that they will go over dead bodies for their egoistic goals. Oh, and they are going to talk about the mass surveillance on the internet. Probably even going to intensify it. They dont trust us, they want to controll us. Remember George Orwells book 1984, the surveillance is allready present, yet the people seem to be asleep or dont care about the violation of constitution. If these countries are going to do what they do, the future will not be so bright and shiny, especially when you think of the depletion of oil reserves in the next 100 to 200 years. Or when the countries in asia and the third world, where we let our products produce (clothes, shoes, mobile phones, electronic devices etc.) under exploitation (modern slavery), are going to stand up and fight against these inhuman conditions in the future (which they will, because history repeats itself). Do we than have an answer with our current system? No, we dont. Maybe roboters, some might say. Than tell me, do you really think that the millions of people are going to get a job, when you only need a few to control these robots? No. The world is a time bomb, which will go off, if we dont stop this madness.

    Long story in short. The internet is a wonderfull thing. A powerfull tool, thus why the countries try to surveillance it and take the controll. The internet is an anarchist system and it should stay like it. But in the end they will fail, because we are many. Demonstration is not the only aspect of critisicm and/or of action. Inform yourself, talk about these problems with others and try to convince them. Try to spark a flame with little discussions with your friends and family, even if they will disprove. Take action in groups, go to demonstrations and so on.
    Real talk tho, maybe i am a bit naive, but if i dont try it, who does? I dont have the connections to hacker groups. Nontheless, perhaps some of you folks have or perchance you are one. If you could inform them or if i have convinced you, maybe, just maybe there will be a chance that you could hack the site of the federal government or various other sites of the G7 governments. I know that this is not a little thing i ask for, that this is risky and not easy. However if there is a slightest chance pls let me know. I would love you above everything.

    At all mischief that happens , are not just the debt that do it , but also those who do not prevent it.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    WWP is committed only to legal, peaceful/non-violent Activism and Protesting.

    There is no hacking at WWP. There are no hackers at WWP.

    Best you try somewhere else. WWP can't help you with hacking projects.
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    There is not the slightest chance.

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