Gary Richardson files five more lawsuits against Narconon Arrowhead

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Missfit Member

    um. wouldn't go that far with it. Each person suing can do whatever the fuck they please. Given that many of these lawsuits are based on paying for a service based on lies and deception, getting their money back would be the probable outcome that they are hoping for. Granted, the evidence is mounting against the CON so it would be favorable that the people suing would win at trial, but it isn't guaranteed.

    This is just me but I hope the wrongful death lawsuits play out fully in court so that the deaths of these people were not in vain, although that is not my call (and possibly insensitive, my apologies, no ill intentions) and I will 100% back whatever decision the families make. Obviously.
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Suits claim Narconon Arrowhead drugs-for-sex trade

    The Associated Press

    Narconon Arrowhead counselors allegedly traded drugs for sex and fraudulently charged a patient's credit card some $14,500, according to allegations in five lawsuits filed Thursday against the facility.

    The suits were filed in Pittsburg County District Court against Narconon of Oklahoma, Narconon International, Association of Better Living and Education International on behalf of family members of former clients of Narconon Arrowhead.

    Also among the allegations, the suits say Narconon influenced a grandmother to take out a $7,000 loan to "save her grandson's life" and charged some $14,500 to a credit card obtained without the cardholder's knowledge.

    Continued at
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Scientology’s Narconon Arrowhead is currently facing 10 lawsuits, and it sounds like this is only the tip of the iceberg. Out of the 10 current lawsuits 9 of them are being handled by Gary Richardson with Richardson, Richardson, Boudreaux, Keesling, PLLC out of Tulsa, OK. I don’t know about Gary Richardson’s availability for interview, but based on the lawsuits filed against Narconon Arrowhead, it’s obvious he has a lot of information.

    Gary Richardson’s contact information:
    Phone: 918-492-7674 or 1-877-777-4539
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  5. Anonymous Member

    The Republic Columbus, IN
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  6. jensting Member

    100% agree. Victims are Not My Private Army
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  7. moarxenu Member

    I think all that is needed is for one lawsuit to come to trial.

    Once a jury finds that Narconon is Scientology, Narconon is finished everywhere.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    If they did that, then not just stupid, but MEGA FORCE STUPID! Still, I'm wondering how they managed to smack a charge against the credit card numbers before the cards even arrived. Possibly the credit card company needs to comb their staff for lice?
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  9. jensting Member

    more like the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology went through all the financial providers until they found one that was hungry enough to skip delays. Loads and loads of players want to get into providing credit cards, I'm not surprised that when they interface with an actual criminal organisation the shortcomings of their checks are highlighted.

    The criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology regularly is reported as sailing very close to the wind regarding the interface between victims and finnacial institutions. Certainly, having staff that specialises in coaching victims in the art (and crime) of filling out bank loan applications fraudulently is an old trick.

    Andrea Catt of Poole mission ,

    Copenhagen bOrg accused by Robert Dam and Sally Kragh Andersen of coaching victims to get loans from sharks and from banks. wwp: Danish Radio:
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Missfit Member

    My memory may be a bit stoney here but didn't Ms. Mary Rieser already do that for violating, or rather, not violating, the patient privacy act? Or was that not direct proof enough of the link?
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  12. Anonymous Member

    1. 6.jpg.gif
      KOKH FOX25
      Suits Claim Narconon Arrowhead Drugs-for-Sex Trade

      Public Radio Tulsa-1 hour ago
      McALESTER, Okla. (AP) — Five lawsuits against Narconon Arrowhead in Pittsburg County accuse counselors at the organization of trading drugs for sex and ...
    2. 6.jpg.gif
      KOKH FOX25
      Lawsuit Claims Narconon Counselors in Drugs-for-Sex Trade

      KTUL (blog)-1 hour ago
      Five lawsuits against Narconon Arrowhead in Pittsburg County accuse counselors at the organization of trading drugs for sex and claim one patient's credit card ...
    3. 6.jpg.gif
      KOKH FOX25
      Suits allege sexual misconduct, fraud at Narconon

      Muskogee Daily Phoenix-9 hours ago
      McALESTER — Narconon Arrowhead counselors allegedly traded drugs for sex and fraudulently charged a patient's credit card $14,500, according to ...
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  13. eddieVroom Member

    It seems inevitable that Scientology would meet their "perfect storm" in the courtroom. Money can only buy you so much, and nobody gets more than 24 hours in a single day.
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  14. moarxenu Member

    She was found guilty of lying. That does not unfortunately have the force of a jury making a determination at a trial.
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Drugs-for-sex: Church of Scientology rehab center in hot water -

    By Emma Riley Sutton


    “Everything about the Church of Scientology gives me the creeps,” Sheri Miller, from Norman, said. “I had heard of them even before Tom Cruise got involved with them and I thought they were some sort of a cult back then. Now that I know more about them, I am convinced they are a cult.”

    Full article:
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  16. Missfit Member

    I meant, she openly shared info about the deceased with CSI which, correct me if I'm wrong, is either an admission of breaking the patient privacy act or that the church is directly involved with the CON.
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  17. BigBeard Member

    I'm thinking there should definately be some criminal charges coming down with the credit card scam. At the least there's identity theft, forgery if an application was signed in the Shobe's name, and theft by misrepresentation in getting money from the credit card company that was not in fact authorized by the Shobe's. I'm sure there's some other charges in there somewhere. Here's hoping the District Attorney is taking a very close look at this. BigBeard
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  18. The Wrong Guy Member

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  19. The Wrong Guy Member

  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Attorney Gary Richardson was also in the news today in a different issue.

    Patients of investigated dentist contact Tulsa law firm - FOX23 News

    Last two paragraphs:

    "According to numerous current news stories, about 7,000 patients who visited Dr. Harrington in the past six years may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis," Richardson said, "so we certainly understand the concern and anger the callers expressed to us. It's too early to know if the situation will be ripe for a class action. That will depend on the impact of the allegations as well as a number of other factors."

    Richardson, Richardson, Boudreaux, Keesling has recently been in the news as the legal counsel for nine plaintiffs in lawsuits against the Church of Scientology's Narconon of Oklahoma (NO), d/b/a Narconon Arrowhead, an Oklahoma corporation; Narconon International (NI), a foreign corporation based in California; Association for Better Living and Education International (ABLE), a foreign corporation based in California; and Gerald D. Wootan, DO, M.Ed, medical director of Narconon of Oklahoma.

    Full story at
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Cowboy Hat Sheriff Whitewashing Narconon Investigation - Wire Service Media

    By David Edgar Love

    Gary Richardson, Oklahoma Attorney representing several plaintiffs against Narconon Arrowhead et al., expressed his frustration this evening over stalled investigations by Sheriff Joe Kerns.

    In an email, Richardson states: "As a former State Prosecutor, Investigator for the State of Oklahoma Insurance Department and former US Attorney, I know an investigation when I see one and what they may have claimed to do in Pittsburg County, whatever that is, is far from what I call an investigation."

    Continued at
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  23. moarxenu Member

    What is this faggotry?

    Is Sheriff Kern the Detective Steve Bohling of Pittsburg County? Is he being bribed by the cult and being given direction on how to investigate by OSA?

    Will evidence by "misplaced" as in the Kyle Brennan investigation?
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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Today on Facebook, Tony Ortega wrote:

    Gary Richardson is hopping mad. Last month, Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns went on television to say that Scientology's drug rehab center in Oklahoma -- Narconon Arrowhead -- is just trying to save lives. Does that sound like a man who is investigating three deaths at the place in just a nine-month period? Richardson, who represents the families of the victims, says Kerns was "reckless" with his words.

    Sheriff's Words About Narconon Has Victims' Attorney Riled | The Underground Bunker
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  25. Random guy Member

    ^^Oh bloody Hell!^^
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  26. Anonymous Member

    It's time for the FBI to step in and investigate the sheriff.
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  27. Triumph Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Sheriffs are elected officials. Perhaps someoone needs to look into his campaign donors.
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  30. hahahha!!! HAHAHHA!!! HAHHAHAhahahaha!!!! ROFL!!! HAHAHAH!!!!!!
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  31. OTeleventy Member

    Wanted to post a pic of a mood stabilizer med, but I'm on an iPad/tablet thingy and I couldn't find one to copy pasta here. Now I need to go find my mood stabilizer meds because I am bummed.

    When I find them, I'll email you one, because you prolly could use one. You are MANIC, and they work both ways. Hallelujah.

    Have a nice d.
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  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    Youtube's automatic captions have him saying:
    "don't transformed into the disillusioned with the"
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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

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  36. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This message by NNisOpen! has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  37. Anonymous Member

    most thieves get caught eventually
    and Narconon is rife with thieves
    And now we know why this "investigation" (pay off) has taken so long.
    Hope Kerns enjoys his more than obvious pay off from the cult. It's only a matter of time before this whole thing gets split wide open like a ripe melon.
    Kerns will soon learn the bitter end (as others have in the past) that you should never make a deal with Scientology (NARCONON).
    Any credibility he once had (if he had any before) is now gone.
    If any more people get injured or pass away at this scam facility with it's quack treatment, then it will be on Kern's head now too.
    Enjoy living in your fail asshole.
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    "I Would Rather Have a Live Scientologist Than a Dead Kid" - Canada cult |

    By David Love

    More comments arrived today from Oklahoma Attorney Gary Richardson, the lawyer representing several plaintiffs against Narconon Arrowhead et al.

    Richardson is shocked over comments Oklahoma Sheriff Joe Kerns said in a Fox News23 interview – “especially doing an interview on Narconon Arrowhead while an investigation is still supposedly on going.”

    In an email received at 2:45 PM this afternoon, Richardson replied to the comment made by the Sheriff Joe Kerns: "I would rather have a live Scientologist than a dead kid."

    Response from Gary Richardson:

    Continued at
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  39. patriot75 Member

    My favorite quote![/quote]
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  40. RightOn Member

    yup! Kern's either got paid off or the COS dug up some sweet dirt on Kerns that ol' Joe didn't want leaked.
    If it is the latter, he has a moral obligation to tell everyone that they tried to black mail him and come clean.
    Wait... did I say moral obligation? LOL!! never mind.
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