Gasp! Rathbun is a big ole hypocrite.

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Read if you need a laugh. Normally I try not to repost any drivel from his blog, but he just called out LRH lovers for being in denial:

  2. conatus Member

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  3. incog712 Member


    Oh hell no, damn damn damn.

    "Here is your context. In July 1977 the FBI conducted the largest raid in U.S. history of the Guardians Office offices in LA and Washington DC. "

    Marty you fuckface, that was not even close to the largest FBI raid in U.S. history. Not even close. It was however a raid that did uncover the largest organized infiltration of U.S. government offices in history.

    Missed withhold much Marty?
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  4. jensting Member

    Come on! Baby steps...

    Seriously, this is better than railing against "the critical ones" and I hope they go a lot further.

    Best Regards

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  5. CarterUSP Member

    Mahty makes me laugh.
    Poor cult-doublethink hypocritical douchebag.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Marty makes Baby Jesus cry
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  7. Anonymous Member

    WTF people? We are slacking majorly here. I haven’t seen anything on Marty in a while. Just to break the ice: FUCK YOU MARTY!!
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  8. failboat Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    This just in: Marty blames Miscavige for Kirstie Alley's interview with John Sweeney.

    My take: Marty should blame Miscavige as well for Marty not making Sweeney understand Xenu
  10. Anonymous Member

    hey Marty, wake up, Miscavige didn't create the RPF, ELRON DID!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Still no dox, Marty?
    Fuck you, then.
  12. RightOn Member

    The creation of the RPF
    for anyone who wants to know, especially Marty

    "The RPF built directly upon the punitive, some might say, "brainwashing" role that the DPF had developed. Hubbard's motivations for establishing the program in January 1974 included personal retaliation. Having gone ashore in late 1973 to ride his motorcycle on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Hubbard took a spill and sustained injuries. Recovering on board his flagship, Hubbard blamed the accident on unnamed crew members whom he believed were not carrying out his orders with sufficient diligence. In response, he ordered the creation of the RPF,[7] with the intention of assigning to it anyone who had a "'counter-intention' to his orders or wishes…, along with all trouble-makers and back-sliders" (Miller, 1987: 321; see Kent interview with Pignotti, 1997: 6; Kent interview with Ernesto, 1997: 2).

    Researchers do not have copies of the first three Flag Orders (i.e., Sea Org policies) establishing the RPF, but do have the fourth one, which is a May 30, 1977 twice-revised version of a January 7, 1974 issue."

    The RPF's RPF created:
    On April 24, 1974, a Flag Conditions Order established the RPF's RPF. This program received people who were on the RPF but not progressing satisfactorily, or who thought that their assignment to the RPF was humorous. As Hubbard reported in his "management technology" dictionary:
    The first RPF's RPF assignment was made because the person considered their [sic] RPF assignment amusing, an award [sic] and was therefore unable to recognize a need for redemption or any means to effect it. Until such time as the person recognized this need and of their [sic] own self-determinism requested to be included in the RPF redemption actions, the [RPF's RPF] restrictions applied" (Hubbard, 1975: 451 [emphasis in original]).


    and Children's RPF
    In 1976 when the Commodore [i.e., Hubbard] re-established the Cadet Org, he also included the childrens [sic] RPF as apart [sic] of this…. In 1986-87 when myself and [another person] put back in the advices concerning the Cadet org, the re-instituting of the Childrens [sic] RPF was very instrumental as one of the successful actions done which 10X'd [knocked out?] the Cadet Org at that time…. The Childrens [sic] RPF was run per the FO's [sic: Flag Orders, which are similar to Sea Org policy letters] on the Childrens [sic] RPF (3434 series)… (Cohee, 1989).
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  13. Tourniquet Member

    "10X'd" refers to multiplying the statistics tenfold. A likely story...

    Scientology to should be banned categorically for the Children's RPF ALONE, which is nothing but child abuse.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Marty Rathbun and his typical “look what you have done to me Miscavige” tirade goes blind to the truth. Marty, you are a fucking liar piece of shit motherfucking asshole dick sucking dildo wearing strap-on getter conman.
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  15. Quentinanon Member

    Some history on the RPF and RPF's RPF:
    The RPF was started by Hubbard because two men were in the Sea Org who he did not like:
    Alan Walter and Bob Thomas. They were the first two RPF members.
    The RPF's RPF was started by Ken Urquhart, Hubbard's Communicator at the time, because some people assigned to the RPF hated the wretched conditions and did not to want cooperate with it.
    BTW, Ken Urquhart today is a Freezone auditor, and Alan Walter died as the owner and pitchman for his own version of scientology.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Wanna help bring about Justice, Marty? Wanna stop the abuses and the fraud? Get your mates to tell us *all* about Narconon . . . the dominoes have started falling in Canada and the cascade will cross the boarder soon. In or out, cause or effect, piss or get off the pot.
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  17. vaLLarrr Member

    Am I the only Anon that pities Rathbun?

    I see him & I see just a shaky wreck of a human, utterly destroyed by the cult.

    A poster boy for Hubbard "tech".

    Yeah, sign me up now, I wanna be just like him, or Rex Fowler, or any of the OT's.

    Yeah, what a great time they are having, being "at cause over life".

    Not enough Vistaril on the planet for them to accept they wasted their lives on L Ron's sci-fi bullshit cult trip.

    I pity him like I pity a heroin addict, i.e not that much, but enough to type about it on teh internets.
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  18. Tourniquet Member

    You might indeed be the only such one.

    If he comes clean, others, (including myself) may join you in your pity for him. He is indeed a broken man.

    HOWEVER: While he arrogantly plays "teh leader of teh REAL LRH sinetology", he'll get nothing but bottomless contempt from many of us.
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  19. pooks Member

    Fuck Marty and the space ship he rode in on.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Wash your filthy mouth, wench. Bow down before your God, and pray forgiveness in fear that "The Rath" shall be brought down upon you and the allegorical made literal upon your sinful head.

  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    He will beat you up!

  23. Scientology apostate Marty Rathbun and his followers get no respect while trying to save mankind's only hope for survival with L. Nutjob Hubbard's 'Standard Tech'. Their mistreatment is............barbaric, I tell u ....... barbaric.......
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  24. moarxenu Member

    Barbaric, I say, barbaric!!!!
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  25. Anonymous Member

    No barbaric enough …… Off with His Head!! Off with his HEAD!!
  26. Anonymous Member

    Marthey, poor thing, I feel bad for him, really, srsly, very very bad. In fact I am in tears about that.
  27. Random guy Member

    No, you're not.
  28. Anonymous Member

    figures ....
  29. Anonymous Member

    I fart at your general direction.
  30. Anonymous Member

    You're not the only one. I feel pity for them as well.
    But they want to keep on rolling that way, and I don't roll that way. Let them devour each other like hungry animals...

    They would end up eating themselves afterwards, like a lame Erysichthon, sunk in their dispair and loneliness when they realize it was all a lie.
  31. Random guy Member

    Oooo, classical reference and all. Yeah, as the cult dries up, so will his supply of adherents. His operation is a decent halfway house, but nothing that I think will last.

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