Geir Isene's E-Book: From Independent Scn to Just Me

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Gottabrain, May 29, 2013.

  1. Gottabrain Member

    Gotta love Geir Isene. He's come through.

    Free download of his ebook here:

    Geir says,

    A couple of excerpts from his e-book:

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  2. Incredulicide Member

    Fantastic! Also, great timing :)
    Is he looking to get it published on Amazon or otherwise? Just wondering if it'll get an ASIN or ISBN.
    Q-bert was a game I played way too much, love the use of it as the "Pyramid Scheme" :)

    Also, what's the official date of publication for it? "May 2013" is in it, good enough for me.
  3. inspired Member

    Thank you for this. Have only skimmed thus far as it is a longer read than I expected. While I need to reread it again more thoroughly, he is right, IMO, about the dangers associated with belief systems. To me, having a rigid set of beliefs that prevent an individual from learning something new and expanding their capabilities is akin to being a robot, which is hardly desirable (to me at least).

    While still on the subject of possessing rigid and inflexible belief systems, he writes, "It is far easier to slash away with harsh criticism than to help the other find a better way." I think this is an important point. The natural reaction of a person whose beliefs are attacked will usually be defensiveness. That is to say, a person will often fight to maintain those beliefs that hold their personal reality together. As such, I wonder how constructive it is to simply attack and to undermine. As my mother might say, to simply undermine a person's beliefs based on pure self-righteousness is much like taking away something but not offering anything in return. Just a thought.
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  4. moarxenu Member

    It has been a real pleasure to observe Geir's journey from the dark side into the light.

    He has acted with integrity at every step on the way out and I am looking forward to reading his book.

    I hope he gets this on Kindle and up on Amazon. I will tweet and FB like a boss to spread it around to the general public.
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  5. Book by Geir Isene: From Independent Scientologist to just me.

    "A report of a journey from a Scientology-conditioned mind to a free mind."

    The book is free, 291 pages long, and can be read and downloaded at:

    The introduction states: "Perhaps the only consistent record of a person's gradual change after leaving the Church of Scientology."
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  6. I don't have time to read his 'journey', so I'm hoping that someone here has read it and can answer this -

    Is Isene still saying moronic things like 'he'd do the tech all over again'? I lost all respect for that guy after he said that awhile back.
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  7. Well, can't claim to have read every word of it, CoC, but I have read large portions of it over a few sessions. It's not the most rewarding reading experience I've had.

    He makes the point several times that he is 'a work in progress' and that his views today may not be his views tomorrow. It seems consistent with other reports from ex-culties that the journey, or recovery process, from decades of indoctrination can take a long time, with some more or less well-defined stages, one of which could be stated as 'Tech good, CoS bad'. I doubt whether Geir will still be saying he'd do the tech all over again in ten years from now. If he does, that would be a signal, to me at least, that his recovery had stalled at some stage.

    Most of the time I was reading, I had the sense that I was in the presence of a 'homo novis', with all that that entails - a sort of unwarranted haughty arrogance coupled with a blindness to the known facts of scientology. That is not likely to endear itself to most people. (I made one comment on his blog forum, and his response was as I've characterised it.) Since we can never really know such things, it is uncertain how much of this is due to his own personality, and how much is due to the indoctrination and mind-control. It would be wrong to underestimate the power of indoctrination or its lingering legacy for a person's beliefs.

    But thankfully, there is more to a person than the cult personality. If Geir is still a deluded clam to any degree, he most likely will not be so with the passage of time.
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  8. RightOn Member

    baby steps....
    and then hopefully a full recovery one day.
    damn cult
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  9. While this may be true, I hope that other ex-culties learn from Rathbun's mistakes in publicly posting/publishing their progress out of the cult. This is not healthy when it creates a permanent record and Google footprint. Rathbun's books are a joke and his blog, while an interesting read, is full of arrogant, OT-powerz exist, and LRH is God rants. I really believe that Rathbun is finally experiencing some level of shame for publicly being so wrong in such an asshole manner.

    I realize that expressing your experiences to others is a big step in the healing process, but these ex-cultie authors seem to expect adulation for their journey. A big test that the authors are still in mental shackles is when they react poorly to criticism (a knee-jerk reaction of cult conditioning). This criticism may drive the ex-cultie further into their delusions and make them highly defensive. I believe this is what happened with Rathbun, who was very nasty even to the most polite questions about LRH policy, tech, or anything that challenged his world view.

    Everyone heals differently, I get it. But putting yourself in a position where you have to defend yourself to the public may backfire and hamper your healing. I'm not saying that the victims should not speak out, but that they need to really assess if they are willing to deal with public criticism if they still pontificate or promote Scientology's practices without a balanced assessment.
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  10. lrh-la-quinta-22_zps9a3c1b4f-jpg.220473.jpg Dr. Quackers (L. Ron Hubbard) poses with his research assistants.
    (Heavy psychotropic drug Vistaril injections were added to this devious hypocrites indulgences at the end of this incredibly sick, abusive, controlling, mastermindfuck conjob's miserable life.)
    LRH, what an abusive piece of shit.

    Clinging to any of Dr. Quackers LRH mindfuck is a big mistake for Geir Isene and all other exes. Decades of LRH processing takes a terrible toll on all of his deluded, duped subjects, many have overcome it to varying degrees, others not so much unfortunately.

    Some exes try to cherry-pick the con and sell services for their own benefit, this is disgraceful and should not be condoned by anyone, imho.

    I wish all exes the very best in overcoming Hubbard's mind-numbing influences, but have no respect for any who still try to promote this evil abusive charlatan and his insane, bogus research for any reason.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Abuse of Children in Scientology
    Google: Derek Greene (4 year old brutally abused by LRH on the Apollo)
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