General boycott, a first step

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Ann O'Nymous, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Ann O'Nymous Member

    General boycott, a first step

    This type of action has already been proposed*, but it generated little interests so far.

    Before talking of the general boycott, I suggest we concentrate on a present possibility: not putting post-games videos on YouTube. The impact would be greater if all videos would go to the same place.

    I am convinced that the impact would be more symbolic than anything else, but it is worth a try.

    Proposed procedure:

    1. Select a new platform. I suggest Vimeo, he one chosen by WBM.
    2. Create a central channel that would serve as a dispatch. There, the action would be explained, with a link to the articles written on the subject.
    3. Put post-games videos on personal accounts. Refer them on the central
    4. Put a short video on as many as possible Youtube accounts explaining the boycott. Proposed text: "Say no to Youtube double standard. [The central address on Vimeo]".


    * Threads:
  2. Anonabliss Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    I agree. I wouldn't have said this a couple of weeks ago, but it's gotten out of hand and you tube needs to know. Im boycotting and I'll spread the word.
  3. Relyt Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    It's kind of hard for me to do so, considering YouTube is the greatest video source on the internet and most people will be lurking around there.
  4. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    Good luck with this, I disagree with the premise and the reasons and I'm invoking for me alone NYPA rules on this.

    Sorry youtube is invaluable to me. More than happy to post on my sock puppet chanology accounts for people to check out vimeo or what ever.

    Good luck with this.
  5. D... Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    No, a lot of people stumble on youtube vids of glorious win just by trolling youtube. It keeps the average joe, who more than likely DOESN'T know or doesn't want to use any other media platform.

    PLS TO BE FLOODING YOUTUBE WITH ANTI SCIENTOLOGY- PRO ANONYMOUS VIDEOS. For every one pro video of theirs, we should have ten more of ours.
  6. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    I know, but:
    - the "redirect" video would help people make the little effort needed,
    - there should be a temporary reduction of views; my guess is that this action would attract some attention and people would finally follow us there, both viewers and producers,
    - if you consider it is too much a sacrifice, post your video on YouTube AND Vimeo, including the "redirect" video.
  7. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    When you see that vimeo means serious business with their ToS...there are somethings that are not portable.

    If you are not the creator of said video or if any content falls into DMCA area. They'll yank it. Vimeo is srs's why it doesn't get much use.

    Is your reasoning for bocotting youtube due to the CoS advertisements? If it's the WBM thing, sorry that reason sucks.
  8. googoomuck Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    I disagree with the "boycott youtube" sentiment. Youtube is simply too useful and too big to be ignored. Continue writing letters about WBM to relevant parties, but that bureaucratic mess with WBM and Colbert is secondary to the goal of bringing down the CoS.
  9. Relyt Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    WBM isn't the first case of double standard on YouTube, nor is the subject of Scientology. There have been much debates about it in the past.

    An example, when a video is "sexually suggestive" about the woman's body, the video stays; sometimes even becomes featured/promoted. If a video is "sexually suggestive" about a guy, the video is flagged as inappropriate, taken down for inappropriate content, and sometimes the user is even banned. And I'm not talking about nudity, I mean like jiggling one's ass on cam vs. thrusting an invisible person.
  10. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    The purpose of a boycott is generally to have some kind of impact on the targeted person/corporation/government, which us leaving Youtube won't. It will not affect Youtube's runnings or commercial gains in any significant way.

    It will, however, HURT the main way we spread information and research besides text on forums and web pages. So no win there.

    I vote no.

    P.S. Still hurting from my boycott of Coke. Damn you, I want my Diet Coke! Stop sponsoring the Genocide Olympics already! Oh wait, absolutely nothing in the world will make you do that. Damn.
  11. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    Yes, YouTube has a crappy double-standard and clearly lining their pockets makes them look the other way.

    Sucks. WBM got shafted.

    It's still enormously valuable as a tool for getting the word out. Too valuable a tool to give it up because we're miffed.

    We'd just be cutting off our own nose to spite our face by abandoning it.
  12. eksef Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    I disagree, the news talk about YouTUbe. Scientology is on youtube, we must fight it on THAT ground

    I know youtube sucks cocks now, but it's still our advantage

    Once this is all over, I WILL join the boycott of YT though.
  13. Relyt Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    Leaving YouTube is what Scientology wants us to do. We will be gone and everyone else using YouTube won't give enough of a shit to follow suit.
  14. Panini Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    If you're going to wage war against Youtube, you should get the whole youtube community behind you.

    Just anonymous itself will do dick all against Youtube. We'd just be screwing ourselves. We can't even get videos on the front page. If you could start a revolution by recruiting key members such as hotforwords, sxephil and athene, then you'd actually have some influence.

    Afterall, this isn't a personal thing against anonymous that Youtube is doing. It's just the way they operate. If the way they operate is reprehensible, then the whole Youtube community should be its enemy.
  15. eksef Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    GREAT point, anonymous alone will do NOTHING to youtube, you'd have to have EVERYONE leave it
  16. googoomuck Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    Some prior threads on the topic:

    The argument made in these threads- that youtube reaches too many people to be boycotted- is spot on. There are ways to work on the XenuTV situation which are more effective.
  17. zosozodiac Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    Why not have accounts on both and just use vimeo as a place to release and link too first? We keep getting burned on depending on YT.
  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    OK, even if I don't agree with all arguments presented here - especially the ones saying "it will work only if everybody moves" - then what first boycott should be implemented ?

    Anons seem reluctant to use the economic angle, but it is a rather powerful one.
  19. i'mglib Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    I think this idea is genius.
    Which is why I proposed the same thing a couple of weeks ago.
    Now Scientology has ads on Screwtube, too, so that means when we send people to Screwtube, we send them to Scientology, the organization we are fighting.

    In the meantime the hits to their website in April skyrocketed.

    So what happened when I suggested this?

    It was actually pretty ugly. Same guys with the NYPA-dont-touch-my-Screwtube litany.

    This is what I have concluded.

    The people on this message board see Screwtube as their own personal sandbox. It's sort of like asking them to give up their sandbox. Or another analogy, it's like they're playing a game of Risk, and you're asking them to give up Europe. Even though Europe is already a traitor and has sold out.

    It still makes sense to me, and I advocate posting both places, and only linking/emailing the Vimeo copy.

    But good luck to you and trying to sell this. drama.gif
  20. Panini Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    My point was that Anonymous is NOT A BIG DEAL on Youtube. Using the Risk analogy, you'll need cannons to win. Anon is not a cannon in this context.

    This war against Youtube is essentially a Youtube community project, not an Anonymous project. Your main source of support should be outside of Anonymous. We simply don't have the youtube clout to be much of a factor at all.
  21. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    This had been discussed during the XenuTV saga, and the general feeling was that our boycott would be equivalent to boycotting Google.

    Something you might consider, which would be arguably more effective (and certainly easier to swallow) than a youtube boycott would be running AdBlockPlus specifically for youtube. Make sure to block *every* ad. Post if you have trouble.

    You'd be depriving them of advertising revenue (one goal the boycott), using their server resources, and still have access to the service.
  22. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    Already have a ad-free YouTube. How to get people to follow suite and have it known that it is for this reason ?
  23. Re: General boycott, a first step

    I disagree with a boycott - Youtube is where most of the audience are, and the Scilons are pushing in hard. Retreat from youtube will hand them a victory. I think if anything we should intensify youtube operations, but also refer people to vimeo in our video descriptions
  24. Anon1720 Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    This is exactly how I came across Anonymous and starting looking into the abuses of the CoS. I'm an older anon and I would never have found out about this had I not been on YT.

    (I was actually watching music vids at the time. Too bad we couldn't post popular music vids with a short message about Anon vs CoS with a link at the end? Huge audience there.)

    I think its a mistake to leave YT - that is exactly what the CoS wants you to do IMHO. Post everywhere - not just YT.

    In time it won't matter where the CoS advertises because Anonymous is getting the truth out and people will ignore/get pissed off at their ads. Nobody likes oversaturation - even with a good thing/message.
  25. Robert S Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    No to OP.

    Tantamount to Scientology running us off YouTube when it should be the other way around. This is what a troll wanted us to do. Don't look for my help on this.
  26. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    IMHO, the move I propose would push YT to adopt a more balanced policy.

    I should be the first Troll Moderator !

    What do you propose as a first step in the field of economic boycott ? Are you against it ?
  27. Robert S Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    I'm fighting Scientology.
  28. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    I'm fighting idiocy...scientology is just the biggest target at the moment.
  29. themadhair Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    Boycott YouTune? No. NO. [size=+2]NO!!!![/size]

    Seriously?? How does abandoning the [size=+2]MOST WATCHED VIDEO SITE ON THE INTERNET[/size] possibly make sense when we rely heavily on getting a message out?? I cannot comprehend the logic of proposing a plan that has little (if any) realistically tangible benefits but has most definitely guaranteed negatives.

    1. If the $cifags push us from YouTube do you not think that Vimeo will be the next target for them to try the same thing? Same decision but with a different site and a valuable front lost.

    2. Internet traffic of YouTube is superior to any other alternative. It has more viewers. It gets more hits. It is more widely known. YouTube, Revver, Vimeo etc. are potential weapons in a war of information and what is being proposed by the OP is to reach for a harpoon while allowing the fucking gatling gun to lie idle - WE USE EVERY WEAPON WE HAVE.

    3. How bad will it look to the public if we abandoned YouTube?? Might as well draw up the PR footbullet for the media right now, because in case you missed it - VIRTUALLY EVERY MEDIA REPORT ON US REFERENCED YOUTUBE VIDEOS.

    4. If I was a $cifag I would want Anonymous off the tubes. Shouldn't that line of reasoning tell you something?? I smelled bullshit when this idea was proposed by new posters in the original threads on this, and it surprises me greatly that the OP has proposed this, being a poster and valuable contributer that I greatly admire.

    Bottomline: I simply cannot understand how abandoning YouTube is good for us, how it helps us in bringing down the €ult, how it is anything less than an irrational and irresponsible retreat from a medium we are benefiting from.
  30. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    As far as I know, there is no way for scientology to put their ads next to our videos on Vimeo (for example).

    You are right about traffic. If you look at the OP:
    - I proposed this as a first step; if you have an interesting alternative, I am ready to follow you;
    - I suggested a double posting if necessary, including a small "warning" video for YT usage.

    I am half-convinced from this one:
    - I never suggested to remove the videos that are already there. New news could refer to video on a different platform.
    - I am not sure we would look bad if done properly.

    Mixed feeling:
    - I never suggested to quit the Internet.
    -Thanks for the compliment.

    I reject the "irrational and irresponsible" notions. It is useless in a rational discussion.
  31. anonymoose Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    I think a more effective action would be to engage non-anon YT. I suggested this before but no harm trying again:

    Do something like last year's five-things-about-myself chain video thing that spread through YT like wildfire.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, see here: YouTube - Vlog Tag Game

    That video has over half a million hits which is way more than his usual number, and the chain was inescapable on YT end of last year, everyone was doing it.

    If someone more imaginative than me can come up with a similar kind of tag game that will engage people, spread of its own accord and educate people OR at the very list link back to an Anon user's profile with lots of anti-CoS goodness on it- well, do it. If you can get a popular user like nerimon to start it, even better.

    Even a simple "I am [insert YT username] and I support Anonymous" chain (video yourself saying it then nominate 3 more users to say it) might take off and attract new support.
  32. themadhair Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    Yet. But if the €ult dropped a few thousand greenbacks it could happen. Anyone thinking this unlikely needs to take a long hard look at what happened on YouTube.
  33. Re: General boycott, a first step

    Can I suggest another angle in this YouTube thing?

    For Google/YouTube to look the other way when taking Co$' money is a reputation RISK.

    Google/YouTube has a lot of employees who are hired to battle risk.

    They are called Risk Managers. And trust me, risk managers have loads of OT powers in organizations.

    Go to linkedin, find out who the risk managers are and send them an email. I really think this would help a lot. If we can push the buttons of the right risk managers, they WILL take action.

    I don't know how to compose an email address at Google based on a name though, otherwise I'd already be at it Anyone knows?

    Not sure this is the right thread to post this thought - I'd appreciate feedback on this though. Tnx.
  34. CCN Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    Leaving youtube? EPIC FAIL
    do we care that Scientology advertises there?

  35. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: General boycott, a first step

    Finally, I went back to my OP.
    Interestingly, what I had in mind was an economic boycott of scientology's interests, but it turned out to look like a boycott of YT. Silly me... :oops:

    So, I am going to use my privilege as a moderator to close this thread.

    I apologize for losing people's time and thanks all those who participated anyway.

    I suggest that the good ideas - e.g. the "chain" one - are made the subject of a different thread.

    I might have a go at economic boycott later, but I promise to make an effort to be understandable. :rofl:
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