General strike

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  1. Polish experience: When you will start general strike -- stay INSIDE! do NOT go to the street; streets are full of provocations -- inside of buildings of your factory you are safer; you know the buildings, it is difficult to attack you; it is difficult to make a provocation, when you know who is working with you and can spot unknown face. Get plenty of food and water and something to... Read more sleep on. Stay inside and DO NOT let them provoke you to go out. They may cut electricity and water, be prepared for this. Start with a a few key factories, then get others to join....
    Be free
    Refards from Poland
  2. jtreglio Member

    Mousavi Seeking

    I guess Mousavi's looking for advice regarding the General Strike:

    We are(Independently) working on a gerneral Strike Plan. Please help us
    with your ideas if you have expertise on this issue, send plans to our email
    adress and write ideas as comments below. - Mousavi's Facebook page

    Now, it could be fake, but since this is an advice thread, how would a general strike work? BTW for the Ahmadenijad trolls, this is one area that Americans have absolutely no knowledge about. So no need to worry about that "American influence."
  3. lompocus Member

    Get the Oil workers to go on strike, and you win.

    Seriously. There's an improportionate amount of Iranian resources in the oil industry alone. Get them to go on strike, and the gov would, hopefully, break.
  4. atmasabr Member

    What? Americans have *minor* knowledge of strikes.

    It's just that there've been none in living memory except the Montgomery bus boycott, when the African Americans refused to ride the buses to work. Wait, that wasn't a strike.

    And the air traffic controllers strike in the 1980s. A failure worth mentioning, it was the last strike attempt versus the federal government. President Reagan went on cameras before the nation and stated (accurately) that the air traffic controllers had signed a contract promising not to strike, and that if they did strike, they would be violating the contract. They did strike. President Reagan fired them. And half the nation did not care because they said "Oh my God! They violated the contract!" And Reagan simply hired new workers.

    The moral of the story is that strikes do not work unless you have the people on your side, enough to cripple the economy, enough so that the government can't just hire more people.
  5. Ybtisam Member

    True. There will always be scabs, regardless of the reason for the strike.
  6. You can also get the harbor workers to strike, Iran doesn't have many refineries so they import 40% of their petroleum products. Stop the import and they won't have tanks, jet fighters, cars, motorcycles or anything else that needs oil to run.

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