"George Hotz, Sony, and the Anonymous Hacker Wars" - The New Yorker

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    Martyrs win devotees, and soon Hotz had gained the allegiance of the most notorious hackers: a group called Anonymous. In the past few years, the group has become famous for engineering elaborate online attacks and protests, often in the name of free speech and “lulz,” which is Internet-speak for laughs. Group members fought against the Church of Scientology, which they believed to be suppressing free speech online, and shut down government Web sites in defense of WikiLeaks. More recently, coders have joined the Occupy Wall Street movement, and threatened to release a list of people collaborating with the Zetas, a Mexican drug gang. At the time of the Sony hack, Anonymous had become its own pop-culture meme. On Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert called Anonymous members a “global hacker nerd brigade.” Others referred to them as “the paramilitary wing of the Internet.”

    Anonymous is an international, decentralized, shape-shifting hive. All you have to do to join is say you are part of it. No one goes by his or her real name. As in any shadowy group, some members are more extreme than others. A few years ago, I was invited to attend a secret meeting of Anonymous activists, at an Indian restaurant in Hollywood. While Anonymous is often characterized as a group of malicious cyber-terrorists, they struck me more as a group of earnest young protesters with a dark sense of humor and a brilliant knack for viral marketing. Anons, as members call themselves, are the best publicists on the Internet: through social media, they mobilize, inform, outrage, and entertain in ways that the Yippies could never imagine, and they do it all really fast.
  2. Doxing people with Zetas connections? I thought people enjoyed living. Even law enforcement understands and complies with messages the Zetas send.
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    49 bodies, some mutilated, found in Mexico -


    Mexican authorities found at least 49 bodies along a highway in the northern border state of Nuevo Leon Sunday morning, police said.

    The remains -- some of which were mutilated -- were left along the highway between the cities of Monterrey and Reynosa.

    A message left on a wall nearby appeared to refer to the Zetas drug cartel.

  4. Wish that Catherine Zetas Jones would jus stick to making shite movies!

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