Gerdab: The Next Penetration

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Srpska, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Srpska Member

    Given that Gerdab are massive faggots and need to be boiled in oil, it seems to me that if we could do it, getting some way inside their organisation would be hugely useful. I'm not talking some kind of batshit crazy infiltration here, but something more simple.


    We have reason to suspect that they're doing it to us, so why not do it back to them? If we could manage to trap one of their admins or whatever, that might potentially get us access to their servers for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

    Thoughts/ideas/reasons this can't possibly work and is a shitty idea on a postcard plzkthxbai
  2. Vee Member

    Theres some documentation and videos on youtube on how to compile rbot. Could try and infect them with that. Build an iranian gov pc botnet :p
  3. Good luck guys! (and girls off course)

    Seems like a real fun thing for every hacker in the world. That's what I call a challenge!
  4. This is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and practice old ones. These guys must undergoing all sorts of scans and attacks so you've got some security in numbers. I'd hate to be the guy going through those logs day after day.

    Also, let's use whatever hooks we may have in the gray hat community. Even grizzled old neck-beards might welcome a moral and technical challenge such as this.
  5. fux yeah. Wait...
    What makes us think we don't have an ally inside the gerdabir at this point in the game. Surely our friend on the inside (we call him Mohammed) knows how to connect a USB drive?!

  6. Vee Member

    I fax'd him Hammer 1.0.
    Hes going to hit it like a boss.
  7. Ray Murphy Member

    What we need now is a long list of "special" phone numbers, so that people all over the planet who are walking past public phone boxes can do their thing. If the line is busy - go to the next number. In Iran protesters should memorize one number only

    Naturally if a protester outside of Iran genuinely wants to have a chat with someone working for the hoodlums running Iran, then by all means use your own phone.
  8. So anonymous has the situation well in hand? I will watch and learn.
  9. Srpska Member

    plz b linking to YT videos
  10. Vee Member

    Sent via pm. Not sure if the mods would like it linked publicly.
  11. Wish I knew how to help, but this kind of stuff is just out of my league technically; the Tor bridge was about the extent of it. I give you my full moral support, though, and recommend that anyone with the appropriate skill set take part in your quest

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