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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. rof Member

    lol captcha

    I approve of this message.

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  2. Ackerland Member

    Thank god I use IPv6.
    Who do I have to thank for adding IPv6 support to WWP? Sue, is that you? ;)
  3. HOC Member

    Snotty responses are not helping the matter.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Or what.

    So if the German forum comes back will they quit bawwing and let us get on with our lives?
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Ackerland Member

    Sorry, was not supposed to be snotty. I remember vaguely asking some admin about the AAAA records when ipv6 was broken a few weeks ago. I just can't remember who it was.
  7. This.

    In German we would say it is "Sippenhaft".

    I was Scientologist and I hate each control of my free speech and I feel me controled with a stupid captcha, I can't post here in german, lots of good informations in the German forum aren`t open to the public, because of the captcha and this only because of some Germanfags that made a big Drama here. I made nothing and the most other Germanfags too. I am here to destroy an evil cult, a cult that forbids free speech and free thinking. A cult that made me to a SP, because I said what I think. Now I get here the stamp German = Troll.

    For me this is not fair.

    As I said in my first post in this thread this is sad, very sad.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    False argument is false. The mod team dealt with the issue in a calm, professional manner in the initial private thread, and were met with hostility and derision. With no progress or willingness from those involved to listen to reason, it becomes the admin's responsibility to make the call, and if you are a mod who cannot support the decision of the admin, then well, see ya later.

    Your silent observation and thoughtful process are nice. More of the former would at this point be in order, but you, of course, see that differently. Unwarranted self-importance much?
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  9. Orson Member

    That was me by the way. Have a problem with it? Well, perhaps give it some silent observation and think things through before responding.
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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Schwabe Member

    I (+a mod) changed my mind.
    From reading more, I think there is no reason to piss on each other that way.

    I think both sides have valid points - I will not start a list. And I'm by far no one to judge, since I contributed 1% of what others did.

    Probably the best solution is to divide stuff even more.
    1. Moving to local (national) forums in Germany to focus on (different) targets might be not bad.
    2. Have a mod in german wwp subforum who directs new people to national chanology forum, if interested.
    3. Germanons use flyers directing street-bernds to national chanology-forum.
    4. People who are ok with occupy@wwp post also chanology stuff on wwp. German mod could link planning / postgame threads.
    5. win

    @Germanons: We can't decide who uses "our" mask, how Occupiers behave, how our media present "Anonymous", "Occupy" or Project Chanology. Put away your masks (until occupy is dead), be creative (my compliments to Hamburg, but also Berlin, Ddorf and others) and stay on target.
    Btw, the masks are associated with "Hackers called Anonymous" anyway. If the media put it like that, use this fact in a positive way.

    On the other hand, global mods of wwp should see how annoying it must have been for german mods to fight some real stupid witp guys / spammers driving by. For me, it was often not easy to see which kind they were, or even Co$ spammers (I only can assume there were some). This might drive one crazy and towards a not so balanced view.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Note to ban evaders: It's perfectly possible to lurk a thread without having an account.
  13. veravendetter Member


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  14. Anonymous Member

    Not a thread in the Community Forum it's not. Like this very thread.
  15. Robocat Member

    Starbucks Holiday Cup.

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  16. Miranda Member

    Temporarily moved back to AvS. Sorry, AvS people.
  17. Anonymous Member

    This sounds quite reasonable to me
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  18. Mutante Member

    I think this looks like the heart of the matter but wtf do I know.

    It must be extremely frustrating for germanons but you can't control the mask and you can't move posts around on the Internet to make it look like you do.

    There is plenty you do to influence public perceptions of the things you care about anyway, and you seem to do it brilliantly.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    As someone casually observing - I think situations like this are inevitable, and you know what?

    It's all gonna be OK in the long run. This time next year all affected parties will laugh about it.

    I love the Hamburg Anons, and I think their contribution to the lulz is mighty.

    As long as folk don't say thing or do things they later regret, these are just the growing pains of a suddenly empowered community.

    Anonymous, and by default Chanology, will have been the topic of conversation at many dinner tables this Christmas.

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  20. Anonymous Member

    Schwabe is wise, but the above quote I cannot read without thinking NO!!

    Occupiers who have right-wing agendas must be exposed, doxed, and ridiculed. There is no place for anti Jewish bullshit or alien conspiracies at the Occupy camps.

    Maybe it's time for Hamburg Anons to Occupy the Occupy camps and make it quite clear - WITP faggotry will not stand.
  21. Silly433 Moderator

    One thing does not nullify the other. You certainly can't control the mask. However, you are completely free to expose anything you find inappropriate with any anonymous movement. But still, you can't control the mask...
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  22. PresidentShaw Member

    I have seen the private conversation, been given access to it actually, and to be honest, I wouldn't portray things as one sided as you just did. I assume this is a matter of perception.

    And as far as unwarranted self importance, if you don't understand that some of us care more about keeping this community working together instead of feeding into what has become a pissing match regardless of where the blame should be put, I'm not sure if we have anything more to discuss.

    At some point (usually past the 6 pages of fuckery thread point) people need to let it go and chill out a bit. If you think that temporarly removing an entire section of the forum and banning a whole chanology cell including those that did not participate in the faggotry was a fair response, I'm not sure what to say....

    Angry germans were angry and acted fucktarded.
    Angry Sue got angry and went overboard.

    Is it that hard for everyone to admit their mistakes and move on with their lives? Or is it a case of unwarranted self importance?

    Finally, I believe I made a reasonable argument for peaceful resolution of the issue, I'm not sure why you and miranda seem to want so badly to argue against it. What's wrong with attempting to clear up misunderstandings? I really don't get it. And please, stop assuming I didn't take time to inform myself just because I don't agree with the way you see it. That is both incredibly annoying and childish.

    Unless you have a better idea.... like.... idk, banning a whole country.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    SHAW??? Really? LOL

    go for it

    nice peacemaking.
  24. PresidentShaw Member

    Yes, really

    I did, I spent afternoon cuddling with a hot chick I met at my birthday party last week. It was fun. I'll keep you updated.
  25. incog712 Member


    War it is.
  26. Anonymous Member

    This isn't a civil war, this is more like:

    Hamburgers: wipe ass nao or we shall secede!
    Admin: okay, go.
    Hamburgers: no, you don't understand, we will leave!
    Admin: okay, go.
    Hamburgers: here we go... we're leaving ... are you paying attention to us leaving?
    Admin: okay, go.
    Hamburgers: that's it!!! We're leaving rightthisveryminute
    Admin: okay, go. Enjoy your cotton and your slaves. And your mint juleps.
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  27. Miranda Member

  28. PresidentShaw Member

    You kind of missed the part where it was like


    Clearly everyone is reasonable.
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  29. Ackerland Member

  30. Anonymous Member


    Hamburgers: Can we come back please?
    Admin: wtf
    Hamburgers: *trash talk*
    Shaw: I am your savior
    anon: wat
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  31. PresidentShaw Member

    Did you see the number of likes my peacemaking post have?
    Clearly I'm a fucking genius with incredible charisma.
  32. Anonymous Member

    omg that's sad
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  33. Silly433 Moderator

    Come on man, nobody has banned Germany. Forum is hidden, quite a bunch German anons were banned (12?), lots of van evasions, captcha is put in place (temporaly). No whole country has been banned...

    Also kuddos for the hot chick. Wish I could say the same! :p
  34. vaLLarrr Member

    This is ridiculousness!! It's like saying you can't stop $cientology!!

    I have come to believe that Anonymous can and will do whatever the fuck it likes, once it grips on a good idea and stays on target!

    OK, this German stuff has opened a few problems, mostly the shitty attacks on the mod team, but these are maybe two or three Miscavige style small penises in a nest of hundreds of far larger engorged Thor-size units that often do scare people with their vein-throbbing and their acute angle of dark forbidden intent.

    It's almost embarrassing having to explain such a large erection, like you almost have to reassure people you aren't planning to hurt them with the damn thing.

    When you have a foot long steam powered brass wang, das ist ganz in meinem Sinne, but it is awfully awkward to explain these things properly. But I will try.

    So, like, I didn't sign up for this defeatist shit. Too many faggots here ate too much turkeys or what?? Ich hätte es wissen sollen... was man sagen soll....

    I can sense much butthurt from certain sections of the brave /brotherhood of the Danube, just maybe three or four people. But they don't speak for the many.

    Those pussies prefer to fire their flaccid peen poons at the mods of this WWP site, and all the while they let the GF mask in their towns become the property of stupid dumb conspiracy assholes who smoke too much chronic and watch too much X-Files? Wissen ist Macht! Educate these stupid fools, das Wissen vermitteln, put these people into the real world with a kind word and a trusted eye!

    It's your job!

    WITP kids in masks talking shit about Rothschilds and aliens are the new Xenu, so your mission is surely to switch your energy to rip that shit up in YOUR OWN TOWNS - or GTFO and don't ever baaawww here again about Freedom of Speech?! Think about it.

    You're the problem if you're crying about the little kids pissing on your local Occupy tent. Don't drag everyone else into this shit. In most other parts of the planet, the Occupy info that flows through this site is vital, der Sinn und Zweck - and IF GERMANY NEEDS TO BE CUT OFF BECAUSE OF A FEW ASS-REAMED FOOLS then in the interests of the planet at large - Dusseldorks and Hamfurgerfags need to have local talks and respect the facilities at large. Even a minor agricultural problem in Iran right now is more important than dorkyfag dramas from wrong people trying to monopolize their hard work. Step the fuck away from your egos. Remember those you love, and that which you love.

    Remember that this "Anonymous" thing is a good healthy fire that can never be extinguished.

    Will you be remembered as the fool that was known for pissing on it? Or the friend that was cool for tripping on it?

    If everybody can eventually calm the fuck down and shut the fuck up, else we all start looking like OSA fags,

    Also - Ich weiß, dass ich nichts weiß. Was ich nicht weiß, macht mich nicht heiß.

    I got crazy love for Deutsche Anons.

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Another good plan would be to lock this thread the fuck up and everyone go take a pee or go cry into a bucket or whatever the fuck it takes to gain a little perspective, and enjoy what little holiday time everyone has before going back to the day job unless you live in your mom's basement. My TV is making weird noise like it's gonna blow up.

    I gotta go.
  36. barbiluv Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    At last. The voice of reason.
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  38. barbiluv Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    Dude, everyone knows you're a 50 year old man with grey pubic hair and ripples and shit.

    Your avatar is fail. Try a new one.
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