German Chanology subforum gone

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. Miranda Member

    That's kind of scary.
  2. Anonymous Member

    This avatar for example - is awesome: [IMG]
  3. Anonymous Member

    I see barbiluv and I think = y-star-1.jpg
  4. Miranda Member


    She can't be that bad. More like this maybe?

  5. barbiluv Member

  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Miranda Member

  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. barbiluv Member

    wtf flock of seagulls ? why r u doin this ?
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. barbiluv Member

    u suck cupcakes .

  13. Miranda Member

    It's nothing personal, barbi. But I think zizany is waiting for you in another thread...
  14. barbiluv Member

    k but wtf .
  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Miranda Member

    mullets are a turn on.

    and coiffed hair in general.

  17. barbiluv Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    One day, you will have grown a life all of your own. Play with it and have fun with it, like it were a little dog. Yapping a lot.
  19. barbiluv Member

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  20. barbiluv Member

    u got daddys jizz on ur face . i can't take u seriously .
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  21. Miranda Member

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  22. barbiluv Member

  23. sue Administrator

    Thanks a million, It sure isn't as if they continue.
    You seriously think that i am now going to listen to this kind of shit on skype?
    I'll repeat again: for the third or fourth time: It is both a technical and licensing issue, I would have gotten a lot closer to solving that had I not to deal with a handful of entitled morons. I said the former before they suggested purchasing a license, goes for show how much attention they put into reading what others write.

    The captchas are part of what slows the two or three abusers down. If you're just as tired as us of their behavior and the resulting consequences Take it up with the few hamburg anon that believe harassment is a way of obtaining what you demand.

    There seems to be more to this story than is being let on and you're buying it. Turns out the few that have been so insistent to the point of making threats, dozens of socks and continue to contribute negatively to this whole ordeal ran into mods of a few chans before. They have been dropping dox on others, I believe some amongst which witp people and the like. They were asked not to but refused. I can only imagine someone got tired of them and ended up doxing them two weeks ago.

    Note: this has nothing to do with WWP. This is about a few toxic elements within the anon hamburg cell that got what they had coming.

    It explains the tone and the words they used in their initial demand, as their hatred fermented for a good time. They had it themselves made personal. This also explains their violent reaction to even the slightest suggestion of them not getting what they demanded. They can argue all they want that this is about their perceived credibility, or them being associated with people they don't like, It's lies.

    I'm fairly certain we had these kinds of conversations years ago back in 2008, I believe most agreed that you can't control who uses the masks and who doesn't.

    So please, if you're going to even pretend saving the day, actually pay attention, maybe shut up before you have an idea of what is at play here.

    Yes they are totally digging your cupidity.

    I'm not holding my breath.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I am holding my girth. It is heavy.

    It points towards those little butthurt Anonfags who wouldn't know real drama, those evading a banhammer that will not help them overcome their fear of the mighty swollen orange schlong of mechanical justice.

    In a week, this will be looked upon as a healthy cull. Natural selection. Darwin's theories in action.

    God rest ye merrie gentlemen.

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  25. PresidentShaw Member

    I like you sue, but you and some of the mods, AND the german anons are falling in the us vs them mentaliy and all that because of 3 or 4 retards.
    I never said anywhere that the trouble makers didn't have it coming, but removing an entire section of the website over it? Really?
    And since you clearly did not read my previous posts before responding, as you clearly assume that I'm trying to be a savior or taking someone's side in this story, I will also suggest you shut up and read.

    There is a difference between trying to be a savior and attempting to tell everyone to chill the fuck out.

    Good day sir.
  26. Miranda Member

    It has been explained ad infinitum that the German forum has not been removed. It is out of sight for the moment, until we find new mods. That only makes sense.

    You just got here too late. Do your research and be objective.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    It's Xmas dude. There's nothing of burning importance that cannot wait until the Xmas period is done.
    I see total forum removal as a radical but effective and logical way of obliterating the cancer before it spreads.
    In fact it's that kind of swift thinking that will ensure the survival of WWP, no matter how unfair it seems, a temporary amputation in order to disinfect seems absolutely the only choice right now. Until the AIDS is eradicated, Deutsche Anons need to be quarantined, and normal service will apply when there is no risk to the operations ongoing across the rest of the planet. Nobody banned German IP's. Capcha is temporary. Eat drink and be merry.
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  28. Ackerland Member

    Thank you for repeating it a third time for me. For the moment, I have nothing more to add.
  29. Fuckeye Member

    The Germans asked for OWS to be removed, and later clarified that they meant removed from the front page/listing/whatever else it was. Apparently this was unacceptable, yet hiding the German one is fine?
  30. sue Administrator

    I and most of the moderators have responded to almost all concerns and continue to make time available to those discussing this normally. There is only so much aversion one can shrug away before ignoring someone becomes necessary. The few individuals in question have gone way beyond this line, including making threats, but I understand you would rather listen to those telling you one thing and doing another behind your back.
    I already explained this: Since resolving or alleviating their gripe in private was impossible, it became a public problem. So far, the few involved excepted everyone agrees that what and how they demanded is outrageous. You are assuming they acted in good faith.

    I think most can agree that given the circumstances we were dealt with the mods have little to reproach themselves. I ain't mad.
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  31. Miranda Member

    They asked for one of our several initiatives to be removed or hidden (depending on which request you believe). For practical reasons, this was impossible, and it also would not have been fair to those who participate in that initiative. They failed to come up with an alternative plan or to accept others' ideas--instead insisting on the unfeasible one even to the point of threats.

    The hiding of the German forum is temporary. It would not work to have people using the forum with no moderation, especially in the current situation. Sue has said he will bring it back shortly, but we need to find mods first.
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  32. PresidentShaw Member

    I would like to correct one thing, I listen to both sides of this story, and I did read the private thread between the mods and the few angry fags. I would also like to repeat that I do not support the few german troublemakers anons's viewpoint on that matter, it was completely out of line to make demands in the way they did, I am not in denial of this as you appear to suggest.

    See above, I never assumed anything, I still stand by the fact that removing an entire section based on 3-4 retards is over the line, and sadly I don't see any explanation that justifies it.....
    This comes off as Hicks when he got mad and started banning everyone in the book burning thread.

    My only criticism towards the current mod team would be the obvious circlejerk attitude and general dismissal of anything that isn't in agreement with their views.

    I still <3 you all, but I'm honest enough to speak my mind.

    I ain't mad either, just slightly annoyed.

    P.S: get da5id on this, he's a better diplomat anyway. :3

    Double P.S: i'll pm you later with more details about my chat with the germanons.
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  33. PresidentShaw Member

    Maybe a clear thread with an explanation that we are looking for german staff would have worked better than *dissapears german forums* ''merry xmas'' without anything else.
    Because considering the context, you can't deny how it looked like.

    Just a crazy thought.
  34. HOC Member

    We are already looking into suitable candidates.
  35. Miranda Member

    Give it up, Shaw. Word clear "cupidity."
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  36. mongrel Member

    I would like to humbly submit my name to be a new mod for the krautfags. I can't speak German and don't know/don't care what's going on ITT, but I have several outstanding qualifications for modhood:
    • I can randomly delete posts
    • I can swing a big b&hammer
    • I can shitpost like there's no tomorrow
    • Most importantly, I really like sauerkraut and bratwurst
    Please let me know when my application is approved and I'll get right to work.
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  37. Miranda Member

    We'll be in touch.

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  38. Fuckeye Member

    From what I can see in this thread, it was a handful of the Hamburg anons who were making the demands, rather than all of the german users of this site - as shown by the posts from Germans coming back to find their subforum has been deleted. Would you call that fair to those Germans to lose their forum due to the demands others were making? Is removing one forum any fairer than removing the other?

    I may be wrong on this, but I'm sure I saw a post earlier in this thread where a German mod resigned due to the lack of the forum? If so, if the forum hadn't have gone, there wouldn't be your lack of mods now.
  39. sue Administrator

    Think again, we wouldn't have this conversation, nor would the hamburg anons have shown their true colors in public if it weren't for that. How long do you think I was going to take their abuse in private without any action? Had I banned them I would have played right into their hands, they would have encouraged others to complain and argue against their ban.

    This was the only way to, and drive the point home, and put the hamburg anons on the spot.
    I didn't play along the book this time. They are the ones doing damage control and trying to save face.
    Not me.

    What have you been smoking?
    Sure thing, while performing miracles: want me to fix global warming too?
    Look, I get it -- you found yourself some new friends to hang out with and that's like very nice for you. I'm happy for you, but I don't need the details.
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  40. PresidentShaw Member

    Miranda, are you so petty that you assume that I'm having a pissing contest with you?

    Frankly you disapoint me.
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