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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. Orson Member

    Because I invited you to read it all even though a good sampling of it is available in this thread. I now believe this was a judgement error on my part. Thinking you'd see it and recognize the problems in order to stop stirring the pot, you've used it as a means to further insert yourself into this situation. I just went back and re-read the entire thread before posting this so I feel comfortable in responding:

    Your condescending insinuation that you care more than the mods/admins about this situation is self-serving diatribe (more on this later). We were hit with this an Christmas eve and Christmas day, and yet most of the mods involved and sue spent hours of our time on this during those two days, sacrificing time with family in order to do so (not seeking sympathy, fact). Doing this while being berated and insulted. And yes, that behavior began before the disabling of the German forum.

    More to the point, some of the global mods initiated a separate conversation with the some of the HamAnons to have peaceful discussion with them, and some progress was made there. Our understanding was they would stand down from the belligerent discussion so calmer heads could prevail. While I was away for time with family, I returned to find that the PM thread had devolved even more. Forgive me then if I doubt the sincerity of those with whom I was communicating.

    Additionally, If you had read every post in that PM thread, you would have noted on several occasions that several different mods essentially pleaded with the 21 ham/germanons invited to the thread to not leave WWP. Calm, clear explanations were given about why it would not work. Who does that if they don't care? Oh right, YOU care more.

    Twenty one is much more than 3 or 4 retards. But wait you say, not all of those in the conversation posted.

    From the OP where the initial demands were made:

    Incidentally, not all of those 21 were banned, but they were clearly part of making the ludicrous demand.

    Actually, that was where things were already moving until you decided to save the day and further the drama by taking both subtle and obvious shots at sue, Miranda and other mods. sue had already stated the German board would return when we can find the best new mods for it. As for unwarranted self importance, I already brought this up with you. Look in the mirror. Who appointed you UN negotiator for this disturbance?


    Finally, you've given your observations of the mods here, allow me to provide an observation of you. You disappear for weeks/months at a time, contribute little to nothing to valuable discussions here and only reappear when there is drama between some users and one or more of the mods (that you don't think are part of your edgy club). You then use the opportunity to troll and fuck with the mods and admins to engender yourself to those disaffected users. This has happened twice now that I can recall. Others may remember more times than this. As I'm not trained in psychology, I'll refrain from trying to diagnose this behavior pattern.
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Should we report them?
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  4. Orson Member

    Please. We are leaving them in place but replacing the text that was originally accompanied the pic. :)
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I consulted the DSM-IV and my take is either Attention Whore NOS or Penile Dysmorphic Disorder.
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  6. Pique Member

    Most or all of them have already been edited I believe.
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  7. One remains unedited in the Polish Forum. I did Report it. Mods for forum are in their snooze baskets ATM.
  8. Orson Member

    There's no report on it Jacky, just looked. Can you double check and re-report. Thanks.
  9. Just found it again. Failed to examine before posting a second report. It has been text edited so please ignore my latest report. All is well in the magic kingdom!
  10. I come back from Christmas to find this.

    So let me get this straight:
    German Anons want a minority, OWS people to GTFO of their "country", they blame them for all their current problems. claim that ows people are practically subhuman and don'T deserve any mercy - and since they have been around forever claim some sort of supremacy over these people.
    They come up with a final solution, deportation of OWS people "to somewhere else"
    during all this skermish they invade france and poland.
    they get mad when they lose everything, talks of splitting the board into east and west. Evidence is presented and some who participated claim innocence and blame their leaders for their actions, they go unpunished.
    this all seems vaguely familiar but I might be wrong.


    my suggestion: I'll deal with this... make me moderator of their board, so I can make an account named
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  11. Enturbulette Member

    "We as European Anons see no point in pushing US interior politics in an international community on a top level.
    Especially when the issuses discussed have no implication whatsoever for freedom of information or the internet."

    Whoever makes this argument against OWS as a movement has an incredibly short sighted and provincial outlook.
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  12. The Captcha is gone. Thx. :)
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  13. sue Administrator

    They got tired with the spamming, must have been a very productive day.
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  14. sue Administrator

    I'll will write this down in terms a five year old can comprehend.

    What's your end game plan hamburg anon?
    If it's saving face you're doing it wrong.
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  15. Schwabe Member

    well ...

    => occupy is not US specific. spain started it even earlier.
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  16. Enturbulette Member

    Yes, as well as Howard Clark and Serbia and so on...

    And that is just one of the reasons why this argument sounds like it comes from a small blinkered genital-less earthworm that thinks it knows whats what in a spittle of dirt somewhere between Nowherefuckistan and Eketahuna. It is an especially vapid position in light of SOPA.
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  17. TinyDancer Member

    This thread reminds me to 2011-12-28_2023.png . Will do on Friday.
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  18. veravendetter Member

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  19. Als Hintergrundinfo interessant... Warum sollte diese Welle nicht auch zu uns rüberschwappen???

    As backround information interessting. Why should Occupy not work in Germany. Why are you having problems with persons that are no "Real Anonymous"? Persons that are no 4Chans??? or whatever! It seems that is your problem and it was allways your problem. The Anonymous movement gets bigger and bigger.,1518,805637,00.html

    I always asked before I felt again in the Scientology trap, why can't we work together against this Cult. I got PMs sent, where I got trolled, where you explained me how an Anonymous must be... Bla,Bla,Bla ...and I still ask me why did some German Anons Fair Gamed me? It gave a time where I got fair gamed from OSA and from some Anonymous.

    The same happened imo here. It exists Occupy Protesters that are in your opinion no "real Anonymous", they are wearing "your" symbol and your mask. Why being so intolerant? Work together, you know who you are. ..and if you don't want to support an Op, don't support it.

    This goes to some Hamburg fags and some Düsseldorf fags. I know Anons that are very different to them.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Adult Oppositional Defiance Disorder.
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  21. James Spader Member

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  22. Schwabe Member

    The article you linked has the typical bs I see in German media. This is where my "problem" with Occupy is: The media portrait them as the street fighters, "Anonymous" as hackers. They almost completely ignore Chanology as a considerable milestone in transporting protest in a creative way to streets (well, at least from Anonymous roots). In my eyes it's a strategy to criminalize / delegitimize both - that's why I also would like to see Anonymous / Chanology and Occupy be seperate things.
    With lots of aspects of Occupy I'm totally fine, but I don't see why wearing a mask is necessary. There are already tons of groups where you can be part of and protest.

    Ok - it's not how it's developing. Searching a new "corporate identity" for "us"? Wear a viking helmet or a red robe thingy like in "300" and Hamburganons did? I don't know.
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  23. Mark Cabian Member

    You can't control the mask, but you can inform the media. Enlighten them about Chanology, the mask, and how it went mainstream. This isn't the first time a meme was stolen, nor will it be the last. I also like the viking helmet idea.


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  24. Miranda Member

    That would be sociopathy, right? Maybe too strong. Prolonged Childhood Oppositional Defiance Disorder?

    Some of those helmets are extremely cool!
  25. Mark Cabian Member

    When everyone wants to be on a winning team, and goes Viking too, BAM. We go back to the mask.
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  26. veravendetter Member

    Maybe the EFG but all sprayed a certain colour for Chanology fags? Sky blue?

    Just repaint the moustache and beard black or mask it up before spraying.
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  27. AnonRanGER13 Member

    I talked to Lady and apparently they'll let it rest until next year when everyone calmed down a bit.
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. zalgo Member


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  30. Anonymous Member

    Do want...not German but do want
  31. Ok I got your point here.

    For me it are seperated things. I see there a big difference. But for outstanding people (sagt man das so?), people that don't know about Anonymous it is very difficult to see the difference.

    For me Anonymous is anonymous. An Anonymous that support Occupy wants to stay Anonymous too. In the Internet they are having a nick too and don't post with their real name.
    I know the mask was used to be save for Scientology and OSA. Occupy use the mask also as a kind of "uniform", chanology really needs the mask.

    For me stands the GF mask for freedom.

    As I said the mask stands for freedom and Chanology frees Scientologists. I wouldn't use another "corporate identity".

    I would explain, the media at raids, the public etc. Chanology Anons are wearing their mask to hide their identity and Occupy Anons or "whatever Anons" wear their mask, because of other reasons. And Anon is not Anon.

    But now I can see where the problem is. :)
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  32. PresidentShaw Member

    Ok, so now I am the ennemy because I attempted to resolve the issue? I really don't get your attitude to be quite honest..... And please stop implying that I think I'm better than anyone. To me it sounds like you just dislike the fact that even after reading the private thread, I did not come to the same conclusions as you did. And sir, I have done the exact opposite of attempting to stir the pot and since the situation is very public thanks to the removal of an entire forum, I did not have to insert myself in it... Do your thing, I will do mine, but please stop being so godamned sensitive and full of yourself.

    Again, I did not insinuate anything, if the hat fits you wear it, otherwise don't... What I insinuated is that regardless of how people care, it HAS become a pissing match, if you deny this, you must be blind or crazy.

    And I might sound harsh, but grow a thicker skin, when the staff justifies extreme action with: THEY WERE MEAN TO US, especially in an anonymous community, something is kind of wrong....
    Being a mod is a thankless job and you have to expect people treating you like shit. If you get too emotional about it, don't put the blame on others...

    Actually ,while they came off as angry and unreasonable in that pm thread, and while the mods did attempt to talk to them reasonably, I have seen absolutely nothing in there that warranted the removal of a forum, then sue out of nowhere posted *german forums removed, merry xmas* and the real shitstorm seem to have started AFTER that.

    See, I'm being critical of the german anons for going way overboard with the clusterfuck (even though it's maybe 3 or 4 of them while the majority had nothing to do with it).
    And that's ok I don't get any shit for that.

    But as soon as I dare be critical of the mods/admins for removing an entire forum due to 4 retards, you guys gang up on me and even accuse me of taking sides repeatedly even though I made clear that I did not support what the 4 or 5 german retards did and even though I was also critical of them... I mean it's fine to disagree with my views, but I really feel like I hit a nerve and it bothers me.

    All I ever did was attempt to build bridges because I saw something that could hurt this community in the long term happen. How is that hard to understand?
    More importantly, I'm a bit pissed that i have to spend more time defending my attempts to do so in this thread instead of actually helping in any way. In fact, I'm starting to think that I'm indeed wasting my time, but not only because the german anons are stubborn and fucktarded to some extent, but also because the staff seem to be acting the same right now. So much for the spirit of forgiveness that is supposed to be seen during the holidays...

    Again, I never said I cared more than YOU, stop taking everything so personal and get off your high horse.

    the 3 or 4 retards where the ones that created trouble... Sure, the rest of them were possibly in agreement with the ludicrous demand, and they were in that private thread, but is supporting an idea, even if the idea is fucktarded, a crime now?

    Actually, the reason I decided to attempt something, is that even after 4 days of reading this thread, it would not stop growing everyday, and the pissing match between you guys and angry germans would continue....

    I did not take any subtle shots at anyone until you guys acted in an incredibly condescending manner towards me for actually daring to try and help. HOW DARE SOMEONE THAT IS NOT PART OF OUR CLIQUE ATTEMPT ANYTHING WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION? is how it came off.

    No one appointed me, I did not know that attempting to be helpful was self importance... I guess I should go back to being a complete douchebag for people to like me...

    The reason for this is that I have been part of this community for a very long time, but I have burned out on it. That being said I still care about the well being of wwp and I still want to participate to some extent.

    I did not troll anyone, I'm sorry if you get angry when you get criticized.

    And finally, yes, I do tend to be devil's advocate at times, I will support unpopular views often, that is just how I am, I'm sorry if that offends anyone but you either deal with it or you ban me from here forever I guess.

    Finally, I would like us to drop this, because this is becoming a pissing match between me and the mods, and that really wasn't my goal when joining this conversation, I'm hugely disapointed in the lack of success of my attempt to make things better, and I'm sorry that some members of the staff feel threatened everytime someone that is not part of their clique attempts something that was not their idea. I'm very sorry that you felt the need to gang up on me because I wanted to help.

    Next time I feel like helping, I will know what to do...

    I come back to wwp after months of not posting, I see a bunch of shit happening and I think to myself, hmmm I might not have that many talents but I'm not too bad with being diplomatic when I try, and this is the welcome I get. The admins and mods side against me because I actually attempted to find a peaceful resoltution to a clusterfuck. I really wish I understood that mentality, it's a bit sad if this is what wwp has become... You are doing more to hurt this community by acting this way than any troll could in my opinion. No offense but the way it comes off is that you get angry that someone else than you could actually try and solve something. I hope I'm wrong about that.
  33. Orson Member

    The list of things you are wrong about is extensive and currently being categorized by interns at the Smithsonian.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    To me, the mask represents Anonymous/Chanology, but to newer things that have come along it might be used to get anons to support it (something not agreed on by consensus ie: someone made a YouTube video) or used by WITP-ers who want to "save" anons and the world and chose to exploit the mask, or by others who want to appear as a force to be reckoned with: a force that does not fail. Some of those uses sound more flattering than others in my imagination. Now it's Occupy. Who knows why they wear them, and no, they don't really have to. The anons I know that have attended Occupy events, didn't wear their masks. Who knows, and who cares who wears a mask? I personally haven't agreed with many things I saw, which used the mask symbol, yet complaining about it isn't going to do anything. If it was something that ALL anons agreed was wrong, something would happen.
  35. HOC Member

    To be fair shaw, I havent exactly been siding against you so far. Generalizations hurt arguments yo.
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  36. PresidentShaw Member

    I know, but I'm just getting a bit pissed at the reaction from SOME of the staff. Sorry if it came off that way.
  37. Mutante Member

    This is how anonymous lost the war.

    Wait, I mean Germany.

    OR DO I
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

  40. PresidentShaw Member

    You got it.
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