German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!!!

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    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    wow, the video is deliciously incriminating.
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    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    okay, so lets sort the material:

    4-page article from "Stern":
    in German
    in English

    German is the original scan from the magazine, English a PDF of the combined anon translations, as requested for the info packs

    20 minute TV Segment from "SternTV":
    German only
    German with English subtitles (great work, hunter)

    Watch that vid, it's full of win

    dpa interview with Mr Gareis:

    And to put it in perspective:
    Weekly printed issues of Stern: 981.016 copies, reaching 7.42 mil people all over Germany
    SternTV ratings May 15th: 1.93 mil viewers, market share in the group of 14-49 years 23,8%
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    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Sorry, but they really are crappy. I'll continue doing them now, but I can't promise I'll be done today because there's a miniraid I'm taking part in tonight ;)
  4. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    nevermind i think there´s more to come anyway if Spiegel or Stern do a major article it´s always quoted by numerous other smaller newspapers, so we could go on xlating the whole weekend the crapy version should do for now ... enjoy your raid!
  5. Plups Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Win, in any language.
  6. eksef Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    That question made me lol.

    Delicious win, can't be good for their stats.
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    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    I bought it today and I read it and it's really great. The information about the experiences Ferdy Gareis made and how he felt with all the pressure they made him is really good explained. And on the internetpage of Stern are ads from Amazon (!!!) with books against Co$.
    I just don't understand why he didn't mention Anonymous in the article. They were protesting outside the building this time.
    Who wants to mail him:
    I hope "Spiegel" will follow.
  8. anon_david Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Very possible that the scilons on the inside have had a minimal exposure to Anonymous due to cockblocking and downplaying of numbers by higher-up scilons.
  9. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    this i think if you are inside they try not to expose you to any critics especially when you are new, heck they don´t even let us talk to the lower minions ...
  10. indeedindeed Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    btw, tonight at 3:15am local time, there is going to be a rerun.
    Thanks to Fredy Gareis and also to Günter Jauch. >1 million internets to them.
  11. Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Haha Stern is famous for hot chicks on the cover. They get sued for that sometimes too. But the article that chick is reffering to is about relaxation to loose weight. ;-)

    That pic of you berlinfags with Sabine is EPIC.
    There are several german songs that have already
    been re-written for this "lady".

    The lots of german Media has already responded to this article in Stern, but sadly Spiegel is still saying nothing -they rather report about spoof groups than Anon or this.

    I am also about to write to the lefty newspaper i usually read a lot (taz) and tell them to quit going on about the 68er fags (old hippies are old) and start reporting about present time topics.
  12. str Member

  13. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Here's the full text in one sweep. It's Krautfag & Himbeertoni's translations, which I've proofread and cleaned up some minor errors, and tweaked to be idiomatic English. (Don't worry, I know some German and checked against the original text so that the meaning didn't get lost before making any bigger rearrangements)

    As the sun sets behind the scenery of Berlin, Scientologists celebrate a birthday. The 97th of their founder L. Ron Hubbard, who died in 1986. Torches line the red carpet leading into the Scientology-Residency in Charlottenburg. The building at the Otto-Suhr-Allee is a glass and steel complex, with the Scientology-cross above the entrance. The Scientologists – in dark suits, dresses – are happily laughing in the foyer. Berlin, according to the inside word, works ten times better than planned. And: Berlin is meant to grow even further.
    To the Scientologists I am Thorsten Brock, unemployed with a degree in American studies, fan of Tom Cruise and his success. I pretend to live with my girlfriend in a 2-room-flat in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood. Sandra is against Scientology. For five months in total I have been able to hide my true identity. I have smuggled in a micro camera. I am a journalist and want to document what is really happening behind that glass front.
    About 250 Scientologists, among them obviously lots of newbies, have gathered on this Saturday at the end of March. They want to reflect on the past year and plan the route for the future. There will be a video from Los Angeles, then a buffet on the 6th floor.
    On the first floor Irmi Tjarks, Executive Director of Berlin, stands before the audience. Her red short hair is shimmering in the lights, her smile is bright. The former real-estate agent has just been to the USA. She has brought a gold cup back with her, a galopping horse placed on top it. In the worldwide comparison of the Scientology-organizations – a yearly race for fixures, sales, stats – Berlin has become number one. Allegedly. Not even the local Scientologists had been expecting that. „The start of a new civilization“ says Irmi Tjarks „here in Berlin and in the all of Germany.“ Stong applause. „By which we will turn Europe around!“.
    Statements like that the are not usually heard by the general public. The video tape is about the expansion as well. David Miscavige, Ron Hubbard's successor, presents 13 new „orgs“ - that's what Scientologists call their „parish“ - as well as plans for Africa and China. He confidently characterizes the nature of Scientology „We are a train without brakes, and we're even putting more coals on the fire.“ After leaving the the hall, I am caught by a man in a dark suit. „I am Sören“, he says „Director of personnel.“ Do I know you? „No“, he replies with a smile „but I know of you – come along.“
    It started last year. A Scientologist called Corinna accosted me on the street right outside the Berlin Org. Tight white shirt, black trousers, crimped hair, 19 years old. She opened her mouth to a shining white smile and asked, whether I wouldn't like to come in. She was very nice, sweet even.
    So I went in and filled out a personality test. The result was „unacceptable“. All results at rock bottom. But they would be able to help. With a course called „Troubles of work.“ Pay right away, start now. Tom Cruise did that course too, they said.

    My provisional membership ID dates from the 22th of November 2007. Since then I took four courses, while the Scientologists tightened the ring around me. The phone rang more frequently, I was asked to come more often, and meant to stay even longer. That went on for four months, first with a loose leash, that kept being pulled harder – and now, on Hubbards birthday they wanted to get the catch into the boat. I was to be a part of the system.
    While the others are moving to the buffet, Sören leads me up the back stairs to the second floor. The window is open, it's cold. Sören is blond, in his early twenties and suddenly has a form in his hand. „That's what an employee contract looks like“, he says, and his green eyes bore into me. He keeps eye contact until I turn away. A trick of the Scientologists. Whoever looks away, gives in. Sören wants me to sign it.
    In my distress I pretend to be hungry, in order to evade Sören. On the sixth floor I am putting some salami on my plate, I can't eat more, my stomach is in knots. When my plate is emtpy, Sören appears again, his hand behind his back. He won't take his eyes away from me. The others who are relatively new, experience the same thing. They are being worked on by Scientologists with clipboards in their hands. It's about donations, courses, staff work.

    Sören wants me to follow him back to the second floor. He points to the contract and tells me that as opposed to a normal business I won't be paid. Business? I always thought they would characterize themselves as a church. At some point Sören talks about his parents. They were against Scientology until he „handled“ them. A word I will encounter often. In Scientology-jargon it means: to win somebody for the cause. Time passes and it becomes more exhausting to fight off Sören. As I am leaving the building shortly before midnight it feels like taking off a heavy coat.

    Tuesday, April first. On my way to the course Sören intercepts me in the foyer. „I want to show you a movie“, he says, „about the meaning of Berlin.“ Sören starts playing a DVD. The movie shows Kennedy, he speaks his famous words in front of Schöneberger Rathaus. Berlin has ethic presence, the movie argues, Berlin stands for freedom. Us against them, the movie narrates. And about the resistance they encounter. „We've suffered such bad things in Germany“ Sören says. What bad things? „Scientologists have been tortured, reprogrammed.“ By whom? „By the church, secret service, Interpol. By those who have money.“
    Money is what they want as well. In the movie Hubbard appeals to push people into closing deals, to put them on courses, to sell them books: Don't be stopped. No matter what excuse they have. „Clear Germany!“ The movie ends with that. „Clear“ in Scientology means the liberation of the psyche from the subconscious. Sören switches off the tv and presents the work contract to me. This is no job, he clarifies. This is a crusade.
    I hesitate. Sören alters his tactics. He shows me on the organization chart with positions I could work in. Org-security for instance. What do they do? Sören's fingertips touch each other: „Press can write anything they want“ he says „but someone has to leak this information – we find these people and put them on trial.“
    I nod. I hear yelling: „Let me go! Let me go!“. It must be coming from the room around the corner. I give Sören a questioning look. Is that a coincidence? He only smiles and shrugs his shoulders. „I am expecting a decision by Thursday, 2 pm“, he says.
    Wednesday, April 2nd. Course room. My current course is called „Self-analysis.“ A mixture of philosophy, psychology, banalities and lies. The goal: To be trained into submissiveness. If I don't ask a question for 10 minutes, I am suspicious. The course supervisor will then appear at my side, go through my book and ask questions until the answer is in agreement with Hubbard's demand. If I look out the window for a while, the course supervisor comes to stand beside me again. He might say that I should use the „demo kit“ - a bowl with some kind of building blocks – to receive „more mass“. If I don't do it, I am urged to it over and over again.
    I answer the questions in the books and write essays. As long as I am using Hubbard's key words, all is well, and the rest may as well be complete bullshit. Any critical discourse about the content ends most likely with: „he who believes to know everything never learns something correctly.“ To complete a course, you have to be hooked up to the infamous „e-meter“, the central tool of Scientologists, a sort of a lie-detector. One has to „attest“ to have understood everything. Then you get a certificate and hold a speech in the classroom. The applause feels good to many. Afterwards you go to the „registrar“, to pay for the next course. One of my first lessons was: Let yourself be controlled.

    I learn that you can heal diseases as a Scientologist. „Skin diseases too?“, I ask course supervisor Hermias. He: „Exactly.“ Me: „And if I continue: Can I then cure cancer?“ He: „Totally. You are then the cause of the physical universe.“ Hermias isn't the only one telling me that so cloudedly. At which point, I think, do you stop asking questions? At what point do you start to adopt that nonsense?
    Thursday, April 3rd. Sören's office. I didn't fill out the recruitment form Sören gave me last time. Ten pages of personal questions. For instance question 41: „Have you committed crimes you haven't been convicted of?“ Question 42: „Did you ever had anything to do with prostitution, homosexuality, illegal sex or any sexual perversions? Please state with any incident with who, where and when it happened.“
    I tell Sören that my girlfriend found the papers and tore them apart. „Hm“, Sören says. „It's best you do a different course now.“ Immediately. „To overcome the ups and downs in life.“ 90 Euro and 50 Cent. „Do you have the money?“ Of course not. „I am unemployed.“

    Him: "Good, then get one. Because you need to become the cause again. You need to handle your girlfriend. And if not, you have to separate." So it's us against them. Sören looks me deeply in the eyes. "Have you ever considered whether your girlfriend is cheating on you?" He then leads me to Philipp. Blond, hard eyes, about 30 years old. "Please hold the cans." Again, the e-meter, the lie-detector.

    "Are you here to find stories for the newspapers?" I try to laugh the question away with a bit of outrage. Just don't think of anything, don't put pressure on the cans of the e-meter. A small current flows through them, measuring skin resistance. If the needle reacts you see that something is happening inside oneself, but not what it is.
    Primitive. My heart is beating. The other are in control, not me. "Is there something you're not telling me?" Again and again he is asks these questions. How long have I been in here now? My hands are cold and damp. I become aggressive. I want to get out. "You can tell me everything", says Philipp, "it stays with us". For every session there is a record. The most intimate secrets are being archived and when necessary used as means of pressure. "There is still something left" Philipp says and looks at me suspiciously as I leave.
    At home I need to drink a schnapps at first. The methods of the Scientologists go to the core. To mentally seal oneself off is exhaustive. How long can you take such a thing? Sören told me I should be home before my girlfriend. So she doesn't realize I was gone.
    Wednesday, April 9th. My phone rings until late in the night. It rings, then it's hung up. Again and again. For Scientologists the week ends at Thursday 14 o' clock. At that time the performance of each organization is being analyzed. For the expansion the numbers have to grow. Everyone is under this pressure and passes it on.
    Thursday, April 10th. This morning it starts right away once more. I let it ring 20 times, before I pick up the phone. "Hello Thorsten, this is Carina. So when can you come in again?" Carina replaces Sören. I tell her I'll come at 2 pm anyway. "Ah no, a little bit earlier." - "I need to get some things done before." - "We could also come to where you are." - "No, that's a waste of time." - "There is a piece of paper you would need to sign. And it's definitely too late at two o'clock!" - "See you at two" I say and end the conversation. Two minutes later it rings once more.

    "We just want to get this done quickly, then our statistics go up, it has something to do with the size of the Org, so our influence on Berlin grows." As if there had been no previous phone call. "What kind of form is it?" Carina: "Ahem, I'll show you." When I ask her where she is, my heart stops beating for a moment: Even though I said no several times, they are already on their way to my part of town. We agree on the S-train station Bornholmer Straße as a meeting point. On the way to this my mobile rings five more times.
    At the station Carina and Cornelius demand that I sign the work contract now. Now. Carina is 19, Cornelius 21. They would easily outplay any competition in a group of hard-sell door-to-door salespeople. I tell them that I don't want to do anything behind my girlfriend's back. Carina points to the contract, a ballpoint pen in hand.
    "The signature would be a step in the right direction." I'm hesitating. "How about if you would just enter your name in here? We won't enter a date yet." - "No. Let's do it the way I want to." Carina: "I'm suggest a different approach. Just enter your name here." And taps on the contract again. "Just take the ballpoint." She tries to force me with her look. I keep my hands in my pockets. "Just take the ballpoint pen now!"

    Saturday, April 12th. Course room. The lessons take up to three hours. I read about Potential Trouble Sources (me) and Supressive Persons (my girlfriend and those critical of Scientology). Course supervisor Reinhold is quizzing a child. How old could he be, eight years? But he's stubborn, so they have to isolate him and take him to another room. I see kids here more frequently. Sometimes they belong to staff and sometimes to parents that study here. I need to think about Carina's gaze when I was signing the contract last Thursday. Of course it would have been possible for me to just leave. That's the only way. But I wanted to see how far they would go. The look Carina gave Cornelius. Stone cold. Hard. It wasn't about me. It wasn't about “total freedom and immortality”, that scientology pretends to give to mankind. I was only a number, a closure of a deal. How does someone feel, who's been caught in Scientologys trap?

    Tuesday, April 15th Sörens office. Carina is talking to me, “When can you start?” – “Monday” –“Why not now?” – “I still have stuff to do” – “I want you to start now!” Carina is grabing a piece of paper. I told her that I have a new job at the University. Four days a week, 8 hours each day. She draws a couple of quick lines on the paper with the ballpoint pen and my new schedule is ready. I'm to work for 52,5 hours a week apart from the job at the university. Salary? She can´t say how much exactly. She gets 50 Euros, at the moment. Sörens enters the room. Both pressure me. At the end they get me to enter the years in the contract, that I pledge myself to work for Scientology. I supposedly have the choice between 2,5 and 5 years, as I write 2,5 years Carine smiles and says: ”you'll enter 5 years on Monday”

    A short time later Executive Director Irmi Tjarks enters the office. This was staged, I think. She says that we have to rescue the planet, who else will do that? “You know,” she says “this is like rescuing a drowning man that doesn't want to be rescued, but you do it anyway”. The Scientologists are laughing. I start to think what my life would look in like in two-and-a-half years if I had done this for real, if I had commited myself for real.

    Monday April 21st. A traditional Bar in Berlin “House of 100 Beers” I can´t go on. How long can you stand the pressure before you break, mentally, and you start to become another person? Half a year, one year? Today will be the last day I will meet with them. Carina is dropping by to “handle” my girlfriend. She brings Corinna with her. Carina tells me that Berlin is going to rise within Scientology's hierarchy to the same level as Copenhagen, the European headquarters of Scientology. To do so they need 55 more staff members. They already have 125. They want to do this by the sixth of June.
    They confide in me: “We have really good contacts,” they say quietly “not only actors, but also politicians waiting for the signal that we're going forward and that they can emerge from the shadows”. Who knows which of these claims are true. Scientology wages propaganda not only towards the public but also within the organisation.
    When Sandra arrives we lean back again. Sandra asks questions and the two girls laugh – and lie. You can heal diseases? Bullshit, no-one claims that. Pressuring people? No way. The press? They are lying. Then they try to lure Sandra into the Org. Sandra resists and says that she doesn't want to. That she doesn't have time and that the many phone calls piss her off. Carina and Corinna just put their hands under their chins and nod politely. They're obviously in control, at least they have me by the ear.

    Sandra gets up “You know what I think” she tells me and leaves. This was how it was planned. Sandra is played by a colleague. Corinna says I have to go to the Org immediately to become “stable”. They want to “drill” me so I can handle Sandra when I come home. They want to show me how “assists” work. It´s a psychological method that I should use on Sandra. It worked with Corinna's boyfriend as well. Carina plants seeds of doubt like Sören did before “Have you ever consider that your girlfriend is cheating on you?” I take a look at both of them. How can It be that two 19 year-old girls are trying to destroy my relationship, to break me mentally and financially try to ruin me, while smiling?
    The light catches Carina's blond hair. The 19 year-old girl shows her teeth as she grins and says:
    "We're like Rottweilers, we won't let go"
  14. RHill Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    If it is of any help... I see that Movie Maker was used for the subtitles. Here is an add-on to make subtitle lower on the screen (less intrusive), and especially to make them appear on top of a translucent box to ensure good contrast no matter what background.

    Just cut & paste the text below into notepad, and save as:

    ?:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\AddOnTFX\subwbg.xml

    This will add a new title effect in Movie Maker next time it is launched, named "Subtitle on translucent banner".
  15. lori Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Yes, but Gareis is no scilon, he is a journalist. So I'm sure that he knew about Anon that time and I'm still wondering why he didn't even mention it.
  16. indeedindeed Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    I may only speculate, but maybe it would be too much to explain and wasn't part of his undercover investigation.
  17. A-non-y-moose Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    I think NOT Mentioning Anonymous is way more brilliant. Günter Jauch is very very credible TV guy in Germany, if he host a piece about how dangerous sientology is - average jon and jane dow believe it. It is absolutly serious (mentioning a bunch of masked guys in the same show would rater neglegt that). But if people have in mind Günter Jauch is against co$ and then read/see/hear somewhere else about us, they count 1+1 together = Win!
  18. Camille Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Holy Christ on this. I just read the English translation and it's just insane with all the pressure, the staring, the inability to act like normal people and the constant need to sell, sell, sell, conquer and divide. That journo has balls of steel.
  19. anon_david Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    And don't forget the rush to get upstat before the 2pm deadline.
  20. anon_david Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

  21. Camille Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    That pen bit just killed me, where she was demanding he take the pen over and over like a robot. And that they absolutely had to do this by 2PM Thurs. Just utterly ridiculous. I watched the Youtube links as well and the comparisons to programmed, stiff robots just nailed it.

    Also, all the direct contradictions of the shiny CO$ PR vs the reality with the hidden cam? WIN.
  22. riba Member

    Whoa, finally finished.
    I'm sure that by now anyone interested has seen this, but I didn't want to break my promise. It's the video you already saw with "real" subtitles and another part you didn't see yet: the viewer reactions.

    Vimeo removed the video.
    That's why I uploaded it to Raidshare:

    That's what you'll be getting:

    (Don't kill me for the .png, the program is made for subbing anime and I was too lazy to convert the screenshot.)
  23. indeedindeed Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    thanks, I'm already curious for the viewer reactions.
    Also, nice screenshot: I've asked this question myself quite often: "When do people get to be that way, what's the turning point? Or have they even been like that from the start?"

    The expression on Jauch's face is priceless in expressing this feeling.
  24. stc Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Thanks for your efforts. I'm really looking forward to this. The quality of video from your screenshot looks superb.

    How big is the file? If you have time could you please upload it to something like I would like to host the video on my website (and I'll pay for the bandwith so that people can see the highest quality possible).

    If not, don't worry: Vimeo is good (better than Youtube!)
  25. riba Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Glad you like it :fuckyou:
    In the bottom right corner should be a download-link for the original video. If that doesn't work, I'll upload it tomorrow (132MB), because it's already 12:30am on Monday for me.

    BTW, now it can be watched.
  26. stc Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    I can download it from Vimeo just fine - thanks again. :twisted:
  27. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Great work Riba i found some mistakes though but i´m pretty sure we will fix those ...

    it called "many people" not "much people" right? ;)

    but i think most of the people here can figure that much.

    thx again for your efforts

  28. AnonymousNow Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    excellent story. nice translation on the subtitles. we need a network in the USA to do one just like it.
  29. thedoctor Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    wonderful. very powerful. you can see in his expression, they did mess him up a bit in that short term.

    although their technique works, it has a consequence... you feel like you're surrounded by enemies... always under attack... always a threat behind every corner...

    i wonder if anyone has done a study of scientologists and post traumatic stress disorder.

    would be interesting.
  30. felixanon Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    What happened?

    Was watching and it just stopped, refershed and got the above, scilons again?
  31. Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Who else?
  32. Camille Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    I'm getting the same message.
  33. Anon23517 Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    I got that, too. :(
  34. Mumble Member

  35. riba Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    TV shows are not allowed.
    I'll fix that one error (~20 minutes of encoding) and then upload it to Rapidshare (120MB, about 30 minutes).

    It's done, enjoy:

    RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

    (It's a hardsubbed xvid avi, so everyone should be able to play it.)
  36. stc Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    What are you saying? Vimeo won't allow it as it's a TV programme? Dammit I was glad for it to be hosted on Vimeo as the quality is way better than You Tube.

    Also, another thing: I have premium subcription to but not but I should still be able to download it.
  37. str Member

  38. thedoctor Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    this was an awesome show.
  39. loltech Member

    Re: German magazine "STERN" publicates "Undercover at the Scientology-Church Berlin"!

    Its not about Anon, its about crushing Scientology. We don't need a mention.

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