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Discussion in 'Deutschland' started by Anonymous, Apr 30, 2015.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Hi guys. I'm trying to learn some German (know some basics, but the only way to learn a language for me is using [translating] it myself, teachers won't help). You guys got some links to interesting texts (best thing would be some kind of tutorials/articles on Anon, FoI, anonymity - just not too technical)?

    - German
    - grammatically correct
    - interesting for Anon
    - up-to-date (you know, an article posted in local German newspaper back in 2005 is not a thing)
    - not a rocket science
    - NOT facebook, twitter, google or any other data sales website
  2. Togijak Member

    @Albino Back

    eine Seite die alle deine Anforderung erfüllt fällt mir auf Anhieb nicht ein, aber Du kannst dir auf jeden Fall mal


    die beide grammatikalisch weitestgehend korrekt sindund manchmal auch die anderen Ansprüche erfüllen.
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