(GERMAN) translation project: The Road to February 10 video

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by indeedindeed, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Re: (GERMAN) translation project: The Road to February 10 video

    im sorry, i dont have time, diskspace or expertise for that.

    thanks a lot for the update! and thanks again for the outstanding amount of work you already have invested in this.

    considering the changes in the other thread: i agree with most of them and those where i have objections these are mostly medium at the maximum. dont know if ill have time to post an answer there. the only thing i would certainly ask is not to change the bits about "religion" etc. for now, because i think there absolutely needs to be a discussion about this before we change anything there. this is a translation after all and not a rewrite. on the other hand i see the way of arguing for the opposite. maybe an additional text segment explaining we dont really care if its a religion -even though almost all of us believe it to be a cult- it has no right to do the things it does. youre free to believe what you want but your not free to treat people inside and outside of your organization that way- no matter if you are a religion, a cult, a business or a scam. you're not free to kill a cat, no matter who you are ([rant] and WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE really- its just outrageous and they just dont get it it wont work like this for another 50 years;y ou treat people like you treat them- you get a huge backlash, its a problem in principle, not in not being able to handle "this SP" or "that SP"- they just dont get it [/rant]). considering these points of course the other thread is the place for discussion, but really i dont have time right now.

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