Germany Debrief; Shout Out to Anonymous and Graham Berry

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Zhongjianren, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Germany Debrief; Shout Out to Anonymous and Graham Berry

    Germany Debrief
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    in b 4 marty marty marty bawww baww bawww
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    This article is very interesting and raises a lot of important points and contains many important realizations. It shows how you can make big strides once you start playing within the rules of general society and start acknowledging that there are different possible points of view. Talking with former enemies and exchanging opinions with society at large is a huge advance compared to what CoS is doing. However...

    Yes, because there is a systematic effort going on to remove their skills of critical thinking. And this is fundamentally related to Scientology procedures.

    I never thought I'd say this but this

    is an unfair generalization against Scientologists in CoS.

    The two aren't mutually exclusive.

    This is true, but another reason is that many people look at the philosophy and actually oppose a lot of the content. This is also the reason why this

    isn't all there is to it and why it won't be that simple.

    Don't get me wrong, I really like this article, but IMHO it is a fundamental mistake to see Scientology and CoS under Miscavige as two basically unrelated subjects.

    The question I would propose to independent Scientologists to ask themselves is this one: Is there any relation at all between the philosophy of Scientology and the current state of the Church of Scientology?
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  7. PodPeople Member

    I have a different question, one they've all asked themselves at some point and some posted answers ranged from "don't know, don't understand, or PTS".

    Some of these Indies took almost a quarter of a century to figure out that Miscavige was a loon and a criminal, using Hubbard's ethics "tech", when mere wogs figured it out in a month to one year. Why didn't they spot it before? PTS? Um, that's part of the ethics tech. Applied it wrong? There's Qual tech for that. Misunderstood word? There's study tech for that. False Date? There's.... you know.

    Yet now these same people who admit they either bankrupted themselves, lost connections with family and friends, or some even carried out his evil orders, for so long, all applying this tech, now are telling others that they should use this same tech to solve yet another situation.

    I'm always thankful and glad when hard evidence is given up to authorities.

    But those driving in this Indie 500(?), please. Adjust your Rearview Mirror and Look.

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    Marty just doesn't smile quiet right, does he?
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    OK. I'm dying to know. Who's the cutie with his arm around Graham?
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    What's the correct way to smile?
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    Is this Miscavige's doing or is it the tech? <- rhetorical question
    The problem is that the "religion" of scientology is based on zeroing in on people's vulnerabilities and manipulates them to use for its own purpose. Indies figure they can remove all the bullcrap and negativity out of scientology by scapegoating Miscavige and keep "what works", however you can go to your nearest bookstore and buy any self-help book that would do just as well for 1/10,000th of the price.

    It is not a credible premise for planetary enlightenment and even less for a religion.
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    Hai Marty. Knew you'd show up eventually LOL
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    Right. Hubbard was selling his snake-oil (pun intended) when Miscavige was still in short pants.
  15. Ackerland Member

    QFT. Of course it is because of black Dianetics, and not the fact that Hubbard's philosophy is so convoluted you can justify almost anything with it in your mind.
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