[Germany]: New book about Scientology

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Hidrogen, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Hidrogen Member

    [Germany]: New book about Scientology


    I sure it has been mentioned on a side note that a new book by Frank Nordhausen and Liane v. Billerbeck was released at the beginning of September.

    The book can be found here: Scientology. Wie der Sektenkonzern die Welt erobern will: Frank Nordhausen, Liane von Billerbeck: B├╝cher

    I ordered the book in August and it arrived last Friday and I'm half way through. I must say it is an incredibly detailed book which describes all aspects of Scientology and while reading the book chills run down my spine at the magnitude of involvement Scientology has in all areas of politics and society...and as I've said I'm only half way through.

    It also explains a lot of actions by Scientology be it past present or future, like for instance why Tom Cruise was awarded the "Bambi of courage" or why it has such a strong presence in Hollywood.

    In order to back up all the facts it has about 80 pages of annotations and bibliography which by itself is a treasure trove.

    This all most overwhelming amount of facts and details makes the book very dense and may be not easily read by everybody. Another critical observation would be that since I'm used to reading scientific publications I find the amount of colorful adjectives a little too much and not necessary. But I guess it may be a way for the authors to make the book a little "lighter".

    Conclusion: Highly recommended! A must read for everyone that is into activism against the church. I hope it will get translated very soon for all the englishfags.

    TL;DR: Buy It, Read It
  2. iaxiloll Member

    Re: [Germany]: New book about Scientology

    Thanks for the link, I have ordered it.
  3. Re: [Germany]: New book about Scientology

    It's in German.
  4. Cyanide Member

    Re: [Germany]: New book about Scientology

    Thanks for the tip!
    It's quite hard to figure out which the good books are since there are so many regarding this topic...
    Something to spend the time with until the next raid, yay

  5. meathead Member

    Re: [Germany]: New book about Scientology

    I was the first anon which got the book. Have it since 4th of september, and I'm currently at the second reading. It's very well madeand give you a lot of (new) informations about the involvement of Scientology in society and economy.

    Anonymous got also 4-5 sites of the book ;)
  6. Hidrogen Member

    Re: [Germany]: New book about Scientology

    ok because of the enturb-drama I forgot to post that I've written to the publisher and asked if they're are planning an English translation and sadly the response was: Not at this time or the foreseeable future....

    Maybe we could translate it ourselves and because of its length maybe only the most important chapters?
  7. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: [Germany]: New book about Scientology

    is it me... ordoes anyone kinda want an english one... and on another note... tin hat still is on...

    is this a safe purchase? i mean shit...

    good on the anons who ordered the book but ... is it safe to order this book and not be tracked or traced?
  8. Cyanide Member

    Re: [Germany]: New book about Scientology

    Go to a book store and order it.
  9. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: [Germany]: New book about Scientology

    Ordered it. :)


    Oh wow. :D

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