Get Mark Bunker On CNN!

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Daunt, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Daunt Member

    Get Mark Bunker On CNN!

    We need some advertisement for February 10th, and I think we have time to do something big to spread February tenth. If we all rally together to send letters to CNN, posted as Anonymous maybe, we could get Mark Bunker on CNN talking about the dangers of scientology and February 10th.

    Anonymous will be in headline news with a positive twist. Mark Bunker will most likely preach the dangers of scientology and get people's interest growing, and then mention February tenth so the whole country will know where to express their dislike of scientology.

    Explain that Mark Bunker isn't a part of anonymous. Maybe send them a link to the interview on 983 WOW.

    Guess how many thousands more people will show up on February 10th.

    Scientology won't know what to do.

    Edit: Sticked!
    -Enturbulation Staff
  2. I want this for the protest, I want this for Mark, and I want this for the lulz.

    Letters upon letters to major media outlets for the win.
  3. L.the.Anon Member

    Daunt: You fail. We are not after spreading hate, that the CoS can do if they want to. We are not against the religion in itself, we are against the practices of the corporation and cult disguised as a Church. There are Scientologists who are not members of the church, and we are not trying to tell people to go out and attack all Scientologists. We are Legion. Not a mob.
  4. I think that people use the word hate wrong a lot. Just edit out the word hate and change the wording so this doesn't derail please. I should hope that everyone knows what we're fighting for by now.
  5. SPVII Member

    This is not a hate group. We do not hate scientology. We "hate" what its leadership is doing to its followers if anything. This is about stopping the corruption, not an attack on their personal beliefs.
  6. Daunt Member

    No problem guys. Wrong word choice. But besides that. I'm sending letters to CNN to get Mark Bunker on. Who's with me.
  7. I am with you but we need to pick a specific source to go to.

    This is a fantastic idea, and needs the support of everyone to even remotely become feasible.

    No where in his entire post did he say get people to hate and attack scientologists....

    But to hate SCIENTOLOGY like it should be hated. Like the way people hate cults that murder dozens of thier members. They dont attack the members of the cult, they pity them as victims.

    Because scientology IS a cult, that HAS murdered dozens if its members. And ruined the lives of God knows how many people who tried to get out.
  9. And the derailing starts.

  10. Daunt Member

  11. googoomuck Member

    Just whipped up some delicious copypasta, edit any way you like:

    Dear [News outlet],

    You may have heard by now about a group of anonymous critics of the Church of Scientology who have become active on the internet. I am writing to you as a strong supporter of the legal, nonviolent actions of this group, which is being referred to as Anonymous.

    To call these critics of the Church of Scientology "Anonymous", the group known for prior DDoS attacks, is only partly correct. The initial declaration of "war" by Anonymous has attracted thousands of law-abiding people.

    Anonymous does not hate Scientology or Scientologists, we hate the abusive and intimidating body known as the Church of Scientology. Scientology is a belief system which is farfetched, but its believers are free to believe. If anything, the low-ranking members of this church are victims of extortion and extremely forceful persuasion.

    The Church of Scientology has a long history of attacking and harassing its critics by legal and illegal means. Remaining anonymous allows law-abiding people to protest the human rights abuses, willful abuse of the legal system, and acts of censorship for which the Church is so well known- without fear of harassment.

    Mark Bunker is an Emmy-award-winning journalist who has devoted much time to exposing the Church of Scientology's mistreatment of its own members, the legal system, and its critics. You can find his website at

    If your news organization wishes to reap the massive page-hits of a story regarding Anonymous and the critics of Scientology, we strongly suggest that you contact Mark Bunker. Where we are anonymous, he will speak to you without fear of reprisal.

    An anonymous [viewer/reader] of [news organization]
  12. Bump, for this is important
  13. L.the.Anon Member

    Bump indeed. Seems like things got a little out of hand at first. Sorry about that, I shouldn't have yelled at you for making a very good idea, and maybe being a little sloppy at the outlining of it at most.

    So, anyone sent it yet?
  14. oryx Member

    All hail the Oracle! Wise Beard Man go and speak with Anderson Cooper. :)
  15. Daunt Member

  16. natianon Member

    could a wordy anon whip up a copypasta for me just informing local media (tv,radio,paper) about the protest on 2/10. If we could get some anons on local news stations across the country this could be good for the cause

    anons not acting like idiots i hope
  17. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Here's a press release that generally follows the standard format. Read over and edit pleezz!!!11
    Underlined sections need input from whoever's sending it.
    Wow that took a little bit. Please offer revisions and fact-checks for the content. 90% sure the format is correct.

    fixing fixing fixing. perfection is for bowling anyways
    Last Update: 2/1, 23:49gmt thanks AB and Anonymouschick2!
  18. xenuslc Member

    controversy, not contreversy

    Other than that, great job. I will be using that.
  19. it's not noon, it's 11am.

    We don't want people coming late
  20. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    edit: ^^ aaaaah feces this is why you always have a second set of eyes take a look at it
    vvv it has a quote from an anon (ironically no username given), if you think there's a better one to replace/supplement, let me know

    Glad you like it
    That was so intense I had to take a shit, drink some water, and lie down for a couple minutes :eek:
    Who has a nice untraceable email to send this off to PRNewswire?
  21. natianon Member

    as long as no one objects i will be taking this delicious copypasta and emailing it to all my local, and national news stations. Would anon like to remark prior to me doing so? Would it do more harm then good?
  22. I see several good "seed" items to solicit CNN to get WBM on the set.

    Unique-ify your copypasta before clicking them into the CNN submission queue for maximum return
  23. This is win and important. Think they are going to listen to Anons outside of US? (If not, there'a always newspaper here, but I doubt they'll get Wise Beard Man)
  24. Awesome this is great thank you! Sticky please?
  25. AB Member IS operation clambake, is mark bunkers site
  26. chatman Member

    Hope this goes ahead
  27. you can't just hope

    to steal a command intention from the cult, you have to "make it go right"
  28. chatman Member

    Hope this goes ahead
  29. So is a plan in place to send stuff in to the media outlets or are we still planning?
  30. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    We have PR copy, if you know contact points at media outlets to send it to then send away.
  31. I will send it to the local media. There is one that I think MIGHT bring him on the air.
  32. OSA!!!! OSA!!!!

    OSA = Office of Special Affairs.

    Also, during operation freakout, it may have been known as the G.O. (Guardians Office) Make sure you have the correct information, one wrong piece of info, one typo, one error makes us look like we haven't done our due diligence here.

    Make sure you get the Cooper info right, they actually got her finger prints on a piece of paper and sent a death threat to...? A president of another government? I forget which, but she was in serious trouble and they framed her.

    FBI finally figured it out, and Paulette Cooper was quoted as wanting to kill herself because of their torments.
  33. Re: OSA!!!! OSA!!!!


    they mailed a bomb threat to themselves on her stationary with her fingerprints on it.
    then they leaked a tip to the FBI

    it took a long time for her to clear her name and nearly destroyed her in the process
  34. : )

    thank you.

    and they were "planning" on sending a death threat to henry kissinger.

    I do find it ironic that the faked anthrax thing happened.. sent the white powder to themselves.. what? do they think we are dumb????

    COME ON!
  35. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Anthrax? OMG, like, they are so totally like 2002! Amirite!?! :roll:
  36. Briar Member

    Thanks for the press release. Ill be using parts of that to send to the media in my area for the 2/10/08 event.
  37. Atomosk Member

    Re: : )

    We aren't dumb, but the media will believe anything.
  38. WMAnon Member

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