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    Can someone find somewhere that describes HOW the Iranian government censors all traffic. How their networks are configured/peered/arranged? What Operating Systems do they use? Cell phone towers? Satellite jamming? Getting THIS kind of information will be invaluable to people who are trying to work on methods of getting-around their naive attempts at censorship.
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    Old information here:

    they do IP- and port-based filtering, and also content filtering.


    How to Help
    So you want to help Iran, but you're not actually in Iran? here's what you can do to help (Focused on twitter, since that's where the infowar is occurring.

    * Change your location and time zone on Twitter to Tehran, Iran (that's GMT+3:30
    * Change your profile icon to green in some way.
    * Set up a proxy. and send a DM to @ProtesterHelp. On Windows, do this and on Linux do this. On Mac, do this (NOTE: These will be reposted here soon to save bandwidth)DO NOT POST THESE PUBLICLY. DM TO @austinheap or ProtesterHelp
    * DO NOT retweet posts verbatim from Iran. This puts the users at risk. The Iranian Minstry of the Interior is watching Twitter closely now. Don't use names and reword the post.
    * Submit e-mails to CNN, MSNBC, Fox and other news sources about the Iranian Revolution- demand more coverage
    * DO NOT DDOS (PageReload) Iranian government websites. It slows all Iranian traffic, doing more harm than good in this information war.

    What do we want?

    1. Remove Khamenei from supreme leader
    2. Remove Ahmadinejad because he took it forcefully and unlawfully
    3. Put Ayatollah Monazeri as supreme leader until a review of the constitution is set up
    4. Recognize Mousavi as official president
    5. Let Mousavi rule as the constitution is reformed
    6. Free all political prisoners, immediately
    7. Call off all secret militia and offices

    Who hosts this
    Who runs it?
    @ProtesterHelp. I am an American, living in America (despite what my twitter profile says), and have decided to do my part to help the Green Revolution by posting my advice on how to safely protest against such a strange enemy (the Besiji). I also have several sources inside and around Iran, and tweet verified events as well. I also provide proxy information to Iranian citizens. See the top line of this page for information on the current status on me, my server, and why I might be silent on twitter. And please, share this link to help raise awareness not just of what is going on, but how you can help. I WILL NOT TURN IN SOURCES TO MEDIA, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. PLEASE, STOP WORRYING. AND MEDIA, STOP ASKING
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    See red above:

  6. Please inform contacts in Iran. They can send information in English or Farsi.

    Eric Purdy @ the University of Chicago just sent this:

    We have set up a website to receive faxes from Iran, which we will post online. Hopefully this will be another way for information about whats going on in Iran to make its way out of the country.

    Please disseminate this fax number as widely as possible:
    001 773 321 0202. We will post any faxes we receive at

    Please inform contacts in Iran. They can send information in English or Farsi.
    Please remember that there are only 5 journalist left inside Iran. The last thing we need is a information blackout right now.
  7. Hi
    I'm in Tehran now!
    one of the best way to get around internet censorship and be anonymous is the Tor network!
    please check the project and everyone of you who has a high speed internet please "relay the tor traffic" so we could access a better and faster anti-filter for Iran's internet!

    I, for my help, is kinda a tor relay in Iran. I have setup a tor client in my house and shared the connection in the wireless network of the building so we have a access to news and facebook and twitter and photoblogs, and also Mr Moosavi's sites.
    so please if you can help us with this!

  8. also,the right one is:

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    these 7 points are sourced, not from the reform/green movement, but from MEK fighters, stirring trouble. iran-e-azad

    protesterhelp links to your site, but his intel is bogus.

    the actual list is much shorter, see official mousavi texts.

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