Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymite, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Anonymite Member

    Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    Good day Anon. In an effort to get more people at my college into the cause, seeing as from my last educated guess I am the ONLY one, I decided to inquire about getting a full page ad in the school newspaper. Now, I turn to you, Anonymous: I need an ad that will get all the liberal bleeding hearts at my school to band together and join our cause. I need something that will shake up the campus, get people talking, you know the deal. I need... THE ULTIMATE AD.

    Also, in an effort to give them at least some sort of guide in the wild world of our herd of cats, I'm planning on making some anonymous email account to use as a 'send questions here', to aid in the organizing of the recruits the ad gathers.

    So, cans I get an ad to put in the paper?
  2. ZoSo Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    This is a pretty good idea. I'll have to check the ad costs for some of the local papers but I might do this too. :D
  3. Anonymous9999 Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    Size and format?
  4. Wolf Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    Be VERY careful, Anon. Although college papers are all about free speech, they are also about "political correctness". Although Anonymous knows full well about the asshat fuckery that is the Co$, the misinformed and the uninformed could see a carelessly worded ad as religious bigotry, and it could very well backfire. Stick to the basics, stick to the facts, leave a trail of breadcrumbs so they can find out more on their own. It can be a spectacular success, but the utmost care must be taken when you compose this ad...
  5. Anonymite Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    Which is why i'm asking for a smarter anon than I to do it.

    As for size, well, looks like the size of a page is 11.5" wide x 21.75" deep. The files are to be in TIFF, PDF, or JPG.
  6. Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    lronton.jpg hehe

    EDIT: This is a joke... seriously don't use it.
  7. Anonymite Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.


    Wow... fucking full page add apparently costs $800 just for having it run LOCALLY. FUCK THAT. Let me double check on price. If it actually is, i'm dropping down to an eigth of a page, which is 5.75x5.50, and only about $125. But yeah... wow... i MUST be looking at the price sheet wrong or something...
  8. Anonymous9999 Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    Uh.... Why not?

    I mean, you'd want to clean it up a bit, but really?

    It's funny, it's weird, and it would make me want to know more.
  9. Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    For full page it wouldn't work.. and I built it in low rez... so... handouts maybe.. full page ad not so much.
  10. ZoSo Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    After checking prices I'm going to go with no.
  11. Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.


    If someone can explain to me how the hell I paste an image in these posts, I'll paste 3 professional quality A4 posters.
    Thanks :D
  12. NamelessEnvoy Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    • 1. Google Imageshack.
      2. Upload image from Hard Drive (IE: C:propagandaQ1] to interwebs.
      3. Link with img tags to the image on Imageshack.
      4. Magic of the internet + BBCode
      5. PROFIT!

    If someone does get an ad I suggest they keep it simple, something like "IRS Infiltration + Slander + Money = Tax Exempt Relgion? Check out "

    Get right on registering that domain name, kthxbai?
  13. Anonymite Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    that right there is a helluva flyer. if i can't get an ad, i'm definetly going to just start pasting those all across campus and the city.
  14. Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    They might well be prepared to run an article on what's going on too. If you need text for a quick Press-Release/Ready Made article for them, PM me or put a request out in the media section; I'm sure plenty of us will help.
  15. Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    Do it carefully. All my school newspaper (The York Excalibur) does, like any School Paper, is BAWWWWWWWWW about people getting butthurt over political incorrectness.

    So yeah, be careful and please put in a note saying who is part of anon in this campaign: Ex-Scientologists + Freezone Scientologists as well.

    The Freezoners must be stressed because you want to make sure that the butthurt lefties who get insulted on behalf of anyone don't go BAWWWWWWWWW

    Remember, stress the information on Liberal Hottbuttons. You know, the buttons that pushed me to join this cause: Human Rights Violations, Child Labor/Abuse, Disconnection, etc.

    Please don't make the ad vague in any way. This needs to be implemented nicely if you don't want it to backfire.
  16. Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    Yeah, I want to send one to my school paper as well, however I haven't much time to write anything extensively due to my economics assignment...
  17. Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

  18. Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    Okay, don't know how this reads to you but here's a press-release I've done:

    Edited, it's a much better document now. :D

    "Anonymous" Cyber Activists protest the Church of Scientology worldwide”

    A curious mixture of cyber-punks, housewives, and folk from almost every walk of life, have banded together to protest the Church of Scientology. They take issue with the Church's tax-exempt status, suppression of free speech, and the gross human rights violations that have been committed against parishoners and critics during it's troubled history. The protest will be held at over 90 scientology centers across the world at 11:00 am on March 15th, 2008.

    Calling themselves "Anonymous," they were initially the product of several online communities, who had been irritated by the Church's heavy-handed attempts to stop the spread of a video, in which Tom Cruise discussed his faith. Within days this irritation turned to outrage, as they became aware of the Church's sinister reputation for pursuing it's critics, and the inhumane treatment of it's own parishoners. The ensuing publicity garnered support not only from members of the public, who'd been shocked to discover the criminal history surrounding the organization, but also from Scientologists who choose to practice their faith independently of the Church, and call themselves Freezoners.

    Operating without leaders, Anonymous organized their first protest in a matter of weeks, and, on February 10th, over 9,000 people peacefully protested at Scientology centers across the globe. Anonymous expects even greater numbers for the March 15th protest, and encourages members of the public to "read up, and get involved".

    The Church claims that Anonymous are a group of religous bigots, motivated by hate. However, Anonymous are not the first to criticise the group; and indeed Mr Justice Latey, ruling in the High Court in London said, "Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious...It is corrupt, sinister and dangerous. It is corrupt because it is based on lies and deceit and has as its real objective money and power. It is sinister because it indulges in infamous practices both to its adherents who do not toe the line unquestionably and to those who criticize it or oppose it. It is dangerous because it is out to capture people and to indoctrinate and brainwash them so they become the unquestioning captives and tools of the cult, withdrawn from ordinary thought, living, and relationships with others."

    Some of the Church's more controversial practices have included the attempted murder of Clearwater mayor and critic Gabriel Cazares. The attempt to frame the journalist Paulette Cooper for bomb threats, and the wide scale burglary and infiltration of the IRS, the FBI and other government departments in an operation the Church dubbed "Operation Snow White". Official statements from the church claim that these practices were the result of overzealousness on the part of the founder's wife, and that they could no longer occur. However, in recent years, Top Secret military documents have been seized from premises in Greece, and plans to take over parts of Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Yugoslavia, were also found. The apparent intention had been to create a new country which would have been called "Bulgravia". The organisation is currently banned in Germany.

    Due to Scientology's questionable past, most Anonymous protestors chose to wear masks to protect their identities on the day of the protests. Amongst those who chose not to conceal their identity on February 10th, there have already been reports of their being followed, and even cases where their vehicles' tires.have been slashed. Of course this may be nothing more than mere co-incidence; but whatever the truth, no-one seems to have been put off, and the story looks set to continue. As one member of Anonymous put it, "Scientology just met the Internet".
  19. Anonymite Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    Hmm... I'll see if i can get it into the school paper, I've got a friend or two on staff. As for the ad, well, as said before, newspaper was charging $800 for a full page ad being run in black and white, so i'm just going to continue to bombard the school with flyers.
  20. CandyWaffles Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    I swear by the end of this, Anonymous will have a selection of domains that rivals even the biggest of HitFarms :p
  21. anon1957 Member

    Re: Getting full page ad... now i need an ad.

    A few words of advice from an old pr/marketing anon:

    Buying print ads is risky. For it to be effective, you have to be willing to spend $$$$. Either go for a full page ad near the front or back of the paper, or be able to sustain a small ad over a long period of time. Buying a one-time small ad is just flushing your $$ down the toilet.

    Better to take that $125 and spend it on printing a brilliant, eye-catching lulzy color flyer and then getting creative about spreading it around the campus. Use the website prominently in your materials. Also, don't overlook how effective leaving cards around can be (bathrooms, eating areas, windshields etc). If you are a guy, find a girl to leave them in the vanity area of female bathrooms because ALL women go to the mirror when they go! Be imaginative, be daring, and above all, be lulzy.

    Don't waste $125 on a small one-time print ad.

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