Getting my account deleted

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Moathib, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Moathib Member

    Hi !

    I'd like to know what to do to remove my account or to change my name.

    Thanks for reading !
  2. Anon Gin Member

    open your window, get naked, jump! Don't forget to scream

    as simple as that.

    Can't you handle a debate on the net? How do you handle them IRL? You ask authorities to change your name...?
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  3. Moathib Member

    Hey, Gin : Shut up !

    It's not possible to argue with dummies (like you !). I don't want to waste my time with wankers, you WWP's cancer.

    Nothing judicious to say ? Get out !
  4. Anon Gin Member

    you don't want to waste your time but you still answer me anyway.
    Cognitive dissonance?
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  5. Moathib Member

    Are you proud of this ?
  6. Anon Gin Member

    What did you expect? A schweppes?
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  7. Moathib Member

    Definitely, nothing from you.
  8. xenu2012 Member

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  9. Moathib Member

  10. Anon Gin Member

    :D Irony
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  11. HOC Member

    We don't delete accounts here. If you do not wish to use the forum you can simply chose not to log in anymore.
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  12. Anon Gin Member

    Tu sais quoi, pas besoin de faire la gueule.
    Je te propose de te montrer ma bonne foi:
    je supprime tout (oui tout) mes messages ad hom te concernant, sur tous les threads qui te préoccupent, tu en fais autant, on enterre cette vieille polémique et on essaye de débattre sérieusement entre anon. T'en dis quoi?
    J'fais pas ça par pitié, mais par honnêteté intellectuelle. La balle est dans ton camp.
  13. Moathib Member

    Réglons ça en privé.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Log out & fuck off.
  15. Moathib Member

    I've just asked for an info... No need to be rude. ;)
  16. Anonymous Member

    It's easy to create an additional account, all you need is a different email addy.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Miranda Member

    Moathib, we can't delete your account. But if you want to change your name, just make a new account with a different name and abandon the old one.
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  19. The Heretic Member

    hai guise watsa goin on in dis here thread

  20. "Why must I always explain?"

    I believe it's a poster posting about unposting all of said poster's previous posts from pillar to post, post-haste.
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Major Boyle Member

    They are talking anal sex techniques in French. One guy recommends the tongue. The other says use a purple wand.
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  23. floydandlilly Member

    The wand,every time.
  24. Demented LRH Member

    Sometimes after making a post I get a message “Error on the page” . I post the same info again to discover later that it is a double-post. Often I have to login several times to post more than one article. I suspect the others have the same problem. Can anything be done to remedy it?

    PS. I am using this thread because I cannot start a new thread in this section.
  25. Tsufuri Member

    You all are talking way too much! ...and trustfully awaiting your destiny :D

    And by the way it is very poor for any site admin, not beeing able to delete accounts!!!
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Thread necro is poor form also!
  27. Anonymous Member

    This is the best thread. :D
  28. A.O.T.F Member

    Now that's fuckin funny lol :D
  29. Anonymous Member

    Hi shit bag, thanks for bumping an old and pointless thread. DIAF


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