Getting off FARCEBOOK

Discussion in 'Projects' started by timthephoto, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. timthephoto Member

    onto google plus, i gotta invite, and now i has invites to hand out
  2. Anonymous Member

    I extend my humble & sincere condolences.
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. timthephoto Member

    i know i aren't on my own experiencing most extreme dissapointment in diaspora, all the while farcebook is getting shittier & shittier.. and i'd much rather have google spying on me 1 bit more than they already do - than zuckenbergs team of spies :p
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  5. timthephoto Member

  6. can i haz 1 plox =C (pathetic, i know. fuck off)
    i resisted and resisted but in the end they pulled me in
  7. Smurf Member

    Curious... Google is determined to beat out Facebook.. why the fuck do you need an invite?
  8. LocalSP Member

    It's still in beta and there are still a few bugs plus the massive amounts of people clamoring to sign up is overwhelming them.
  9. CarltonBANKS Member

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  10. BlooAnon Member

    Google has always worked this way, IIRC. If my memory isn't completely broken, I remember a time when a gmail account needed an invite as well. And Wave too for that matter.

    It's so they don't get their servers overwhelmed at the start and slowly adapt to the growing need.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Fuckface book is fail. CIA data-mining mmo ftl. Bout a billion other ways to communicate; none quite so trendy.
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  12. Rockyj Member

    I've been bumped off Facebook for over a year now! I couldn't remember one of my f-n answers to one of my questions when I first signed up! It pisses me off only because I enjoyed updates & pics of my children & a few family members! Prior to that I basically de-friended most everyone becuz I got tired of all the stupid BS I'd receive! But I still would like to have access to my kids! Facebook keeps sending me E-mails & I reply with the most outrageous obscenities but I'm running out of material & need new ones so please provide.
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  13. CarltonBANKS Member

    useful to have at least one backup method to communicate incase WWP gets taken down, suddenly

    worth making a profile even if only check it once a year.
  14. Anonymous Member

    I've heard anonymity is forbidden in google+. True?
  15. Anonymous Member

    not like farcebook afaik
  16. CarltonBANKS Member

    seems to be confusion over whether or not psuedonyms are allowed. This is what the top Google execs are saying.

    the tl;dr answer is: yes, you can use a fake name. ( I think?)


    I can't use G+ using a normal web proxy, I have to use an anonymous VPN, which is kind of annoying. (same with fb though.. it's cos they use scripts)
  17. Anonymous Member

    Sounds stupid.
  18. You can use a fake name but any nab can report it and get your account banned. I'll never be on Google+ because very few ever call me my legal name nor do I desire to give it out.
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  19. That's my read on it too. I won't be signing up anytime soon since I won't risk losing an email account.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Google is not evil and does not collect personal data. So there.
  21. Anonymous Member

    OP get off wwp fag
  22. They can't tell if the name is fake usually but when you've got a name that clearly isn't a name then facebook bans you. Example Chanology doesn't really sound like a name. I don't think either of them are worth it, I'll stick to youtube and wwp for now.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Mr Chan O'Logy, here.
  24. That's actually quite good but I still don't think they'd buy that my first name is example. I will however steal that idea, if you have a problem with this then just remember rule 6 of the internet and if you still have a problem then remember rule 19.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I think a good idea would be to have some kind of backup ready, just in case this is shut down somehow or temporarily down. There are several places you could go where you'd be able to do what is done here almost as well, you know like Twitter (hate it), facebook (hate it), Google+ (don't know what it is), etc. Just saying.
  26. I am the ruler of the shit singing............................
  27. Anonymous Member

    The cult(s) know IT professionals at Google who can pull up info, such as your Google searches or info on private pages of your Blogger account, when they want. I actually have some evidence of this, including the IP address of a person who works for Google who visited a private page at Blogger invisible to search engines that I briefly made to organize some info.

    Google and Facebook are large companies with lots of employees, so it's not really surprising that cults might gain back-end access to their databases.
  28. CarltonBANKS Member

    default - just assume they can get that info easily

    always use VPNs and proxies
  29. Anonymous Member

    I don't think cults have access, and I have friends at FB and Google. They don't really have secret relationships with cults. Foil?
  30. Yutahu Member

    That's the trouble with fuckface book - its all run by computers, no-one to talk to or help with your account. User activity is meticulously monitored by these computers. Send out too many friends requests, type too quickly and you're banned. Trying to get FB to reply if you are disabled is a mission. Apparently it is a lot of hassle for the Admin to override the computers decisions (in the case of disabling an account). And it's supposed to be a 'social network' LOL
  31. enthaeon Member

    Took down failbook a month+ ago, and haven't given it a second thought since. Feels good, man.

    WWP fills my void D:
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  32. Anonymous Member

    WTF. I refuse to use Facebook or Google + or MySpace or any other data mining site, otherwise deceptively known as "social networking" sites. Not using my real name online.

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