Getting people off their asses

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by WMAnon, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. WMAnon Member

    Getting people off their asses

    So, we're doing a pretty good job on education. One area I still feel like needs more attention is getting the public to do something. So, think tank, how about some brainstorming? Some basic assumptions:

    1) People are lazy. If we want people to do something, it needs to be as simple as possible.

    2) People are cynical. We need to prove to them that the CoS is something that they can change.

    3) People don't like being insulted. We cannot slip up and start berating people for not jumping on our bandwagon.

    Petitions. They're a pain to set up, but it makes it easy for people to show their support.
    Boycotts. Not seeing a movie is way easier than seeing one.

    I'm sleepy, your turn Anonymous!
  2. inplainsight Member

    Re: Getting people off their asses

    for the lazy newly-informed (those that cross us at protests, for example), have fliers that have a listing of the state congressman (email and snail mail address), a site addy for further information, and the enturbulation addy (in case they want to be in the know). A lot of people I know have interest, but unless I've gone to plopping everything right in their lap, they act like a helpless outsider. Give them a hard copy that gives them everything they need to get a start on feeling like they're part of something. A huge issue is that a lot of people have become apathetic because they don't feel like they have any real importance when it comes to things like this. If its super-easy for them to do, and they feel its for a good cause (and free!) they're more likely to do it. That's why some businesses have the option of you sacrificing part of your paycheck to go to conservations or UNICEF. You feel like you did some good with minimal effort.

    As for those already in but just not doing anything... well, we're going to have to accept that some people are literally in this just for the lulz and getting out of work on a saturday. But just the overall idea of "you should really REALLY spread the word because this is serious business" is all that can be done. I mean, telling friends and family would only be doing those you care about most some good, right?
  3. WMAnon Member

    Re: Getting people off their asses

    On the 15th, we seemed to have better luck getting business cards into people's hands than fliers or DVDs, so we can try working up some contact info cards to pass out next time. Maybe throw on or in addition to the enturb address.

    As far as lulz seekers, it's definitely important to keep our activities fun and interesting, not only to keep them involved but also to differentiate ourselves from the standard protest group.
  4. chanson Member

    Re: Getting people off their asses

    One of the things we have to bear in mind is that the objective isn't so much about getting members of the general public to protest with us, as having the general public informed about the target of our protest.

    If the public knows that the CoS is a scam and dangerous, they'll stay away from it. They'll tell people they know to stay away from it, especially if we help them know the reasons why. And that's one way the CoS will collapse; no new recruits, no income. And then, if they know about the other ways in which the CoS tries to infiltrate their community/society/little bubble of life through covers like Narconon and the CCHR, they'll be able to make that informed decision of 'no thx'.

    We're not going to be able to motivate everyone to get off their asses and protest, but we can at least make sure they KNOW. That's the most important part. If the public thinks we're just trying to recruit them into some sort of Cause there are those who'll instinctively recoil because they don't want to get involved, don't want to take any sort of action, because yes, they are lazy and cynical.

    So the best we can do is not 'join us', but 'be informed'. Once they have the knowledge, it's up to them whether they squat on it or run with it, but either way, they'll have the facts.

  5. WMAnon Member

    Re: Getting people off their asses

    I'm not thinking that we're going to get a lot of people to protest, but I do feel like we would do well to get the public taking some simple action to show support for us, or at least criticism of the church. In a very long term sense, no new members will eventually lead the church to collapse. I don't know about the rest of Anonymous, but I would not find that a satisfying ending to this conflict. I want David Miscavige dragged into court crying midget tears. I want CoS to go bankrupt having to pay up for thousands of individual suits of libel, harassment and tax evasion. I want people to go to jail, because laws have been broken. That's not going to happen without massive public outcry.
  6. chanson Member

    Re: Getting people off their asses

    Sad to say, it's highly unlikely we'll ever get massive public outcry-- there's too many other things going on in the world right now that most people, if they want to seriously be part of a RAWR RAWR movement, would rather join in with (Iraq war, China's action against Tibetans, etc). I'm not belittling what we're doing, but realistically speaking...

    Nonetheless, even support via armchair activism from the public would help. I, too, am waiting eagerly for the day when Miscavige is thrown in jail, when Gold Base is torn down, when the prisoners in the RPF are set free, when the Corporation of Scientology finally relinquishes its iron grip on Clearwater, when front groups like Narconon and the CCHR are dissolved for the frauds they are, when the Cult Awareness Network returns to just hands. This day will come, but not without a lot of noise being made first.

    Fortunately, if there's one thing Anon excels at, it's grabbing attention. :)
  7. thephotoman Member

    Re: Getting people off their asses

    Well, as business cards are hella easy to distribute, and we can quite readily post URLs on them, here's an idea:

    Let's set up a website with both streaming and download/torrent copies of the videos that we want them to see, listed in order, then put that URL on a business card. Perhaps we could turn it into a full-on public portal that has well-marked, easy-to-navigate links to all of the opposition websites (,,, on the front page, along with prominent links to the videos. The site then directs them here (and to OCMB, ARS, and company) if they wish to get involved.

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