Getting the support of new religious movements.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous Mormon, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Getting the support of new religious movements.

    It might be in our best interest to have representatives from new religious movements such as Wicca, New Age, etc., so that the CoS can't play the persecution card. And if we could get Free Zoners with us, that would be the ultimate win.
  2. donotstalk Member

    Has anybody contacted a Freezone group yet?
    I don't know where to find one or I would myself.
  3. Bananon Member

    The guys have a decent sized FreeZone community. That might be a good place to start.
  4. What the hell is freezoners?

  5. Bananon Member

    For future reference, the FreeZone is a movement by ex-Church of Scientology members who still believe in the basic dogma, and benefit of the "tech", but disagree with the various abuses of the Church proper. They're mostly very odd people, but they make CoSers foam at the mouth.
  6. HAWT, I'll pretend to be on on SUNDAY. :D

  7. Bananon Member

    Unless you're deeply familiar with Scientology and internal language used within it, then you probably shouldn't try to pretend to be one. The main benefit of getting the FreeZone on our side in an official, or at least public way is that it makes it very visible and believable that our protest is against the organization and not the religion, disarming the CoS of the persecution angle, and drawing attention to those aspects of their behavior we find most objectionable, rather than highlight things like Xenu, etc that have little to no bearing on our goals.

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