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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. does anyone have any suggestions as to how this site can be used by people we know in the mainstream media? i have two friends who work in network news with whom i'd like to share this forum, but they're not tech fluent and I don't know where to tell them to go for useful information - but i know there is so much here in this forum! how can i get it to them in a way they can understand?

    what is anonymous doing to get the msm to pay attention? how are you using this forum to get the word out?

  2. The media is a competitive business, so the onus is on them to figure it out. Those companies that are employing people who understand the newest technologies (and this site hardly qualifies--there's a thousand tables of contents here) will have an advantage. Those companies that are good at cultivating relationships will have an advantage. One of my local papers--which is one of the Rupert Murdock deals, okay--actually has twittering sources that it cited yesterday. The big outlets have at least some resources, and they have the ability to focus them on Iran.

    I wrote the media outlets I pay attention to demanding more coverage and pointing them to the sources I knew at the time (this was before I saw this site). They all get email. What most of us should do is write a letter to the editor or use the main contact email address. Give them the will to do it. They will find a way--or lose out even more ground to the blogosphere.
  3. Unfortunately, they are NOT catching on. Some of them understand that twittering out Iran is pretty much the only source of real information, but they refuse to do anything but report that fact. They are not reporting on the videos of violence and they are not relaying the words of Iranian protesters. The result is that the situation sound milder than it really is. Not once have I heard on cable news about the raids on universities.

    The thing is, the world could really use the rescources that a big network can bring to bear. For example, they could confirm or deny the presence of Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon by investing their sources there. There are many rumors and information they could help to substantiate. And the analysis of the election has been shitty as well.

    The question stands; can they help and how can we make them help?

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