Giant lulzcow Gab says "Kick me!"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeathHamster, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    Gab, the Alt-Right toxic waste dumping ground for people kicked off of Twitter, is now baawing that their users are horrible Nazis. (What a shock!) Naturally they're blaming the Left for trolling with Fake Horrible Nazis to make their Real Horrible Nazis look bad.

    Yeah, that's the troll equivalent of jumping into shark-infested waters wearing a meatjacket.
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  2. “The picture of the noose surrounded by swastikas was the last straw. “It’s coming for you, are you excited?” a user on Gab wrote to Utsav Sanduja. Sanduja said he was calling the cops.

    But Sanduja’s promise to alert law enforcement only made his opponents angrier.

    Sanduja is the chief operating officer of Gab, a social media site beloved by the alt-right, including a vocal contingent of Nazis.”
    Sanduja isCOO of Gab being threatened by his users
    “Gab’s large anti-semitic wing noted that its url ( loosely translates to a Hebrew word meaning an assistant in a synagogue, and speculated that the site was actually a ruse by shadowy Jewish forces who would one day crush Gab’s user base in some unspecified fashion.”

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