Gilman Hot Springs before it became Scientology Gold Base

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    This article about the history of Gilman Hot Springs was published today by the Press-Enterprise in Riverside, California.

    Back in the day: Kansas natives ran Gilman Hot Springs


    The main entrance to Gilman Hot Springs, circa 1927. This and other buildings were built by the Gilmans in making their resort a fixture in the San Jacinto Valley.

    By Steve Lech


    The Gilman family owned and operated the hot springs resort for 65 years until 1978. At that time, a combination of things, including latter generations’ lack of interest in mineral waters plus a substantial change in how people vacationed, led to the family’s selling the property to the Church of Scientology, the present owners. The name continues on maps and Gilman Springs Road, the main thoroughfare through the northern San Jacinto Valley.

    The article, and open comments, are at
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  2. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I thought I read that the springs dried up too?
  3. RightOn Member

    A carbon copy of the Sea Orgers lounging around the pool today
    It is still such a dreamy paradise!
    I can hear them now
    "Pass the sun tan lotion and anyone up for a Mai tai?"
    "see you at study later"
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  4. Anonymous Member

    San Jacinto faultline may expose the extend of imprisoned believers beneath ground if it ever quakes hard enough.

    It's long overdue.

    As is an FBI raid.
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  5. anon walker Moderator

    It's one of my be raiding Gold when the FBI arrives.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Then Davy doin the perp walk, with 100s of video cameras capturing the event for posterity
  7. RightOn Member

    where is that histerical vid that came out a while ago that shows how luxious and vacation like
    Gold Base is? the one that the COS made in response to allegations of it being a hell hole for it's workers.
    They show the pool and interior and all that crap.
  8. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I took the tour there twice. The buildings are all really nice, or rather the ones we went to. The "ship" is really fancy inside, with sheep's wool toilet seat coverings and stuff.
  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. The two nicest buildings probably weren't on the tour, LRH's home and:
  11. Anonymous Member

    so that's where they pull the wool over people's eyes, always wondered about that
  12. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    that's right. We went to the recording room, the staff mess hall, the ship, and a couple of other buildings. The 2nd time we went to the lake where they "overboard" people. I said something at the bridge like "do people ever jump off here?" but can't remember exactly.
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    This is barely worth mentioning, but there's some more San Jacinto history here:

    San Jacinto: Remembering boxer Ken Norton’s Valley connection

    The death of former heavyweight champion Ken Norton Sr., announced Wednesday, Sept. 18, brings back memories of the boxer who decades ago trained in the 1970s at what was then the Massacre Canyon Inn and today is part of the Church of Scientology’s Golden Era Studios on Gilman Springs Road.
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  15. DeathHamster Member

  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Drive-by shooting at Int Base results in four arrests

    By Tony Ortega, January 26, 2017


    We just heard about this, and we have no doubt that the Church of Scientology will soon be making a lot of noise about it. On Monday afternoon, someone discharged a firearm from a car on Gilman Hot Springs Rd where it bisects Scientology’s “Int Base.” Also known as Gold Base, the 500-acre international management compound has been made famous by reporting which revealed that Scientology leader David Miscavige had kept up to about 100 top church executives in a locked office known as “The Hole” from 2004 to 2009.

    Four people were later arrested after the incident, and one, a juvenile, was charged with possessing a stolen firearm, which suggests he might have been the person who fired a weapon out of the car. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

    We’re hoping this is just a case of some stupid and irresponsible jerks who randomly fired a weapon for the thrill of it, and that they were not targeting the Scientologists at the base.

    We want to make this perfectly clear: Although we are critical of the Scientology movement here at the Underground Bunker, we condemn and disavow anyone who would target Scientologists for harassment or harm, and we won’t tolerate statements of violence against David Miscavige or any other Scientologists here at our website. Our aim is to help Scientologists get out of the trap they’re in; if you think the answer is to damage their property or physically threaten them, we want nothing to do with you and we ask you to stop reading this website.

    Here’s the press release put out by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office:

    On January 23, 2017, at 2:34 PM, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a black compact sedan, traveling in the 19600 block of Gilman Springs Road, in the unincorporated area of Hemet, occupied by four subjects, who discharged a firearm from the moving vehicle. A license plate number was provided and the San Jacinto Police Department located the vehicle traveling southbound on San Jacinto Avenue, south of 7th Street. A vehicle stop was performed near San Jacinto Avenue and Esplanade Avenue. A firearm was located inside the vehicle that was possibly used in the above incident.

    Alondra Gutierrez, Phillip Rivera, Sam Skipper, and one Hispanic 17-year-old male juvenile were later arrested for willfully and maliciously discharging a firearm from a motor vehicle. The juvenile was also charged with Possession of a Stolen Firearm. The three above adults were booked into the Southwest Detention Center for the above charges. The juvenile was booked into juvenile hall. No injuries resulted from this incident.

  17. DeathHamster Member
  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Crash Near Scientology's RivCo Headquarters Sends 3 To Hospital | Banning, CA Patch


    At least one person had to be extricated from a wrecked vehicle at a crash north of Gilman Hot Springs early Sunday.

    The crash was at 1:45 a.m., in an unincorporated area near the Church of Scientology Movie Production Center. The wreck was at Gilman Springs Road and Golden Era Access Road, said Jody Hagemann of the Riverside Fire Department.

    Three people were hospitalized, one with moderate injuries and two with minor injuries, she said.

    It was unclear how many vehicles were involved in the crash, but it was labeled a "traffic collision" by Hagemann.

  19. Quentinanon Member

    Looks like the Int Base with their "team of OTs" is making the environment safe.
  20. Been there, know that. People just don't know how bad it is out there and what goes on..creepy bunch to say the least. All are prisoners, and cannot leave except for the Scientologists with "celebrity status" and/or "money". I could tell you stories about the everyday goings on that would freak you out! Yes..there will be a reckoning.
  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    Evacuations urged as 1,200-acre fire burns at 'critical rate' in Riverside County | Los Angeles Times


    A car crash ignited a fire Monday in a remote Inland Empire canyon, and the blaze quickly spread to 1,200 acres, triggering evacuations.

    At 6:15 p.m., the fire was 0% contained as it burned in the dry hills between Beaumont and San Jacinto, about 80 miles east of Los Angeles, according to the Riverside County Fire Department.

    The blaze, dubbed the Manzanita fire, was reported about 3 p.m. after the accident near Lamb Canyon ignited brush. Two people were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries, officials said.

    By 3:30 p.m., flames had burned 80 acres on both sides of Highway 79, which cuts through the hills and connects Beaumont and Gilman Hot Springs, an area famous for its sprawling Church of Scientology compound.

    Fire officials shut down Highway 79 and more than 350 firefighters from various agencies are at the scene.

    As the blaze spread at a “critical rate,” officials issued an evacuation warning for communities east of the blaze, including Poppet Flats, Silent Valley and Highland Home Road east to Highway 243. A voluntary evacuation was also issued for Death Valley Road, Longhorn Road and Shirleon Drive.

    Continued at


    Bernie Deyo‏ @EPN473 5 minutes ago
    Final updates for the night: #ManzanitaFire 5,700 acres #HillFire 1,200 acres.
    Large air and ground resources orders for both tomorrow.
  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    5,800-acre wildfire burning near Beaumont is 20% contained | Los Angeles Times


    As a DC-10 air tanker dumped bright pink flame retardant over the region Tuesday morning, Cal Fire Capt. Lucas Spelman told a reporter that the fire was “skunking,” meaning it was moving around slowly from bush to bush and generating dark smoke as opposed to a clean burn.

    The flames, Spelman said, were moving “consistently away” from the Church of Scientology campus on Gilman Springs Road, roughly nine miles south of Beaumont.

    The blaze was reported about 3 p.m. Monday after a Lexus RX 300 drove off Highway 79 and into a tree. Two people were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries, officials said.

    More at
  23. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  24. There's already a thread for this
  25. The Wrong Guy Member

  26. This resort was beautiful in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I remember it well. Too bad it is now ruined!!!

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