"Girls" author practiced child sexual abuse on her little sister

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Disambiguation, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Disambiguation Global Moderator
  2. Hugh Bris Member

    In psychology they talk about the indicated patient when a child comes in. THis is an awareness that at this age the family life is more likely to be the cause of the problems.
    I'd say that the parents of this disturbed young lady are a piece of work of the worst sort.
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Her supporters present this as an attack by conservatives on open discussions of child sexuality and normal exploration, however she is apologizing for using the term "sexual predator"as it may trigger.
    She sounds like a child predator to me, she says her actions were normal, but ignores what the effect of this behavior had on her little sister. She got groomed at it was passed off as normal?!
  4. Silvan Member

    At the age of eight I thought this was normal when it was happening to me because I didn't know any better. Our mother died two years previously and our father was an alcoholic and rarely at home until late at night. After school we were watched over by a house keeper who also cleaned house and cooked for us, she lived locally and needed the money. By 8.30pm my sister and I were put to bed in our separate rooms, and usually in the night once my father was home and snoring my sister would creep into my room. Looking back I'd describe what she did to me as abuse although I had no way of knowing it at the time. There obviously is more to this story but here is not the place for it.
    I haven't spoken to her in almost 30 years and don't intend to either.
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  5. rof Member

    change title to Vagina Stones
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  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Exactly. I hope her little sister can address this issue, it probably feels threatening right now.
  7. Silvan Member

    For a first post it's not what I planned, after all the time that's passed I can't forget. If you prefer I delete it then please say it won't hurt me at all.
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  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    The original article
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    There is no reason to delete your thoughts about your history, you are on target.
    You may be interested in this thread.
    I just realized we don't have a help resources thread for child sexual abuse!
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  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Lol Am I wrong to think that's funny?
  11. Hugh Bris Member

    Can a 7 year old be a sexual predator? All of us were curious about our bodies and about the bodies of others. When does curiosity become a problem.

    What I want to know is what the parents were doing and telling the girls at the time. THe parents didn't seem to have a clue about boundary issues. "Of course dear, play with your little sister's body all you want. It's OK." There's something odd and disturbing about the parent's responses, or lack thereof.

    Her actions at the time may have been innocent but the way Lena talks about it in her book is so clueless as to beggar belief. She seems to live in a bubble made of money, power and privilege.
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  12. Silvan Member

    You have to laugh sometime.

    I did get help from a school teacher who was interested in my welfare and my academic ability. She began by telling me that she knew my mother was dead and went on to say that as she was my "school parent", read house mistress, I should go to her anytime . Four years later I did talk to her and from then on things changed for the better.,I was placed with a relative and had regular counseling lasting for two years.

    Today I talked about this because it happens and we don't often want to acknowledge it either in the present or the past.

    For me it got better but I was one of the lucky ones.
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  13. Silvan Member

    My sister was a sexual predator at the age of ten. What I asked myself for a number of years is how did she learn to act in the way she did?

    What if anything happened to her?

    And would it explain what she did to me?
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  14. Silvan Member

    Now having said this I should ask if it's the right thing for me to continue in this forum? Perhaps a mod could advise?
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  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    This is exactly what we talk about in OpInnocence.
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  16. anon8109 Member

    An expert psychologist may have some insightful opinions on what could compel a 10 year old to abuse a much younger sibling, and nonetheless still be mistaken.

    This thread may produce some interesting speculation, but it probably won't lead to a definitive answer.
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  17. Silvan Member

    I have all the answers I'll ever want and the main one for me is that I was right in asking for help when I did.
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  18. White Tara Global Moderator

    Yes you did, and because these things do happen it's important to teach kids about their rights regarding their own bodies early on. It won't stop predation on children, by other children or adults but at least they will be armed and understand what is being done to them is not ok. Silvan, I am glad you had someone to reach out to.
  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator
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  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator
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  21. White Tara Global Moderator

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  22. Reading the comments to the report, I'm once again reminded of the old adage 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread'.

    To offer up any opinion on such a topic is evidently too dangerous, and the urge to do so is almost completely negated by the certain knowledge that a single word in the wrong place - or indeed, in the right place - will be inflammatory.

    But I can, without hesitation, state boldly that I stand resolutely by the side of the angels here.
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  23. Silvan Member

    At the time I felt reaching out was something to fear also and it's why I took so long to do it. I feared the consequences as much as I feared discussing what had gone on before. Child abuse was almost unheard of then in the sense it was something that remained unspoken.
    I agree with you in that children must be taught about their rights regarding their own bodies and given the knowledge that they are blameless when or if it happens to them. By the same token educating children to respect others from a young age is all important too.
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  24. tinfoilhatter Member

    Correct me if i am wrong, but isn't lena dunham also doing "feminist consulting"?

    I understand that failed game dev, tale of tales, hired her to consult for their stupid ass maid simulator "sunset", and didn't she also consult for the mad max movie? Or am i getting people confused?

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