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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. To the Iranian government hackers who keep attacking the places they see as a threat, you are wasting your time. You are completely outnumbered. There are thousands of Iranians who want to be free and people who support them for every one of you there is. You waste your time, trying to collect information on them, trying to shut them down. We are the ocean and you are a grain of sand. Your efforts are futlie.
  2. HEHEHE good've been doing it longer, harder, better, and faster...we get knocked down, but we get up again..STRONGER!!!!
  3. Most of these young & naive "Iranians" don't know what the 'freedom' they demand entails:

    - Your women becoming out-right whores, being pimped by the Jews who run the media
    - Unspeakable social illnesses brought about by Jewish social control
    - Massive population control through abortions
    - Hatred of native culture
    - Hollywood garbage everywhere
    - Financial crises caused by Jewish bankers
    - No freedom of association anywhere
    - Multiculturalism and race mixing

    Good day CIA cranks.
  4. kldickson Member

    Go back to the Dark Ages, bigot.
  5. Why not hack? If you have the free time there's no reason why not, its very fun.
  6. belfastbiker Member

    This free speech that you've got here? Feels good, does it not?

  7. LOL Just as stupid as the Nazis

    Multiculturalism and race mixing... ~ maybe

  8. Wow, you sound outright terrified. :) Must be because you know freedom can't be stopped. Go on, try the old PR lines and fear-mongering. Old tactics are ooold!
  9. Jewish 'freedom' that we got here in Europe after WW2 is so good that we White people will be de facto extinct by 2200! Jewish FREEDOM for everybody! Wohoo!
  10. Go back to Stormfront or Vanguard. Toodles!
  11. You're naive for thinking those talking points are realistic.
  12. Ah, my friend, you have forgotten the most important one!

    Freedom of speech means occasionally having to listen to some ball-less, uneducated gravy-for-brains moron spout utter nonsense in order to pad his ego against his own utter lack of importance in the world!

    Freedom has its cost. * facepalm *
  13. Is it fun beating people with batons and shooting them from rooftops, too?
  14. You sir are an idiot beyond all idiots. I hope you get hit by a molitov cocktail on your way out the door.
  15. Rule 34 on Dinner Jacket
  16. Revolutionary Guards post on stormfront? Not surprising, actually. Birds of a feather...
  17. hurricane Member

    Women as whores

    Us women are whores are we? How dare you say this about women who enjoy freedom in democracies. If you religious men are so 'virtuous and saintly' why do you have to cover your women up? it's because the men have dirty thoughts and intentions towards women isn't it, why not educate the men to control themselves? do not punish the women let them wear what they want and socialise with whoever they choose. The Jewish rants are an attempt by you to tap into long held predudices whats wrong with multiculturalism and race mixing can you guarantee your pure blood line remember we all came out of Africa, we all have black genes in our bloodlines including YOU Mr. (send us all back to the middle ages) BIGOT
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA were involved at some point. It wouldn't be the first time, as I'm sure any history/politics buffs and many Iranians would know. It's thanks to them you got to have the last bunch of loonies in power.
  19. lol, the CIA don't do things on open websites in public.
  20. Please do not be sidetrack by comments like this posted by extremists. Focus on supporting those fighting for freedom in Iran. Don't waste your words on these cowards. It's just exactly what they want you to do.
  21. Deranged Member

    funny, I was about to say the same thing, but you beat me to it....
  22. Zed-IRAN Member

    Multiculturalism? Race mixing?! OH TEH FUCKING NOES.

    diaf. If you don't have anything constructive to say get the fuck off this board. We're trying to help the Iranian people - not push paranoid, xenophobic agendas.

    Getting angry at an idiot like this helps no one.

    If a moderator could lock or delete this, it would be appreciated.
  24. weird

    it's such a trip to see stuff like that, "whores" and "race mixing" i don't want to sound conceded, but i look at those kind of comments, and think because of the huge access to information on the intraweb, and living in a country that is so mixed there is no national color "canada" well BC to be more specific, whores, race mixing, jewish liberal government, seems so arbitrary and outlandish it feels im looking down from above and laughing at our foolish monkey ancestors wielding clubs at each other. I mean sure we aren't perfect, and i am far from it, but hell, what do we have to lose, lets all work together, whore together, mix our races, and throw a giant shaker in Geneva for jews, muslims, chinese, americans, russians, christians and what ever others i missed, we can drink, smoke, fuck, then build hospitals for places that need, do fair and unbiased trading, give aid to countries that have no natural resources to be deemed worthy of aid. Fuck they all just need large doses of LSD
  25. SpaceGhost Member

    If you can get the Ips attacking here that are originated outside Iran maybe we can do something about it. Doubt we can do much about attacks from inside Iran, or retaliating without fucking the net :-/
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