gizmodo: "Sabu worked for the FBI for months"

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by quantify, Mar 6, 2012.

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    inb4 loljokeFox

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  5. grebe Member

    So "Fuck FBI Friday" was a trap, which is good to know. The operation lacked the wit and humanity of some of Lulzsec's earlier output.

    Sail on, Sabu. I forgive your for being a rat for the sake of your kids. It's what I would have done.

    And you FBIs, I forgive you for sinking the Lulzboat, although I'm a little sad about it. You have a job to do and I'm glad you're there.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Really? I'm glad you're not a moderator here, faggot.

    Tinfoil moment (or maybe not): This seriously makes me wonder about the drama and faggotry last month between WWP and DBZ.
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  7. quantify Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    Bullshit. If Sabu was that worried about his kids he wouldn't have been involved in the first place. I stay out of fun stuff because I have people who depend on me and couldn't cope if I were arrested.
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    The Lulz were exposed. One whole week, SABU disappeared. And all members found a good reason for this.

    Look, if you are supposed to be a leader, would you leave all your followers without any INX ? Really, I respect LulzS, but a lot of us were in disgrace.. Too white hat, etc.. Criticisms of poor profiles within Anons were Legion for LulzS. I am deeply impact for the 5 members taken by Sabu, it s sad. But anyway, FBI is in a good shape: Former Anons friends are now the bad guys in jail, so FBI can communicate that the Anons are divided. Well done FBI, well done RIAA, SOPA, ACTA.

    For others followers, I think we need to spread the real ideas, the true fight, the reality of the collective. If you do not react, Anons is dead if less than 6 months, and you will welcome ACTA & Scientology as your child's benchmarks.

    Take ur bet, citizens of the World.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    You must be new here.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Little confused as to how the Stratford stuff got leaked during a freaking FBI investigation, but whatevs.

    Dear Lulzsec,
  16. Anonymous Member

    Barrett Brown got raided again. LOLOLOL
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Too late now for Lulzsec to lrn2anonymous. Your right with the Stratfor stuff.
  19. Anonymous Member

    You should sell fruits on a trolley in Tunisia.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Interesting. Things to ponder: why would the FBI revel their man inside. What about the hacks Lulzsec did after Sabu turned, ie. Statfor, Syria. What about the FBI "hack", was the FBI giving Lulzsec "access" to FBI e-mail.

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  23. Herro Member

    Lol awesome. But seriously, how stupid would you have to be to think that there wasn't at least a reasonable probability of Sabu having been flipped by the Feds after he got picked up?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I've already accepted that this forum has been compromised. All I see on here are people protecting the status quo and doing everything they can to make this a republican's wet dream. But, so what, I haven't been here THAT long maybe this place was always a pile of shit....or maybe people just had bills to pay.
  25. Herro Member

    Well OSA agents do tend to skew to the right...
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  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. rof Member

    It was me.

    I am the real Sabu.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Then you have been very naughty.
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  29. ItchyScratchy Member

    You are far too intelligent to be a skript kiddie.
  30. LocalSP Member

    Plus he probably will be granted immunity and will start a salaried position with the feds.
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  31. Herro Member

    Don't let Sabu's (and now the FBI's) posturing fool you. Reduced charges / immunity? Probably. Career? Probably not.
  32. Anonymous Member

    It was only a matter of time before our overlord Gregg chimed in:

    For the moment at least, Anonymous activists are lying low and fuming at what they see as a betrayal by Monsegur.

    “A lot of people are angry,” said Gregg Housh, a former Anonymous activist who stays in touch with members. “Somebody asked me if I thought the FBI was giving him protection or not because, this person said, he’s going to need it.”

    Sabu was as close to an Anonymous leader as there was, adept at firing up members to disrupt FBI and other government Web sites through attacks that overwhelmed Web site servers with requests for access, causing them to crash.

    “Sabu was everywhere,” Housh said. “People wanted to talk to him.” Now anyone who chatted with him online is trying to erase any track. “People are heading for the hills to hide out for a few weeks.”
  33. grebe Member

    Peaceful lawful protest bro. Slow and steady wins the race.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    see post 21.
  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Creativity takes a lot of effort and organization.
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  37. The Internet Member

    Exposing HB Gary's social engineering plans was a public service. Whatever lulzsec's other faggotry, they will always have that.
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  38. mojo Member ..... Trend Micro's director of security research, Rik Ferguson, added that while this might mark the end of Lulzsec, it would be premature to say the same about Anonymous.

    "Anonymous is a very different organisation to Lulzsec and other more closely linked groups - anyone can and does act in the name of Anonymous and their activities do not require individual hacker publicity or disclosure of personally identifiable details," he said.
    "The very fact that Sabu became the 'celebrity' he was, illustrates the real difference between Lulzsec and Anonymous.
    "I think the hackers we really need to worry about are those that trusted no-one and sought no glory in the first place."
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    I ll always be new. Old as well I m afraid.
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