gizmodo: "Sabu worked for the FBI for months"

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by quantify, Mar 6, 2012.

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    NO U.
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    Mad bro?
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    I missed most of the Emick secret treefort dramas, Anonymous, so I can't tell you what happened. I did read a thread in the dome a while back which linked to some stuff where Emick was going to save the children of America from getting suckered into doing DDOS by scaring everybody about chanology mods, I think.
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    That's about the size of it, although there was a whole mods are OSA/FBI moonbat/magick element involved as well. No telling whether she's a masochist or just really stupid... although I suppose one doesn't preclude the other. She certainly has no shame.
  8. grebe Member

    Kids, don't DDOS. But Scientology is very fun to laugh at.
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  10. Thank you oh wise one.
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    Whoa! There's some pitiful and desperate shit in there (apparently recorded August 16, 2011?):

    * Virus (11:02:59 PM): I'm absolutely positive, you already got raided, and are setting your friends up and when they're done draining you for information and arrests they'll sentence you and it'll make nose
    * Sabu (11:03:41 PM): if you knew me at all
    * Sabu (11:03:49 PM): you'd know that if I were raided
    * Sabu (11:03:54 PM): I'd take myself down if anything
    * Sabu (11:03:57 PM): I'm the martyr type
    * Sabu (11:04:01 PM): I grew up in the streets
    * Virus (11:04:02 PM): it's a hunch, I'm always right
    * Sabu (11:04:08 PM): this time you're wrong
    * Sabu (11:04:36 PM): I rather go down for my own shit than take down my own niggas
    * Sabu (11:04:38 PM): which is funny
    * Sabu (11:04:39 PM): and ironic

    If this convo is representative of Sabu's social engineering skillz, then not so much.
  13. genoramix Member

    Fuck this guy. As said, if you have kids you don't do stoopid shit in the 1 st place. And also, fuck the feds and other authorities, because for one that is fallen, ten will take its place.
    That said, i must admit that i loved the HBGary story, i dunno to which extent we can give Sabu credit for this, but still, kudos.
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    Virus is discerning and prescient Virus.
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    I'd rat you all out for one night of hot wild sex with Angelina Jolie....
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    hello this is boo
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    Mar 15 17:37:19 <wino> there's a bunch of us on AnonOps creating fake ops
    Mar 15 17:37:28 <wino> and seeing how Anon falls for it
    Mar 15 17:37:36 <Dwaan> i figured that
    Mar 15 17:37:37 <Dwaan> lol
    Mar 15 17:37:40 <Dwaan> they are stupid
    Mar 15 17:37:51 <Dwaan> but why are you of all people doing this all of a sudden
    Mar 15 17:37:52 <wino> like that OpCartel or example
    Mar 15 17:37:54 <Dwaan> you used to be into it
    Mar 15 17:37:54 <wino> or the OpGlobalbackout
    Mar 15 17:38:21 <Dwaan> ??
    Mar 15 17:38:24 <wino> that's the psychological warfare part of it
    Mar 15 17:38:33 <Dwaan> huh
    Mar 15 17:38:39 <wino> after Backtrace goot the CAGE #
    Mar 15 17:38:56 <wino> certain gov entities + companies want to push for stronger laws
    Mar 15 17:39:24 <wino> people like Hubrius, me, Backtrace get paid to do the dirty work
    Mar 15 17:39:29 <wino> of planting fake ops
    Mar 15 17:39:40 <wino> and see how the press picks it up

    Mar 15 17:48:37 <wino> the point is
    Mar 15 17:48:55 <wino> Anon already was influnenced by guys like Backtrace Security
    Mar 15 17:49:21 <wino> you just need idiots like that anonyroot, zeekill, follower's of Sabu to be the lemmings
    Mar 15 17:49:26 <wino> even Barrett Brown
    Mar 15 17:50:44 <wino> Jeremy Hammond of HTS was pushed by Sabu and the FBI to send the Strafor emails to wikileaks
    Mar 15 17:50:59 <Dwaan> hts?
    Mar 15 17:51:05 <wino> hackthissite
    Mar 15 17:51:16 <Dwaan> oh
    Mar 15 17:51:34 <Dwaan> but again
    Mar 15 17:51:36 <wino> so Julian Assange can be found guilty of industrial espionage which even the UK can proscute
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    can you blame him?
    he's a dirty puerto rican from the bronx! lol
  20. Anonymous Member

    FBI trollin'
    I ain't bitin'
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    Guys - the latest version of Tor seems to include a prog shortcut from Dassault System. I m not sufficiently easy how they can do this. IT stars, can u pls check this?
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    I think they rather meant this Sabu:

  24. Anonymous Member

    Sound like a couple of typical anons to me.
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    Lol, highOverLord. I remember that dude on his raids with the other CW Anons. His vids are around here somewhere on WWP. Always thought he was a little off but never knew he actually had IRL brain damage.

    But brain damaged or not, doxing Anons to law enforcement as a hobby - WTF?!
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  26. Every once in a great while I go read what @fakegregghoush is doing just to burn popcorn. I mean, what kinda rage and butthurt do you have to have to call yourself FAKEGreggHoush?? LOL and very sad at the same time.

    now that everyone's gone maybe Anons can get back on track to important stuff this summer.
    pass the popcorn buddies.

    EDIT: went into shit brix mode when I uploaded the pic above and was hit with this... WTF.

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    Oh you.

    At Tinypic I always get Toyota ads with captchas like, "Reinvented 2012 Camry." Still it beats ImageHost which changed policies and now wants to steal mah jewgolds.
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    I like the kid but this" I have made it my lifelong goal" from an 18 year old makes me smile
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    I meant, which handle on WWP/enturb.
    because I don't remember there ever being an Asherah of any note here.

    High Overlord... yah.
    (housespider doesn't seem to fit the model of either. From the exchange, it's possible backtrace spoofed his ID. nfi)
  37. No.

    Of all the lulzsec crew this boy looks to have far and away the most heart. He'll probably feel eighty by the time he gets out.
  38. Anonymous Member

    10 years. He really scares them.
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    Is he incarcerated now or still in house arrest?
  40. common thread of failure here. Sabu, Higinio Ochoa, Adrian Lamo. MEXICANS.
    FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm Mexican. :oops:

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