Glosslip and all our network sites downed, hacked, spammed

Discussion in 'Media' started by Glosslip, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Glosslip Member

    Glosslip and all our network sites downed, hacked, spammed

    Just a head's up in case anyone's wondering what happened to Glosslip

    Our tech guy at, our parent site said we were getting spammed from China, hacked from who knows where and our server (we have a dedicated one) is completely out of memory.

    Our hosting company has rebooted many a time today, but the server can't handle the load.

    This sucks. But we are aware of the issue and working on it as best we can.

    I blame COS, seriously.
  2. Anon123456 Member

    damn youuuu scifags!
  3. NotAffiliated Member

    Glosslip - just wanted to say good work with all your coverage.
  4. HouseSpider Member

    Well China's hackers have nothing against us, so I would assume that SOMEONE hired them.
  5. JAFA Member

    Can anyone on the tech-savy side of Anon offer any help?

    Though I have no idea what could possibly be done.
  6. Glosslip Member

    tech guy says hosting company can't get into the machine, has to pull the plug literally. Who the f knows what that will do. Cripes. I am going to get my ass kicked by the 2000 member as

  7. Glosslip Member

    Well, they can't get at the radio show.

    Also, the spam is coming from China, the hacking has yet to be determined, but last night I had all kinds of creepy crawlies from COS in LA on the site. And they seemed kind of grumpy.
  8. JAFA Member

    Are you kidding? They'll probably roll out in support, all I can say is Who's trying to suppress free speech now?

    Maybe someone can set you up with a temporary refuge to keep on with your reports for the time being?

    Oh, and as a preliminary measure you might want to clean up any personal info of any anons you've been in contact with on the net from your personal computer, and email account just in case.

    I could be being paranoid, but I'm just saying.
  9. Glosslip Member

    Well, we will keep working on getting the site back up, as our main site, is down and they are none too happy about it.

    Taking refuge would be great, except no one would see it. Glosslip is a Google news source and a page rank 5, that's what makes our stories show up.

    Hang tight, we'll see if our guy can get it up. He's going to see where it's coming from.

    He said Glosslip was making up 32% of our connections (out of 200) he thinks it's a coincidence, I don't.
  10. Anonamour Member

    We can turn this into MEGA WIN for Anons!

    Need the PR team to press release etc. Let's get on it. A vid will draw many many gossip consumers to the radio show!


    Give em enuff rope....

  11. fuckyeah Member

    Make sure you log the IP addresses and get as much information as you can. We need to pull out all the stops to make sure this is a Scifag fueled attack before we retaliate.
  12. Sucks what is happening... hopefully your hosting company can figure out how to filter out the bogus ddos attacks.

    In the worst case if all the traffic from the attack is based in china you could probably just have the routers configured to block out the ip address range associated with most ISPs in that region...not ideal but would keep you running.

    Just keep hounding your host to work on fixing the problem.
  13. Does this mean D is an official SP now? Lucky!
  14. Glosslip Member

    Back up, had to restart apache, our tech guy's pretty good I must say. I am requesting an IP log, will forward if I can get it.

    Stay tuned, and thanks guys.
  15. Anon1OfLegion Member

    My guess is that the tech guys know what can be done.
    * Throw up a static html version of the stories (low bandwidth, utilize other net resources for video & graphics)
    * Backup the 'hacked' server to try & identify how it got hacked later
    * Restore old server from backup & change all passwords, apply recent security patches for software & OS.

    * spam? A separate mail server would let the main website stay up if one already doesn't exist. Let your spam filters work from there by flagging spam.

    Good luck.
  16. JV Member seems to be back up as of 21.30 GMT, I was just on the front page...
  17. seems to be up now :fingerscrossed:

    what's that now. five and a half hours i still have to wait? roll on 3am :roll:
  18. Glosslip Member

    yeah, he got it back up for now. He has IP addresses that were connecting when it went down but is reluctant to pass out yet, as he said it will contain legit traffic, including members of anon.

    He said there were several attempts to hack, but none were successful, mostly just requests from the server.

    If I am allowed to hand out info, I will post in this forum.

    thanks again for the moral support. new story up now.
  19. Sounds like the CoS didn't take enough steroids before trying to bring down your site. Glad it's back up, your articles are fantastic.
  20. JAFA Member

    If there was no successful attempt at hacking the site, and it just got knocked down for a bit, I say let it be.

    I don't think after all our attempts at trying to get people to understand that we're just trying to get our message across that we want to look like we're preparing to get revenge.

    Just my opinion.
  21. Glosslip Member

    yes, agreed JAFA, unless we have some proof of who it is, there's not point in going anywhere with that
  22. Offer $5000 for any info pertaining to the capture of anyone using those IPs. This is the wise move.
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