Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Anonymous, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. btwyhad Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.


    Yes, she has definitely been more vocal and out spoken for (scientology front group) cchr which doesn't believe in autism aa posted earlier.

  2. Mutante Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    And just because you claim to have a conscience, John Travolta must have one too.

  3. Apotheker Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    No. Because most of us have yet to ever meet a human without a conscience, means John Travolta probably has one too. Esp considering even his non-scilon friends all seem to think he's a genuinely nice guy.

    But hey, evidence schmevidence, logic schmlogic. You know he's evil to the core, therefore, he is, amirite?
  5. Herro Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Once again. Sigh. All I've been saying is that autism didn't kill the kid.
  6. themadhair Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    In the same way some folks die because of a tree and not drunk driving.
  7. auchraw Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    For Ann: a few dots on the map. Posted January in Scientology Aircraft.

    Recent movements of John Travolta's Gulfstream N492JT from flightaware
    Greystone is his own local airstrip right beside his house in Anthony, Ocala. Clearwater is presumably DM or some other Scilon handler/friend/legal advisor. His lawyer Michael Ossi is in Jacksonville.

    Date, ref, from, to, departure time, arrival time, flight time.
    04-Jan-2009 GLF2/L Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) (MYGW) 01:37PM EST result unknown (?) n/a
    04-Jan-2009 GLF2/L Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) Grand Bahama Intl (MYGF) 01:37PM EST Diverted
    04-Jan-2009 GLF2/L (MYGW) Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) 04:54PM GMT 12:50PM EST 0:56
    04-Jan-2009 GLF2/Q Greystone (17FL) (MYGW) 10:38AM EST 04:13PM GMT 0:35
    04-Jan-2009 GLF2/Q (MYGW) Orlando Sanford Intl (KSFB) 01:12PM GMT 08:50AM EST 0:38
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/U Clearwater Intl (KPIE) Grand Bahama Intl (MYGF) 05:16PM EST 10:52PM GMT 0:36
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/Q Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) Clearwater Intl (KPIE) 03:20PM EST 03:59PM EST 0:39
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/L (MYGW) Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) 06:33PM GMT 02:29PM EST 0:56
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/L Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) (MYGW) 11:42AM EST 05:24PM GMT 0:42
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/Q (MYGW) Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) 02:50PM GMT 10:39AM EST 0:49
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/Q Greystone (17FL) (MYGW) 08:01AM EST 01:37PM GMT 0:36
    01-Jan-2009 G2/T Hollywood Int'l (KFLL) Greystone (17FL) 04:13PM EST 04:53PM EST 0:40
    01-Jan-2009 G2/T Hollywood Int'l (KFLL) Ocala Intl (KOCF) 04:13PM EST Diverted
    01-Jan-2009 GLF2/L Grand Bahama Intl (MYGF) Hollywood Int'l (KFLL) 07:57PM GMT 03:16PM EST 0:19
    01-Jan-2009 GLF2/L Grand Bahama Intl (MYGF) Leesburg Intl (KLEE) 07:57PM GMT Diverted
  8. Mutante Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Most of us have met a psychopath since they represent around 1-2% of the population.

    Psychopaths have different brain biology which means they don't process emotion in a normal way.

    Parents can be psychopaths too, hence our awareness of parents who beat, starve and fuck their kids. And those who take medical products away from their kids which results in death, which is just the same as beating the life out of them, and then they lie about the medical condition.

    Scientology needs gulls like you. Carry on.
  9. rummychick99 Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    It isn't tinfoil. There is clearly something in that document that is the subject of the blackmail attempt.

    It is possible that he didn't read it. Quite likely that he didn't read it. He counters having signed it with a list of facts he learned minutes after signing it.

    It would seem that it was a document refusing treatment and/or a treatment facility.

    It is clearly nothing that was written on the spot. It is likely something that they have with them for such an occasion.

    In the US- our ambulance drivers carry such a document. You call 911, they come, you don't want to go where they will take you, you sign a document.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Dox or GTFO.

    Or to put it another way - Herro, is this issue sensitive to you? 'Cos you seem to be denying the possibility of the probable here - and you seem (to me at least, if not to many) normally more rational.

    Awww, maybe Herro has a sensitive side after all?
  11. enturbulina Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    I'm making a note here. A sidenote.

    This link, the page it points to has some FAIL that we could learn from.

    The url. They could have named the file something more descriptive. Instead of brain.html how about john_travolta_brainwashing_RPF_scientology.html

    On the page, the title graphic should have alt text. Search engines can't read graphics. On mouseover the text could have all sorts of attention grabbing words in it.

    Big ups to Mr. Lerma. He know how to do it right. just look at /his/ url.

    I am no expert in how to get search engines to notice your page, but I think it would be nice if we found qualified people and helped fix some pages out there.

    Thanks for listening and back to the show.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Yah, see, wheras a quick google will demonstrate plenty of non-cult testimony that JT is not a psycopath, esp regarding the matter at hand.

    Chanology needs blind-hate like yours. Carry on.
  13. Mutante Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Yah, see, whereas a quick google will demonstrate Travolta's brother has been calling out JT on his lies for years and mounting evidence that JT lied in public to cover up possible maltreatment of a child.

    Chanology doesn't need credulous stupidity like yours. Flunk.
  14. none given Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Mute, you seldom say dumb shit but this is dumb shit. For one thing those without any shred of conscience are a tiny minority but more to the point; don't you even know any parents? the fucking kids are all they ever talk about. If your kid gets hurt in any way you suffer greatly. If they get hit by a meteor you blame yourself. Decades after they go off to live their own lives they are what you talk about most.
    There are exceptions to this; the severly mentally ill.
  15. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    But doesn't that miss the point?

    Jett died of a seizure disorder according to the death certificate. He may or may not have banged his head on the bath tub but the death certificate states simply seizure disorder so we don't know anything other than a seizure disorder resulted in his death.

    Autism, which John states his son suffered from at least in the document presented as his witness testimony to the Bahama's Police can involve seizures as part of the symptoms (30% of cases I believe were bandied around).

    We cannot know for sure that the seizure disorder was related to autism and indeed John separates the two in his witness statement BUT what we can be sure of is that Jett was not treated for either using conventional means at the time of his death.

    It is reported that Jett was treated for his seizures with Depakote for several years. Valproic Acid is the active ingredient in Depakote and it is also used to treat Bi-polar disorders.

    CCHR class Valproic acid, aka Depakote, as a "psych drug" which they believe is harmful to children. The CCHR claim there is no treatment for autism.

    Kelly Preston is pictured above wearing that lovely CCHR sweeping statement across her rather nice rack "Psychiatric Drugs Harm Children". This demonstrates at least one of the Travolta's exhibited that blinkered thinking brought on by crazy extremist propaganda: "psychs are evil", "psych drugs are evil", "psychs and big pharma conspire to profit out of the suffering of children".

    So, Jett was treated for his seizures, which were likely related to his autism, using what CCHR refer to as a psych drug, for years then but treatment was stopped.

    It is said that treatment was stopped because the Travolta's perceived the drug to be becoming less effective in control Jett's seizures.

    The conventional course of action when a seizure medication starts to loose effect, a known phenomenon for seizures and seizure medication, is to try something else, not to stop treatment all together as this tends to worsen the situation.

    So, Jett was not being treated for the two disorders John said he had and it is quite likely that the Travolta's beliefs, at least one of them, had a lot to do with that fact, given that most people just rely on medical expert advice in the absence of conflicting dogma.

    It is also quite likely that were Jett receiving proper conventional treatment then the seizure that resulted in his death would not have happened or would not have been intense enough to cause death. It is likely but we will never know, nor will John.

    tl;dr point: The Travolta's belief in scientology quite likely affected the way they treated their son. Their treatment of Jett quite likely played a significant part in his death. Had they treated him differently Jett quite likely would be alive today.

    One question is, will John come to the conclusion that had he not followed scientology dogma his son would likely still be alive or will he convince himself that it wouldn't have mattered either way?
  16. Mutante Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Most parents are well-meaning as you describe and have healthy relationships with their children. Of course.

    In my experience those parents do not take medication away from their children causing their children to die and then lie to the world about the underlying medical condition.

    Unless they belong to that miserable 1-2% of psychos.
  17. rummychick99 Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Uh, we are talking about Scientologists. Did you miss the crap that those kids have to go through because their loving parents are Scientologists?

    What about putting a severely disabled child through the Purification Rundown ?

    What about those whose kids were put in the chain lockers in the Sea Org?

    Travolta has access to all the research necessary. He knew or should have known about damage to the liver because of Niacin - yet Jett was subjected to the treatment. Wouldn't give him meds to treat the seizures because of possible damage to the liver ( or at least that is the info that was put out there as an excuse) but didn't care about Niacin.
  18. btwyhad Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

  19. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

  20. TypingChimp Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Agreed. A more relevant question would be to ask "Do the Bahamas have an equivalent to the U.S. FOIA laws, and if so, how would we go about it?" Which amounts to the question you mocked. /facepalm
  21. FUCK Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    IANAMD, but depending on the degree to which someone's immune system is compromised, wouldn't even vaccines be of limited utility? If someone doesn't have much of an immune system, generating an immune response in the limited number of T-cells an AIDS patient would have might amount to putting your finger in one of the busted levees in New Orleans during Katrina in an attempt to stop flooding.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    I think Ann's idea of putting together a timeline is a good one. We can refer to it for our own purposes and visitors to this thread can use it as well (make sure the final copy is properly referenced).

    It has been confirmed that Jett suffered from a seizure disorder. It has been confirmed this was the cause of his death. "No sign of head trauma" is listed on the autopsy so whether he conked his head or not is irrelevant. We can only work with what is known. Anyone disputing these points is clearly trolling so kindly do stfu.

    I'm interested in seeing what happens next and how this will "spin" from the Travolta and Scilon camps. Questions would be: will the cult now give Travolta the boot for confirming Jett had autism and he was treated with psych drugs? If they do boot him out, will he issue a press release stating that he will still be using the tech and is still a practicing Sci just not an "official member?" Will he say something like "I understand why the Church has ostracized me as a member. I had to do what I could to help my son and they have to do what they can to preserve their policies" or some such fluff?

    If he works WITH David Miscavige on this one, his auditing folder will remain safe right?
  24. Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    As safe as a 4-year-old girl left alone in a holiday house in Portugal.
  25. Mutante Member

  26. Herro Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Terrible analogy. Even if Jett's seizures were related to the same underlying cause of his autism, the two conditions are separate and are treated separately. That's all I said, autism doesn't kill people. It was an offhand remark I made, there's really no reason to get this in depth with it. The issue here is the treatment, or lack thereof, of the seizures.

    Again, all I said was that autism doesn't kill people.

    I agree. The issue is the seizures.

    Wow, you have the ability to diagnose Travolta as a psychotic based upon news reports? Incredible. And John Travolta took those meds away because he loved his son. That's what you're seeming to miss here. He believes that psych drugs are incredibly harmful and that scientology procedures are the only way to truly cure neurological and psychological problems. So he did what he thought was best for his kid- he wanted his kid to be ok. He took Jett off the meds because he thought it would make life better for his son. Mutante, in the time I've been here I've never seen you so worked up, which is fine. But I think you're letting it get the best of you.

    So you're saying that all Scientologists don't care about their kids? So you're basically condemning an entire group of people, without ever even asking them how they feel, or why they act as they do? Interesting, sounds exactly how Scientology has dealt with Chanology.
  27. Mutante Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Who's diagnosing John Travolta?

    And we know this how?

    So it's ok for ignorant, misguided parents to kill their children?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    No. But it makes them ignorant and misguided. Not evil.
  29. Mutante Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    If you care for a child who suffers from seizures and you don't know everything about their medication you are probably something other than simply ignorant.

    Negligent or evil, the result is the same. Dead Jeff.

    Judging by some of the responses in this thread if you kill someone by taking their life-saving medication away your chances of duping a jury are high. Potential homicidal maniacs take note.
  30. ultrapoet Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    If Travolta finally got the hell out and told the truth--and, indeed, found out the truth that they've been hiding from him for so long--I think it would be a greater blow than Beghe was. Anybody who hasn't been living under a goddam rock knows who John Travolta is, and most of those people are murkily aware that he's a Scientologist. If he left, that would be a pretty significant news story, especially if he went on record as to WHY he left.

    And I fucking DARE the CoS to release what they have on him from the auditing sessions. That would be an epic footbullet because suddenly the world would know what kind of 'religion' Scientology really is--the kind that keeps your confessions on record to use against you if you leave.

    I pray that he finds his way out.
  31. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Timeline started in another thread. Help welcome.
  32. Herro Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    You're saying that John Travolta is psychotic because he clearly doesn't care about his child's suffering. I'm pointing out the massive flaw in your logic- the fact that Travolta thinks he was doing what was best for his child. He did what scientology teaches is the best way to help people like Jett. He's a scientologist. Thus he believed he was doing what was best for Jett.

    Now you can argue the legality of that, but you can't really make a case that he's psychotic. It seems to me that John Travolta, like most loving parents, just wanted what was best for his child.
  33. Mutante Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Killing a person who is dependant for their life on the use of medical products by taking away their medication is no different from any other form of killing in terms of outcome.

    The result is a killed person.

    This isn't about DNRs for invasive surgery where a child is terminally ill. This is about taking away routine medication that is prescribed to keep people healthy, much like taking an inhaler away from an asthmatic child or taking insulin away from a diabetic child.

    I'm suggesting that since information about seizures and the consequences of maltreatment is widely and freely available, including printed text on the instructions supplied with medical products if nothing else, ignorance isn't a reasonable explanation.

    Which leaves ... what?

    Are you saying John Travolta was so brainwashed by Scientology that he was not capable of being a responsible parent?
  34. Herro Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Travolta believed that what he was doing was what was best for his child. I don't think he really acted differently than most parents. The problem is that his beliefs were out of touch with reality.
  35. Mutante Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    If that was true there would be millions of dead children every year killed by their parents taking away life-giving medication.
  36. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    IMHO, Mutante and Herro have rather similar visions. But feel free to proceed.
  37. Mutante Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Maybe we are socks.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    did you READ that before you hit submit?

    I'm disappointed in you Mutante
  39. Mutante Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Give me my inhaler back, child slayer.
  40. Herro Member

    Re: Glosslip: John admits Jett had autism.

    Well there aren't that many people out there that believe that using medication to treat a seizure is dangerous and wrong.

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