"Go Green or Go To Hell"

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by JKShalmani, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. JKShalmani Member

    “Go Green or Go to Hell” |“Go Green or Go to Hell” |
  2. Thanks for this article, Shalmani. Brave of you to post it. :)

    Heartening to hear this.

    And this smacks of regime thinking, doesn't it? Yeah, just remove AN and replace him with the latest in media darlings. No mention about how deep the IRG rabbit hole goes, how many ANs there are waiting in the wings to take his place perpetrating exactly the same atrocities.

    This articulates publicly the decision which many have taken privately. Green is a bona fide underground movement now.
  3. francaise Member

    This explains quite a bit of confusion for me reading various sources. Difficult to know really what is going on.

    This could have a fairly logical explanation though, in that the diaspora (or some) already had their reasons for exile and particular ideologies. People living in Iran obviously experience things differently and it was a pretty closed country till the very recent modern medias and events that allowed for world communication with ordinary people.
  4. Jakomeyu Member

    this forum is somewhat diverse, but not enough, when it comes to opinion and belief

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